Wooden Toys Vs. Plastic Toys: Which One is Better?

If you have children in your home, you will undoubtedly understand what toys mean to them. Letting your kids play is as essential for their integral development as outdoor play. Toys are the most reliable companion of your kids. Even before they learn to interact with other children and play outside, they start playing with the toys. Many parents are highly concerned about their kids spending excessive time with toys. Baby toys are the first thing that exclusively belongs to them. Therefore, they get a feeling of freeness and independency while playing with the cute baby rattles. Children and toddlers have a lot to learn with the toys. Therefore, restricting them for playing is not a good idea unless you have other plans.

The two most commonly used and sold toys for children are wooden and plastic toys. There are many other toys like silicon, cloth, and metal; however, the wooden and plastic toys top amongst all of them. There are several benefits that these two toys offer on the top of other toys. We will discuss each one of them separately. However, some parents want to know that which one of these two is better for their kids.

Wooden Toys Vs Plastic Toys

Though the comparison between a wooden and a plastic rattle is quite challenging, as both of them offer an all-round development of your little one. Either it is mental development or physiological one; baby toys help in processing various skills. When you are searching for quality toys for your little one, you have to consider a whole lot of aspects. The first and foremost thing is the safety of your child. Other things like verification by agencies, price, reliability, versatility, and storage comes later. Let us look at some essential comparative points between a plastic and wooden toy. Before beginning the comparison, we would like to introduce you with these toys:

What is a wooden baby toy?

Why Choose Wooden Toys For Your Kids?

The baby toys that are created from different kinds of wood are known as wooden baby toys. They are extremely helpful for developing your child’s cognitive and imaginary skills. You will get a wide range of varieties in these toys. To know more about it, jump to the comparison section.

What is a plastic baby toy?

Plastic baby toys refer to the toys that are created by using plastic polymers such as PVC, polyethylene, and polyolefins. These are usually colorful and have a property of attracting children by its visual attributes.

Let us look at some amazing distinctive features that these toys offer to your kids:

Which one is safer?

Safety should be the topmost priority while picking the best toys for your kids. Kids play around with toys and carry them everywhere. They mostly tend to put everything inside their mouth. Therefore, the kid’s toys must be safe and sound and should not affect their health under any circumstances. Wooden toys are free from phthalates and other chemicals present in plastic toys. If your kid has a consistent habit of chewing or putting toy inside the mouth, it can prove toxic. Wooden toys may contain lead particles, which are also problematic if swollen. Always ensure the safety guidelines before purchasing toys.

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Which one is more environmentally friendly?

The two most necessary aspects of how a toy can contribute to environmental pollution are- firstly, the packaging of the toys. Secondly, the material that is used to build the toys is considerable. Both of these factors can create a lot of changes in the environment. The sum of people discarding toys worldwide each day exceeds far more than your imagination. It can do a lot of harm to Mother Nature, which will indirectly affect your lungs. People consider the wooden toys more ecological friendly in contrast to the plastic ones. The plastic toys are extremely troublesome to decompose. They do not readily mix up with the earth. On the other hand, wooden toys readily decompose in the soil by organisms. The little temporary plastic toys have a short life span. Therefore, you throw them in the trash, and that trash eventually ends up by increasing the sanitary landfills.

What kind of toys can I buy?

You will find a wide variation of toys in both plastic and wooden toys. The choice is entirely yours. Also, it depends on the interests of your children. For example, if he/she is keenly interested in visual perspective toys, go for vibrant building blocks, or animal toys. It is a fun way to learn and play, both at once. Other popular plastic toys are chain links, vehicle sets, balls, beads, and fishing set. In wooden toys, you will get puzzle sorter, educational toys, activity cube, wooden blocks, stackers, number puzzles, and many more. There is no limitation in the number of toys in both categories. You need to have a keen observation of your child’s interest in picking an appropriate toy.

Which one is more long-lasting?

Kids have a confusing mood most of the time. Some of them have a particular toy set which they never want to leave. In such a case, you need to check if the toy is durable enough or not. Wooden toys are usually more long-lasting than the plastic toys. Plastic toys are compressible and more fragile. Some moody kids have a habit of throwing away a toy after playing with it for a few days. They no longer want to play with that toy. Therefore, you need to ensure the longevity of a toy to avoid buying the same toys again and again.

Which one is budget-friendly?

Most of the people do not worry about the budget as the happiness of their child is the priority. However, if you belong to a middle-class family, and you have a limited budget for plans, we recommend you to go for plastic toys. Plastic toys are usually cheaper than the wooden ones. Therefore, you can see the direct impact on its durability.

Which one offers imaginative play?

Most often the fancy toys are not meant for exploring the imaginary power of your child. A simple wooden toy will do a lot more to enhance the imagination skill of your little one. It helps to make their brain sharp from a small age. Bring them the simple toys and make them wonder about various thing. Always be there to answer every question of your child. Often the unanswered question remains as the curiosity in your child’s mind as they grow up.

What kind of skills will my child develop?

Wooden toys are usually number games and puzzles. It helps to sharpen the focus and memory power of your child. On the other hand, plastic toys are more visually attractive. Therefore, they boost up the visual sense of your children. These toys also help your child to achieve command over motor functions. For instance- to catch a ball, your child has to have a decent hand-eye coordination.

Which has easy storage?

Depending upon the size of the toys, both of them have almost convenient storage. It would be better if you sort the toys according to the material and size of pick up the right one. If you live in a moisture-prone area, do not let the wooden toys soak up in the humidity. It can give rise to the growth of harmful fungus. Taking it inside the mouth can cause health hazard to your children. There is no such problem with the plastic toys, as they are water-resistant.

How can I clean both of them?

If you live in a temperate area, you do not need to worry much about the wooden toys. The wooden toys possess organic anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, you would not require to clean them as frequently as the plastic ones. However, experts recommend washing the wooden toys with mild soap or vinegar and rinse with water. Do not forget to dry up the toy completely. Never immerse the wooden toys in the water bucket. For cleaning the plastic toys, you can prepare a solution by mixing mild dishwashing soap and water. Immerse all the toys in the water and allow it to dry under the sun.

Which promotes social interaction?

Social interaction is one of the most essential skill that many of us lack as an adult. To develop this skill, you must shape your child’s brain since childhood. Plastic toys mostly come with ringing, banging sound, and vibrant visual properties. Wooden toys lack such features; therefore, they allow your child to explore other options like collaborating with other children.

Which one is more educational?

Though wooden toys come with numerical and alphabetic toys; but, plastic toys also have jungle sets, kitchen sets, and vehicles, that help to boost up the knowledge of a child. For improving the overall knowledge, you must include both kinds of toys in their play set.

Which helps in boosting concentration?

Wooden toys are simpler in contrast to the plastic ones. Therefore, they do not deviate your concentration. To develop the focusing skills, it is better to go with wooden toys.

We hope that you will be able to select an ideal toy for your kid. It wholly depends on your choice to consider a better one among these two. We have already listed all the essential points that will make it easier for you to choose!

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