Why You Should Buy a Toddler Step Stool?

As the little child grows, it becomes necessary to help the child gain their independence. The toddler step stools play a very major role in letting the child gain independence. The toddler step stools are loved by almost every parent. Who would not want their baby to learn things on its own? We are sure there are only a few parents who don’t prefer having toddler step stool for their babies.

‘I want to do this on my own’ is a phrase that can be heard by almost every growing kid—kids like showing off their independence. If you are a parent of a toddler, you might be well aware of what we are trying to say here. Thanks to the toddler step stool, babies can now do the things that they want to do. The toddler stools are created in such a way that they have extremely sturdy construction. This makes sure the child is safe.

Why Every Toddler Needs A Step Stool?

After an age, a baby becomes a toddler and will start their steps independently. They will have a natural wish to climb to seek, touch and explore new experiences and objects. Every parent loves to watch the cutest activities of their baby when he starts climbing and running. That is possible only when you give a step stool to your baby.

As you read earlier, a step stool plays a vital role in the development & growth of a baby.You can be a part of their exploration by giving them a step stool. A step stool is a must-have tool to strengthen the legs and muscles of your toddler.

According to medical experts that a step stool has various health benefits.  From reaching on shelves to packing away toys, brushing teeth, and washing hands, everything is possible when your baby takes absolutely the right steps. However, a step stool encourages the baby to stand stable.

Furthermore, it allows your baby to become independent for their regular repetitive activities. Also, it enhances the problem-solving and critical thinking skills of your baby. You can build the confidence of your baby and strengthen their core muscles and legs.

If you are thinking of buying a toddler step stool for your precious child, you are confused. Need not to worry, you are at the right place. Here, in our article, we are going to shed some light on the toddler step stools. Go ahead and read the information mindfully so that you may have a better understating of the topic.

Step Stool

What is a Toddler Step Stool?

First of all, it is very essential to understand the meaning of toddler step stool. A toddler step stool is a kind of tool which is created specifically for the purpose of helping the toddlers. Using the toddler step stool, the toddler can perform many tasks such as reaching the height of the mirror for brushing teeth, combing hair, taking out the toys kept inside the upper cupboards, and whatnot.

What are the Different Types of Toddler Step Stool?

The toddler step stool is made up using different materials. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Plastic toddler step stools: This type of toddler step stools are made up of plastic. Such step stools are extremely easy to carry. Some of the step stools are constructed using polypropylene plastic. The polypropylene plastic makes the toddler step stool resistant to odor and easy to move around.
  2. BPA-free material: These days, the manufacturers are making the toddler step stools free from BPA material. The BPA material has proven to be very toxic. Which means it can have an adverse effect on your child’s health. Choosing a BPA-free material is always a good idea whenever you buy anything for your loving baby.
  3. Wooden material: Some brands even make wooden step stools for the babies. However, we would not suggest you to go for the wooden step stool. We are saying this because the wood is quite hard material, which means it can harm your child if he/she falls while stepping up or standing on the stool. Plus, the wooden step stools are also very heavy, which reduces the portability of the stool.

How to Ensure the Safety of the Babies?

Being a parent of a naughty child, you are well aware of the mischiefs that babies do. Most of the time you will find your baby jumping or wiggling; as if they have ants in the pants. To ensure a high level of safety for the child, the toddler step stool comes along with various safety features. They are:

  • The Non-skid feet: Most of the step stool manufacturers always keep in mind the safety of the babies and therefore they make non-skid feet of the step stools. The babies tend to wiggle most of the time and this can make the stool glide under the feet of the babies. Which may eventually crash. The concept of non-skit feet prevents the step stool from slipping while the baby is standing or trying to step the stool.
  • Non-slip surface: Another important feature that ensures the child’s safety is the non-slip surface present in the toddler step stools. This feature is very crucial as it prevents the child from sliding off. The top surface of the step stool (where the child places his/her feet) is made non-slip with the help of some kind of rubber. However, the non-skid surface makes the cleaning procedure difficult, but the non-skid surface is worth it. Nothing is more important than the safety of your precious child.

Some Tips For Our Readers

Below are a few things that you should avoid while your baby uses the toddler step stool.

  • Multiple users: Keep this thing in mind, whenever you are about to buy the toddler step stool for your baby, always buy such stool that can be used by multiple people. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a step stool that can be used by you as well? This will add value to your investment.
  • Avoid the folding stools available on the market: Always make sure you are not buying the folding step stools that are available in the stores. This is because the folding step stools can prove to be very dangerous; they have narrow spaces and hinges that have the tendency to trap the little fingers of your babies. Possibilities are your child will try to copy you and end up getting the fingers caught while folding the stool. We know you would never want that to happen with your child.
  • Always make sure you choose a light-weight step stool, because the lightweight step stools are very portable. You or even your child can move the light-weight step stool without any difficulty. Please do not go for wooden ones, as they are too heavy.

How to Choose a Toddler Step Stool?

Selecting a toddler step stool is not as easy as it may seem. There are numerous factors that are needed to be considered before heading to the shop or ordering the stool online. Below, we have mentioned a few pointers that people need to keep in mind so that they may end up buying an efficient step stool for their baby.

  • Retractability: We are sure you do not want to buy such a step stool that will create traffic around the home. So, the smartness lies in purchasing such a step stool that can be stored or tucked away whenever the stool is not in use. That is why we would suggest our reader to buy a retractable type step stool. It will prove to be very beneficial for you if you have a small space in your room.
  • Portability: As we mentioned above, investing in a portable step stool is always a good idea. The step stools are not only used in a single place in the house. They are needed at various spots. Therefore, it becomes essential to go for the portable one. Now the question arises ‘what material makes the step stool portable?’Well, we have the answer. The most portable type of baby step stools are the ones that are created using metal or plastic. However, plastic should your priority. The plastic step stools are specifically created whilst keeping the necessities of toddlers in mind.
  • Stability: When it comes to child safety, stability is one of the most important factors in the step stool. It is always a bad idea to stand on an unstable or wobbly step stool. The unstable step stools are poorly balanced. Since the kids do not have good muscle control, an unstable step stool will prove to be very harmful to your child. If you truly care for your child’s safety, then always make sure you are purchasing a stable and evenly balanced step stool.
  • Brand reputation: Brand reputation plays a very crucial role in the quality of the product. A brand with a bad reputation will always have poor products. Therefore, no matter what always read the reviews and check the ratings before purchasing a step stool for your precious baby. You would never want to compromise with the quality of your baby’s tool. Always choose a reputable brand.
  • Safety tip: We would suggest our reader to avoid placing the baby step stool near the gas stove, propane gas, or any other hot surfaces. Also, keep the fragile or sharp utensils away from the reach of the baby. Those little hands are as quick as lightning. Prevention is always a better idea.

Bottom line

The bottom line here is that the toddler step stools are one of the most fantastic innovations. They help the babies perform various activities on their own and give them confidence and a feeling of happiness. If you don’t believe us, observe your child’s face after he does anything on his own. We hope our article proves to be helpful for you.

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