How to Baby Proof Your Home – Some Essential Tips

Baby proofing a home might seem like an exaggeration. After all, the baby cannot walk or even rollover. And many start this work even before the baby comes home! But the truth is, time will fly so fast that your little bundle of joy starts adventuring inside your home.

Baby proofing is not a one time process. As the baby grows, you also need to check and change certain things. Since this step is for the protection of the baby, this is in no way an exaggeration. So, before the baby arrives, you need to baby proof the whole house.

This article has essential tips on how to baby proof your home. This can help you to get prepared while making sure that your baby will be safe.

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Baby proof the baby’s room

This may seem weird. After all, the stuff in the baby’s room is for the baby. So, there is nothing to do here. Not necessarily. Even the room where only the things required for the baby needs baby proofing. Otherwise, there are chances for accidents to occur. Why risk safety, when the following simple steps can help the baby stay safe?

  • Supplies and baby wipes should be easily reachable for you from the changing table. Make sure that these everyday items are not within the baby’s reach.
  • Below the changing table, use a carpet or a thick rug.
  • Wall decors, lamps, windows, and cords should be away from the crib.
  • If you are thinking of painting the baby’s room, make sure to finish before 8 weeks of the baby’s arrival. Otherwise, you will be exposing the baby to dangerous chemicals.
  • The crib should not have comforters, pillows, bumpers, blankets, and toys. A recent study reveals that these things inside the crib when the baby is sleeping can cause accidental suffocation.

Baby proof around your home

Baby proofing the whole home when your baby will be sleeping in a single room may seem a lot. But this extra effort is for the baby’s safety.

  • On every floor, fix a UL-listed carbon monoxide detector. You need this, especially if you use oil or gas appliances.
  • From hallways to bedrooms, install smoke detectors. Plus, you can get a fire extinguisher.
  • Make sure that you have your first aid kit or medicine cabinet ready.
  • You can install a temperature guard on the water heater. The maximum temperature can be 48 degrees Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Under all your rugs, place non-slip pads.
  • Use safety padding or bumpers to enclose the corners and edges of sharp furniture.
  • Use safety plugs to cover any open outlets in the house.
  • If a door or cupboard is within reach of the baby, make sure it is latched closed.

Baby proof even your car!

The concept of baby proofing is not confined to your home. The car is the first place the baby will visit when leaving the hospital. That is why many countries have laws regarding the car seat of the baby. The following are some tips on how to baby proof your car.

  • Before the baby arrives, you need to get an approved rear-facing car seat for the baby. You can install it in the back middle seat.
  • If you live in a sunny region, you can use stick-on shades to block the sun from entering the car windows. Don’t use the ones who have suction cups because they tend to fall off.
  • Make sure that the car doesn’t have small objects like pens or coins. This is a choking hazard which you should remove from the car.

Extra tips to take care of your baby

Ask any mother, taking care of a baby may seem like an endless journey – with sudden changes. You will be taking care of a baby now, and the next morning you be taking care of a toddler. Time will fly at a very high speed during the initial years of your baby. And that is why you need to take extra steps to ensure the baby’s safety.

But in the process of baby proofing your home, you don’t need to do a complete makeover. To help you create a safe but happy place for your baby, the following tips will be a great help.

1. Don’t forget to be patient.

You need to remember, baby proofing is a process you will be doing for a long time. It is not one-time safety management. But this doesn’t mean you have to clear the whole house. This is where you need patience. Yes, you have to observe your growing baby’s personality patiently. No baby will be attracted to everything around them, so study the baby’s habits. Then you will know what and how you should baby proof.

2. Reduce the things that are within the reach

One of the simplest ways for easy baby proofing is to reduce the things you have in the home. Make sure that they are out of the baby’s reach. Try to have your stuff on the upper shelves. By having less on the lower level, you are doing more.

3. Style while being safe

Safety is the main reason for baby proofing. But that doesn’t mean that you cant style a baby-proofed room. When you remove things from the ground, you make more room for the baby. You can use a cute knitted ottoman instead of a coffee table. You can even use your baby’s toys as a décor. Just style the room using things that are not hazardous to the baby.

4. Have baby wipes everywhere

From doorstops to safety plugs, a house with a baby will have loads of baby proofing products. But there is one product that you should have everywhere in your home – baby wipes. It is the best way to remove any dangerous hazards from affecting your baby.

Final words:

No parent considers it a chore if it’s about their baby. With proper safety measures, your home will be a place of rich memories with your baby.

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