Pacifiers: A Complete User’s Guide for Moms

The uses of baby pacifiers are increasing in the modern period. However, when it comes to your child, you want to provide him/her with the safest option possible. As a parent, you would never want your baby to suffer the ill effect of anything. Therefore, even though the pacifiers are useful to soothe up crying babies, but, various aspects related to it are questionable. The pacifiers are otherwise known as baby soothers. We are presenting you with a complete guide to beginner parents on pacifiers. We have collectively merged various facts, benefits, and disadvantages of baby pacifiers. By this means, we will eliminate any kind of biasedness in this article.

Parents start preparing to welcome their little members of the family weeks before the baby is born. Out of all the necessary things needed for the baby, one of the essential things is a baby pacifier. We have come across several research articles that claim the baby soother as a must-have for all the parents. In contrast to this, parents often confuse themselves that is entirely safe for the babies? The use or non-use of the pacifier is up to the parents. Some might need it, while yet others can healthily raise their babies without it.


However, as a responsible parent, you must know about the use, method, benefits, and other points related to the pacifier. Therefore, make sure to read this article till the end. It will help you in deciding something very beneficial for your little one:

1. How to choose a pacifier?

  • Sizes: Various sizes are available in baby pacifiers. Different brands will manufacture various sizes. However, the three most common sizes that you find are small, medium, and large. These are suitable for babies less than 6 months, 6-18 months, and more than 18 months, respectively.
  • Material: When it comes to baby accessories, you will get a whole lot of choices. The pacifiers could be made from different materials. Make sure to rule out if your baby is allergic to any of them. Silicone, rubber, and latex are the three widely used baby pacifier materials. Rubber is thicker than the other two. However, make sure to analyze the personal choice of your little one.
  • Type of pacifier: You can choose among a wide variety of pacifiers available on the market. There are one-piece, novelty, three-piece, glow in the dark, and stuffed animal pacifier. Nothing in this world is unfancy now!
  • Shape: The shape of the pacifier plays a vital role in deciding your baby’s comfort. You can choose either from an orthodontic or a regular nipple.

2. How to use a pacifier?

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First, eliminate all the possible causes why your baby might be crying. If you still cannot manage to soothe your baby, you will need a pacifier. Grab the pacifier with help of the holder mechanism. Now, rub it gently near your baby’s lips. Once the baby is comfortable, insert it inside his/her mouth. Push the pacifier inside the mouth. It will get inside up to an extent when the face shield can no more be pushed.

3. What are the benefits of using a pacifier?

good pacifier

  • The use of pacifiers decreases the risk of sudden infantile death syndrome.
  • It helps in the easy removal of thumb sucking in babies.
  • It works as a pain reliever after vaccination.
  • Premature babies have not developed a proper sucking mechanism. It helps to learn their sucking reflex.
  • It helps in the reduction of discomfort in high altitude (flight, hills).

4. Are there any cons?

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  • Babies can encounter some problems in breastfeeding.
  • It can lead to dental problems, occasionally.


We hope that you are well versed with all the essential points related to the pacifier. Thanks for reading!

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