Top 10 Tips To Check Kids Toy Safety

Whenever you buy some toys for your kids, they are just going to be very happy and jump with joy. But being a parent, you cannot just buy something that you like or something that kid insists on buying. There are many safety precautions that you need to take when picking a toy or when you are giving them to your kids to play and have fun. If you are not extra careful, then that can cause a lot of problems. To make sure that your kids have fun in a safe way, here are ten toy safety tips that you need to keep in your mind.

toys safety

#1 No sharp toys

You should always keep in your mind that you should avoid buying toys that have sharp edges or sharp points. Sharp objects can be dangerous for your kids as they can hurt the baby or the other kids who are playing along with your baby. Sometimes, kids may hurt the parents also with sharp toys or damage other objects in the house. So, just avoid them.

#2 Choose sturdy toys

Some kids are very naughty, and they try to pull the toys apart. That means you need to pick only sturdy toys that do not come with any loose parts that can come out easily. You will be able to understand this if you check the toy yourself before buying them.

#3 Age appropriate toys

Usually, if you have ever observed, you will find toys with labels on them. They have certain instructions written on them, and that label also contain age details. If it says that the toy is not suitable for kids below a certain age group, then you should not buy those toys. Do not ignore those instructions as they are given for your own safety.

#4 Toys for toddlers

If you have more than one kid at home with an age difference of more than two years, then make sure that you are storing the older kid’s toys separately from, the younger kid or toddler’s toys. Like we already discussed in the above point, the kids should not play with toys not intended for their age group.

#5 Below 1.75 inches

You should never buy any toys or games that include parts that are below 1.75 inches in size. If you are buying this kind of toys, it can cause many dangerous effects like choking. You may not be able to sit by the side of your baby when they are playing. There are chances that you turn away from them for at least a minute and that time is enough for them to swallow the tiny parts, and that can choke them. You should also avoid toys that are stuffed with pellets or beans. The baby may swallow the pellets or beans, and that can also choke them.

#6 Washable toys

Kids are always dirty as they keep playing just anywhere they wish to play. If we are talking about the toddlers, the liquid that spills from their mouth or the milk that spills can make the toys dirty. You cannot just leave the toys like that without cleaning them. Instead of cleaning, it is good if you can wash them. So, try to get washable toys as you can clean them and make them hygienic for the baby to play again.

#7 No strings or ribbons for toddlers

If you are buying toys for young kids or toddlers, then you should try to avoid toys that come with ribbons or strings attached to them. Just like tiny parts can choke them, then the string can get tangled around the baby’s neck, and that can get serious if the parents don’t notice the baby immediately.

#8 No toy guns that shoot bullets

Young kids do not understand what is right for them and what is not. If you are buying toy guns, then you should pick something that comes with lights and sound and not something that suits. If the gun shoots bullets, then there are chances that they shoot on the eyes and there is a chance of losing vision as well.

#9 No large toy containers

If you have large toy containers where kids can store their toys, then you need to be very careful. The little finger can get trapped and hurt while opening or closing the container. At the same time, if it is large enough for them to get inside, there are chances that they get trapped inside, and it can be hard for you to find them.

#10 Non-toxic toys

One of the most important points to keep in mind is to get non-toxic toys for the kids. Yes, you cannot just get any plastic toys such as teethers. Make sure that the toys are made using BPA-free and non-toxic material so that they are very safe for the kids to play. Even if the kids put the toys into their mouth, it is not going to cause any kind of health issue to the baby.

If you keep these simple points in your mind, you will be able to pick the right toys for the kids, and you will also be able to keep them safe when they are playing with them. Kids need time to understand things, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of them. These tips can minimize accidents when you are not around for a few minutes during their playtime.

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