Teething Necklaces: Are They Safe For Your Baby?

Parents make the baby’s world very loving and caring. Parents provide constant help for the baby when they grow up. They make growing easy for the newborns. From proper feeding to sleep, they are very concerned about all the things. The loving parents cannot see their babies in pain. The teething process can be painful for some newborns. It is the reason why the parents get a teething necklace for the baby.

It is known as the popular alternative for teething pain. How safe this beading necklace depends on how much you keep an eye on the baby. The baby necklace in itself is safe. However, when keeping an eye on the baby, you can prevent strangulation and choke. They can be an effective treatment for teething pain. Parent’s buying these beads need to be extra careful. Now let us see some of the other points on how safe are the teething necklaces for a baby.

What is a teething necklace and why is it used?

Teething Necklace For Babies

The teething necklaces are available in materials like amber, wood, fossil, resin and other precious stone. There are no proven scientific benefits for it. The teething necklace works by the temperature of the baby’s body. If the baby’s body is hot due to pain, the teething necklace can relieve the pain. It has several other benefits such as improving immune system ability, reducing inflammation and pain. The essential oil in the teething beads gets into the bloodstreams to fix these issues.

The reasons why the teething necklace is not safe

There are popular views that the teething necklaces are not safe for babies. Many pediatricians believe that they have several safety risks for the newborn.

  • Newborns do not know what is edible and inedible. They chew every toy or thing they want. The teething necklaces are not for chewing. If the baby chews and gnaws a bead, it can cause choking issues. It is the reason why many say that teething beads are not safe. Even if you watch the baby, the baby can swallow a bead.
  • Wearing a necklace or jewellery on a newborn is not always recommended. It is never safe to put anything on the baby’s neck. The necklace gets stuck in any place and causes strangulation in babies. These are the main reasons that question the safety of the teething necklace. It is not unsafe because of the material or the necklace. However, it is unsafe due to choking and strangulation purposes.

Tips for using the teething necklace safely.

  • Always supervising

If you want to get a teething necklace, ensure that you keep constant attention on your baby. If you are always near your baby, then there are fewer risks involved. If you are not near your baby, then you can remove the necklace only these times. You can keep time to put the necklace and remove it. You can remove the necklace when you are doing work, chores or when the baby is sleeping. You can use the teething necklace for the baby only when the baby is playing or holding the little one. However, do not even leave the baby unattended for a minute when wearing the necklace.

  • Try out the alternative for teething pain.

Parents think that wearing a teething necklace on the baby’s neck is unsafe, so they get a bracelet. The bracelet remains on the hand, and it is a safer alternative than the necklace. You can use the teething bracelet for the baby for a short period. There are also other alternatives for relieving teething pain. Many parents are not aware of the alternative treatments to get relief from teething pain. There are chewable toys and things to fix this issue. You can try any of the alternative methods other than wearing a teething necklace.

  • Talk with a professional

The best way to get the right solution for teething pain in babies is to seek the paediatrician. The paediatrician can give you professional feedback on whether to use a teething necklace or not. The professional gives solutions for all your concerns about the teething necklace.

Tips to take care of the teething necklace for safety

  • Cleaning the necklace with a soft cloth

Do not clean the teething necklace with harsh cloth or materials. Especially if you have a teething necklace in amber, you should never wash with hard clothes. If you want the baby to be safe, then try to clean it with a soft cloth. To remove the bacteria and dust you can damp cloth in lukewarm water and clean the necklace. You can use a soft flannel cloth when cleaning it. Also, ensure to clean every bead of the necklace carefully. After cleaning the beads, dry it before wearing it on the baby.

  • Polishing the necklace

Polishing the teething bead is essential after cleaning it. The beads can be hard on the baby. You can use the olive oil on the teething beads to make it light on the baby’s neck. The well-polished beads are less risky for the newborn. Also, when polishing it with olive oil prevents dust and dirt on the necklace. Polishing will also help you to make the necklace new and attractive.

  • Never leave the necklace in direct sunlight.

Do not keep the teething necklace in sunlight. Amber material necklace can get oil clog inside the beads. It can destroy the necklace soon. You can remove it when the baby is sleeping or when the baby is not around you. When removing the necklace, secure it in a bag. Do not keep in direct sunlight and keep it out of the reach of the baby.

  • Never use chemicals on the necklace.

Do not use soaps or any other chemicals on the teething necklace. The teething necklace materials such as amber will damage if you apply scents or chemicals on it. It can damage the material if the baby keeps it in the mouth; it is even more unsafe. Therefore, use only normal water to clean the necklace.


The safety of the teething necklace depends on the usage. If you use this teething necklace to relieve teething pain for the baby, then supervision is essential. If you use a teething necklace, consider the above points to decide how safe it is for your newborn.

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