Nursing Pillow Vs. Normal Pillow: Which is Best For Your Baby?

A newborn spends most of their time drinking milk when they are awake. It is easy to say that babies go from lots of discomforts when they are trying to have a perfect grip. Picking up your baby in arms to feed seems like a difficult job or indeed it is. The best way to breastfeed is by laying down your baby on a pillow and then bending over to feed with comfort.

Moms have to make fewer efforts in feeding and it is also a comforting experience. But, have you ever thought that what babies go through when you use the normal pillow? There are experts suggesting nursing pillows so that babies can have a better comfort level and they don’t face an issue like reflux.

Difference Between Nursing Pillow and Normal Pillow

Though the demand is getting high for a nursing pillow, there are plenty of questions waiting to be answered. We created a comparison guide to make you understand that which one is better. We are looking at the vital aspects such as –

Nursing Pillow

1. Comfort level

Nursing pillows are specially designed with quality material and fabric to counter the ideal comfort level for babies. There is a medium firmness level so that babies get a little sink in feel and they don’t move too much. The firmness level varies in normal pillows because there is a range of materials used in the manufacturing process. The Comfort level goes down after a couple of minutes of sitting because the material gets softer with body heat and it becomes sweaty for babies.

2. Material Choice

Nursing pillows are made from the safest material options as there are specific regulation guidelines that every manufacturer has to follow. There will be no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process which makes it safer for babies. On the other hand, if you look at options like a normal baby pillow, you have to be careful because there are plenty of harmful chemicals used to create an affordable pillow. This can harm your baby in several manners and cause issues breathing with comfort.

3. Breathability of cover

The material of a nursing pillow is breathable as the material is designed to provide a better flow of air throughout the pillow. Considering this factor, you can say that breathability is a major concern with normal pillows. They are not breathable and it can cause sweating to the baby. The easy choice would be to use a breathable cover but the quality of foam is poor so there will be no major advantage. Exposing a baby to heating pillows can create development related issues and these pillows can make your baby sweat badly. The best option is a nursing pillow in these criteria.

4. Safety feature

No doubt that normal pillows are soft from the corners to give a comforting feel. But if you are laying down your baby on the normal pillow to feed then they can move in other directions and they won’t be getting a better grip on nipples. To counter this issue, nursing pillows have stiff corners and create a border around the corner so that babies do not fall from the sides. It is the best way to prevent your baby from having any kind of issue.

5. Thickness of pillow

The thickness of the foam in a normal pillow ranges from 2 inches to 5 inches. It is not enough to lift your baby properly for a great breastfeeding experience. When you compare this factor to a nursing pillow, you can notice a huge difference. The primary quality that you are going to notice is easy to feed option. The thickness ranges from 5 inches to 12 inches with most of the nursing pillows. It will allow you to use the nursing pillow in various manners and have a better use.

6. Cost

As you are comparing a good quality nursing pillow to a normal pillow in the price range, a normal pillow is going to feel way more affordable. However, it is a one-time purchase and you will be using the same nursing pillow for the next six months. You won’t be buying more of these and this is the reason that spending a little extra on a nursing pillow feels like a better choice. You can get affordable options with less thickness which are still better than normal pillows. Keep in mind that affordability is not the factor that you consider when you are shopping for a newborn baby.


The overall verdict of the comparison is, normal pillows are not reliable for breastfeeding purposes. You can get them for an affordable price point but there will be less comfortable, and safe. With that said, going with a reputed manufacturer for nursing pillow will give you a better usability experience and it will save you from several issues in the future.

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