10 Safety Tips While Traveling With Children

Many people avoid traveling with young kids as they are worried about their safety, but there are a few who love spending time with kids. It is going to be a lot of fun when the entire family spends time together. One of the main reasons why parents try to keep kids at home as they tend to disappear in just a blink of your eye. It is going to be very tough for you to search them around in case they are lost in a crowd when you are traveling. But it is good if you explore the world with your kids around you.

Taking a few simple steps and preparation in advance will make the trip entertaining, whether it is just a local trip and a long trip.

So, if you are planning to travel with your children, then here are ten safety tips that can help you in keeping the kids safe and also help in enjoying the trip.

Traveling With Children

1. Some basic information

When you are traveling along with your children, let them learn some basic things like the home address or your mobile number. In case they go missing, they will be able to contact you from any nearby telephone or with the help of someone nearby. Knowing the hotel where you are staying can also be very helpful for the kids to find you. Even they cannot reach you over the phone; they will be able to reach the hotel with the help of someone.

2. Information Card

If you think that your kids are too young to remember so much information, then it is always good to prepare some information cards. These cards should contain at least some basic information so that the person who finds you kid will be able to reach you. Make sure that the card has your name, contact number, hotel address, and other alternate numbers that can be reached. This way, you will be able to find your kids faster in case you miss them in the crowd.

3. Have a plan in advance

You should always have a plan ready when you are traveling with the kids. For example, if you are visiting a busy museum, then mark a place in advance and tell your kids to reach that place in case they get lost in the crowd. If you think that your kids are young and will not make it to that place, then you should always teach them to reach the nearest billing counter. This is a place where the kids will be able to find people they can trust. From the counter, they will even be able to access a telephone to contact you.

4. No Personalized backpacks

We all love to get one personalized backpack for our kids as they look really cute. Some of the parents love having their names printed on the backpacks if you are buying similar bags for more than one kid. But they can be very dangerous. People with wrong intentions can use this name to start a conversation with the kid, and the kids will start trusting them as they already know their name. So, it is always good to avoid this kind of bags or backpacks for the kids.

5. Keep a password ready

When strange find out lost kids on the road, they try to act as if they know them or they have seen their parents. They say that they were sent by the parents to search. So, it is always good to give your kid some password and tell them that in case they get lost, and someone tells them that they were sent by the parents, then ask for a password. Tell the kids that in case you are sending someone to find you, you will give them the password for sure.


Usually, when someone unknown is trying to grab the kids, they shout, scream, and kick. But the strangers try to show it like the kid’s tantrums. Many people do not even pay attention to such a situation as they also think that the kid is just freaking out on their parents. So, along with screaming, kicking, and shouting, you should tell you kids to scream for help by saying “NOT MY PARENT, PLEASE HELP”. This will be able to grab some attention from the people around you.

7. Never leave kids alone in the restroom

If you are having young kids of the opposite gender, then you may not be able to enter into the restroom. But you can still try to check if there is already someone inside the restroom by slightly opening the door and asking if something is there. If someone is there, they will understand that you are waiting outside for your kid. If nobody replies, then you can enter into the restroom along with your kid. It is only for the safety of your kid, and so you should not care about the restroom gender if there is no one inside.

8. Tracking gadgets

Another simple way to keep track of your kids when you are traveling is to keep track of them. Nowadays, there are several tiny gadgets available on the market that can be very affordable and also helpful in tracking the kids. But one important thing to keep in mind is to place them in such a location that nobody will be able to track it and remove it before you can even find your kid. Do not put them in their backpacks as there are chances of throwing them away. Try to pin them or attach them to the dress from inside.

9. Teach them safety tips

Usually, when kids get lost, they panic, and they will reach for help from just anyone. But when you are teaching them in advance, then they will have an idea about what has to be done. You should teach them whom to reach and who not to. Like we discussed in point number 3, you can reach a bill counter for help. But if you are at a place where there is no billing counter or any such counter, then try to reach people with kids in their hands.

10. Know the destination

This is one of the best things to do before you go ahead on your trip. Always know your destination so that you will have an idea about what are safe and less crowded places in the destination city. This way, you will be able to keep the kids safe and still be able to enjoy the vacation with family. Always include places that are interesting for the kids as well.

Just keep these few points in mind and plan it very well because it is your first trip with your kids. It is not always unsafe to travel with kids, but having safety tips and plan can make the trip more entertaining because you have planned everything well.

Just a bit of preparedness and planning is all you need for a trip with kids, and there is nothing much to panic about. Follow these tips and keep your family safe!

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