10 Possible Side Effects of Using Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are the most useful devices for new moms, and there is no doubt about it. Many moms like to use these breast pumps when they feel that they can’t breastfeed their baby when he/she feels hungry, and there can be various reasons behind it. Right? If you have used the breast pumps (manual or electric), you definitely know the main advantages of using breast pumps to collect breast milk for later feeding. But what about the side effects that it can cause to babies and mothers both?

If you are wondering what the major and possible side effects of using a breast pump, then there could be two reasons behind it. First is that you have started using the breast pump recently and you have noticed some problems. And now you want to know if you will use it for a long time then what else can it cause. Right? If you haven’t used a breast pump before and want to know everything about breast pumps before making final purchase decisions, then considering the side effects can be a good habit for breast pumps and other products.

Breast Pumps

These are the possible benefits or advantages of using breast pumps that a mother can get:

  • If you are a mom who is dealing with low breast milk supply, then breast pumped milk can be an excellent option to feed your baby properly. You don’t know when you face the low breast milk supply problem; if it happens, you don’t need to worry about feeding your baby because you can use the already stored breastmilk then.
  • Breast Pumps are the best options for working or professional moms, and if you are a working mom, you can use it to collect breast milk and give it to the babysitter, so he/she can bottle feed your baby on time.
  • Another great thing about breast pumps is that you can easily schedule the breast milk feeding as per your needs. That’s why your baby doesn’t need to stay hungry when you are not around him/her.

Now let’s move forward to the possible side effects that you might face in the future.

1. Bottle feed Can’t Strengthen The Bond Between Mother And Infant

Usually, when a mother breastfeeds her baby by carrying him in her arms, it provides a protective feeling. However, when the baby sucks the milk directly from the mother’s nipple, it also improves the bonding between mother and baby. One more thing that also matters a lot, and it is eye contact while breastfeeding. And because when you bottle-feed your baby after pumping breast milk with a breast pump, you can’t give the natural feeling to your baby. Most of the time, it happens when you give the bottle of breast milk to the caretaker or babysitter to feed your baby later, this thing also takes some time to strengthen your bond with your baby.

2. Breast Pumps Can Reduce The Breast Milk Supply

Do you know that the suckling of the baby while breastfeeding can increase breast milk supply significantly? It’s because when the baby sucks the nipple of his/her mom, then it works like a stimulus to automatically increase the supply of milk from the very next time to fulfill the milk demand of the baby for better growth. But unfortunately, if you use the breast pump to collect or store your breast milk for later use, then it can you may notice the significant decrease in the overall milk supply. It’s because the breast pump works on the basis of producing suction power to suck the milk out of the mother’s breast, but this process is quite different from the natural suckling of an infant.

3. Tissue Damage Problem In Breast Areas

Do you know that different breast pumps come with different suction and massaging settings? Well, these different settings are the main reason behind the tissue damage problem of the nipple and other areas of the breast. If you have switched to a wrong breast pump setting, then there are higher chances that you will get the tissue damage problem. And if you have noticed while buying the breast pumps, most options come with different suction power settings. Right? And this is the common mistake that new moms usually make, what they do is try to keep the breast pump’s suction power on a higher possible level. Believe it or not, but in this way, you may have swelling and low milk supply problems in the future.

4. Delay In The Recovery Phase of A Mother

Breastfeeding is a natural process, and do you know that it actually works as a stimulus to send signals to the brains for the secretion of oxytocin hormone. And do you know what the main role of oxytocin in the female human body? It is the hormone that plays a vital role in reducing the post-partum bleeding in females after childbirth. And because you are not breastfeeding your baby naturally, you might have to suffer from the lower secretion of oxytocin hormone. However, some studies show that breastfeeding is a process that also plays a vital role in the size recovery of the uterus after childbirth.

5. Bottle feeding Might Confuse Your Infant

If you regularly bottle feed your baby, it might have happened that your baby gets confused when you next time breastfeeds him/her. In this case, most of the baby tries to suck like they usually do with the bottle nipple. And because of the hard sucking of the baby, while breastfeeding may cause a bit of pain, you may also end up with swelling in the breast area. So, it would always be better to avoid bottle feeding when you think it is unnecessary.

6. Pain And Swelling Issues

Well, most of the time, the pain and swelling issues occur when you try to use the breast pumps longer than usual. Mostly the working moms get this type of issue from breast pumps because they try to prefer too much breast pumping to collect or store more breast milk for letter and multiple bottle-feeding to save time. But in this way, you are causing problems for yourself because too much breast pumping might cause the pain in the breast, and you may end up with swelling issues. Therefore the doctors and experts suggest that you should not use the breast pumps when not needed.

7. The Deletion of Essential Nutrients of Breast milk

If you usually store the breast milk for a specific time, you should take a look at doctors’ and experts’ advice. As per many experts and doctors, the breast milk might lose the essential nutrients when you freeze or boil the breast milk. And if you usually do that, then you shouldn’t for the very next time. It’s because it can affect the growth of your infant directly. It is another biggest downside with the stored or breast pumped milk; therefore, you should prefer breastfeeding over bottle-feeding.

8. Bottle-Feeding May Cause Baby’s Teeth Decay

If you regularly bottle feed your baby, then it might happen with your baby that his/her teeth start to decay by the time. Most of the time, this problem occurs when the moms prefer more bottle-feeding over breastfeeding, and it may affect your baby’s teeth-health in the long run. If this happens when you have to take your baby to the dentist or professional child doctor to resolve this issue or remove the decayed teeth. In short, if you prefer bottle-feeding over breastfeeding, then your baby needs regular dental checkups.

9. Milk Contamination

When you don’t clean the breast pump thoroughly, your little mistake might cause breast milk contamination issues. And thus, your baby can get several illnesses, which is not good at an early age. However, it mostly happens when moms leave to clean the hard to reach spots of a breast pump like the pipes, and containers, nipples, etc. And in these accessories or attachments of breast pumps, then build-ups of different bacterias are common if you do not clean them thoroughly.

10. Too Much Effort While Cleaning And Sterilizing

If you have used a breast pump already, you may know how hard it is to maintain them properly to ensure that it won’t cause any issue to your baby’s health. Right? And when it comes to saving time, people usually suggest using the breast pumps, but they don’t count when you have to invest while maintaining it. If you typically prefer to bottle feed your baby because you are a working mom, you should always ensure properly cleaning the breast pump attachments and milk containers. And do make sure to sterilize the accessories, container, and nipple bottles properly before the next use.

So, these were some of the possible side effects of using breast pumps, yeah we know that some of them only occur when the user makes any mistake. But you should always keep in mind these ten points before using the breast pump to bottle feed your baby to ensure that it won’t cause any problem to your and your baby’s health.

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