20 Surprising Uses for Baby Wipes You Should Try

Baby wipes are highly recommended by doctors during the early days of the baby. The main reason is to have better hygiene for the baby and not having any issues related to allergy or bacterial growth. Baby’s skin is soft, ultra-sensitive, and vulnerable, which increases the demand for baby wipes for sure.

If you are wondering that baby wipes are mainly used to clean the baby’s butt, and it is all about hygiene, then you are wrong. Well, the primary thing is, baby wipes are made up of high-quality raw material that is safe for baby skin. There are no harmful chemicals used; otherwise, such products can’t get certified.

Bars are too high to pass, and this is the major reason that baby wipes manufacturers can’t use a cheap quality formula or cheap quality ingredients. So, you can find that baby wipes are made with top-notch formulas. If you are going to buy baby wipes, you can also find that these are available for a pocket-friendly price point.

Method to use baby wipe is simple, so why can’t use it for other purposes also? Well, it can be used, or even it is used in plenty of ways for hygiene. Here we made a list of 20+ surprising uses which are completely logical, and they will help you in day to day life. Getting eager to learn about it?

Let’s begin –


1. Use when applying Nail Polish

While applying nail polish, it is a pretty common thing that you can end up spilling a little or going off-the nails. In such cases, you can be ready with a baby wipe and clean off the excess nail paint from the skin. When it comes to clean the excess part, baby wipe takes less than one second to get you clean nails.

2. Toilet Paper Alternative

Toilet paper stock is a pretty common thing to remain unnoticed, and you can find times when there is no toilet paper at home. Baby wipe becomes a game-changer solution to rip off all the issues and provide safe use. On the other hand, you can expect better hygiene during use.

3. Safest Eye Makeup Remover

In case your eye makeup remover is finished, and you are looking for a great alternative then a baby wipe can come in handy and provide a better use. Baby wipes are safe to use, and they can help to remove the excess of Makeup from skin and eyes. Any kind of Makeup is easy to remove by this alternative.

4. Remove Hair Dye Stains Effectively

People who dye their hair at home usually have an issue with stains on the skin. They are hard to remove, and a proper bath can’t even remove them. So, the most effective solution in such a condition is to use a baby wipe.

5. Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotion is necessary for the summer season, and if you end up applying an excess of lotion, then it will block all the open pores. Blocked pores mean acnes and such other issues. Using a baby wipe to clean your face will help you get rid of such problems in an easier manner.

6. Houseplant Dust Remover

Cleaning off the dust from houseplant seems like the hitherto daunting task, and if you go for a baby wipe, it will be an easy thing. Just by cleaning with a baby wipe will get rid of dust. A single baby wipe is enough to clean several plants in a row, and you can consider this as a reliable choice when nothing works.

7. Deep cleaning

Unexpected guests can make it hard to clean dust from furniture and other items. You definitely need enough time to begin, and the most effective solution for a deep clean within less time is a baby wipe. It will help you clean everything in a single stroke, and the solution is effective also.

8. Remove Stains Instantly

Removing stain of dye seems like a common thing, but if you have stains of ink or anything strong like coffee, then baby wipe is reliable. There is a small percentage of alcohol, which makes it easy to clean stuff, and removing stubborn stain will be simple with such methods.

9. Leather Sofa Cleaner

Sofas made from leather are easy to clean with a wet fabric. However, wiping with fabric still seems a less effective option. The most reliable option is to use a baby wipe because it picks up dust effectively. On the other hand, if you are having guests, then few baby wipes are enough for cleaning.

10. Clean Light Switches

Light switches are of white color mainly, and when it comes to cleaning them, you can’t find any effective cleaner. The best method is to go for alcohol or petrol, but they are hard to find. A baby wipe can lift the dirt and help cleaning grubby light switches in no time for sure.

11. Cleaning Toys

Babies love to play with toys, but the most common issue is, they try to put them in the mouth or chew it. This issue occurs with plastic toys, and if you also feel that your babies are vulnerable to bacteria, then you should use baby wipes. Cleaning all their toys with a baby wipe is safe, and it kills bacteria.

12. Clean Hard to Reach Areas

When it comes to clean areas that are hard to reach, then you can look out for some effective solutions like a baby wipe. To begin using this, you need a spoon or something which have a long handle. Now, this method will let you clean places that have a thin entrance and hard to approach.

13. Frying pans

The excess grease on a frying pan is a common thing in almost every home. You need a frying pan and a baby wipe. Just a hard wipe will get rid of excess grease, and you can go for a couple of wipes. The same method can be used for other utensils also, and it can provide you clean-looking results.

14. Removing Makeup from clothes

When it comes to removing Makeup from any fabric, you have to be selective. There are plenty of cleaners, but the best one is usually the one you have because the response time matters here. So, using a baby wipe will help cleaning fabric and get amazing results for sure.

15. Cleaning Face

If you want to clean away excess of sweaty feel and dirt, then a baby wipe is an effective option. It might make your skin dry, but a little of moisturizer is enough to provide good looking results. Make sure that you use a quality-made baby wipe for such purposes.

16. Handy Cleaning

In case you travel a lot and won’t have time to clean hands or face, then a baby wipe comes in handy. It allows you to clean face, hands, and it can provide a better range of advantages. Keeping it in a glove box means you will be getting a better range of advantages for sure.

17. Cleaning Alloys or Bike Wheels

The alcohol content in baby wipe is an excellent cleaner. If you read all the uses, then you probably know about it. So, if you are using a baby cleaner, then you can expect a better range of advantages. It will clean dirt and other stains from the alloy of your car or bike, that’s why it is credible.

18. Catching Pet hairs

To catch pet hairs, you can find plenty of products in the market. One of the best options is a baby wipe, which allows you to clean sofas, chairs, tables, and bed sheets mainly. Catching pet’s hair with this method is easy, and you can find it better from all the other methods like using a wet fabric or paper.

19. Deodorant Marks on Your Clothes

When applying a deodorant, it is pretty common that you can get marks or stains. These deodorants are made of several ingredients which might reach to fabric and create a stain. The most effective solution is to look for a baby wipe and cleaning away all the marks.

20. Cleaning Keyboard

When it comes to clean your laptop or computer’s keyboard, you can find very few options. Most of the methods are not effective, and among all of them, a baby wipe provides you a quick solution. You can fold it and clean between the keys, and you can use it for the screen of the laptop. Isn’t it helpful?


There are several unusual uses that can make you expect a better range of advantages with baby wipes. During the first use, you might not expect it to work, but it can definitely amaze you. Most people find it an effective alternative, and you can get the same number of advantages for sure. Make sure that you look for the best quality baby wipes. The most unusual use can be for a chalkboard, and it will provide you the best results.

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