5 Reasons to Get Toddler Bed Rails

There is a list of things that parents should keep updated on when their little one is growing. Babies are not mentally mature enough to appreciate the things that could harm them or the other way round. Therefore, as a parent, you must take care of your baby’s safety. The sleeping pattern, time, and duration of your child is as vital as his/her nutrition. Babies usually sleep in contact with mother’s body as a newborn. It allows them proper transfer of heat & prevents hypothermia. However, as they grow up, it is necessary to make babies learn to sleep in the crib. But what should be done after that?

A child usually shifts from crib to toddler bed at the age of 2-3 years. It also depends on his/her development and growth status. Here, the age duration that we talked of is an average. Making the baby sleep in bed without any protection could cost your child’s health safety. Therefore, you must think of buying a toddler bed rail before shifting your babies to bed. It will increase their safety to 70% in general. If you still believe that going for toddler bed rails is not a good idea, we will convince you stating these five reasons:

Rail Guard for Toddler Beds

1. Prevents any fall-related accidents:

Babies have more chances of falling from toddler beds. Even if you are sleeping beside your baby, sometimes the hectic day makes you go into deep sleep, which can put the baby in danger. The toddler bed rails form a boundary at the edges of the bed. Therefore, even if the toddler reaches the corner involuntarily in sleep, he/she will not fall. The increase in activities or irritability of the toddler can cause the baby to fall from the bed. The injury-related to fall can be either severe or mild. However, as mothers, we do not want even a minor scratch in our child’s skin. Can you compromise your child’s safety by shifting to bed without installing bed rails?

2. Availability of several kinds of toddler bed rails:

If you are a shopaholic person, you would want to try every new thing in the market for the toddler. Then, how can you forget the bed rails? Safety comes over the fancies for every person. The availability of various toddler bed rails in the market has made it more exciting for the parents. Imagine you have a specific rail that exactly meets the needs of your toddler! From small ones to heighten ones, you will get everything. Adjustable rails, anti-collapse feature, and nontoxic materials are some other benefits.

3. Comforts you and your toddler:

How can you sleep at night knowing that your toddler can fall at any moment? It makes you uncomfortable and disturbs your sleep. Therefore, having a toddler bed rail will give your 100 percent assurance about your baby’s comfort and safety. Even the little one will also be able to get a more sound sleep.

4. Enhances their motor activities:

When a child grows from infant to toddler, his/her psychomotor activities boost up. They will be more interactive and playful as they grow up. After waking up, your child will be able to hold the rail and learn to walk with support. Therefore, it also helps in the enhancement of your baby’s motor functions. It also has a role in hand to eye coordination of the child.

5. Safe material & less maintenance:

The toddler bed rails are exclusively made from baby safe materials. Babies have extremely sensitive and delicate skin. Any mild toxic material can prove to be hazardous to them. Hence, these bed rails are created from non-toxic materials to keep your child safe. Also, most of them have hassle-free maintenance and cleaning methods.


We hope that you will look forward to get your toddler bed rails. Keeping them safe is your priority and informing you is ours. Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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