Nursery Glider Vs. Normal Chair: Which is Better?

Setting up a baby room is not that easy. There is always confusion for parents to choose between a nursery glider and a normal chair. There are both good reasons to choose these chairs. Both of these are comfy for you and your little one. However, one of these is more comfortable for the baby. The two types of chairs for a baby are a nursery and a normal chair. These chairs are highly essential to feed the baby. These chairs can provide a good seating position for the mother to feed the infant.

Chair or nursery glider is one of the essential purchases that the new mothers need to make. New mothers have a lot of new responsibilities. From pacifying, breastfeeding at 3 am to nursing, there are many things on the list. You can find comfort when buying a good nursery glider or a normal chair.

Nursing Glider

Also, the right position of the chair helps in fast digestion. If you are confused between these two chairs, then let us see which one is the best. Consider these following factors to decide to buy one of these chairs.

Difference Between Nursery Glider and Chair

1. The cushioning and comfort factor

The nursery gliders and chairs are comfortable to sit for a longer time. Mothers may require more rest. Also, mothers need a chair that can make them and their baby feel convenient. The nursery glider has foam seats and arms. They are a perfect choice for mothers who want to feel warm and cosy.

The dense nursery glider provides all the support you need for your back. On the other hand, the normal chair can give you back pain after some time. As there is no cushion, you may feel uncomfortable after sitting for long hours. The normal chairs are less comfortable than gliders when breastfeeding and holding the baby. New mothers can choose the well-cushioned nursery gliders to feel comfortable.

2. Space and firmness

Whether you are pacifying, breastfeeding or holding your baby, it is always better to sit in a wide chair. Wide chairs with good cushioning are the perfect chairs for new mothers. The nursery gliders are spacious and have a wide seat. They are ideal for mothers who want to sit and enjoy motherhood.

The normal chair can provide firmness. However, they do not have a wide seat. Also, the nursery glider comes with a nursing pillow. The normal chair does not have these benefits that make them a less preferred chair for new mothers. The wider nursery gliders can be used even after the baby grows. For space and firm seating, you can choose a good quality nursing chair.

3. The durability and fabric

Durability is one of the most important factors to think when buying a chair. Both nursery gliders and normal chairs wear out after some point. However, the nursery gliders are made of firm wood and soft firm.

They are made for a nursing purpose that makes them durable. The normal chairs are made of plastic, and they are somewhat durable. There are possibilities that these plastic chairs might break easily. The nursery glider does not break that easily. Further, the fabric of the chair is thick, which makes them highly durable. If you are more concerned about the durability and material, choose a nursery glider that is good in quality.

4. The convenient features

New mothers need to consider extra features when buying a chair. The bonus features can add more value to the product. Mostly the regular chairs do not have any additional features. They do not have any features that support the nursing task.

 Also, one best bonus feature in the nursery gliders is the locking mechanism. The nursery glider has a locking mechanism feature that locks the chair and stops it from moving. It is an excellent feature for sleep-deprived mothers who are taking care of their little ones. It is a feature that comes handy with any nursery gliders. Mothers can also take a nap in these chairs with their baby.

5. The unique and extra features

The unique and extra features are essential when choosing any product. The nursery gliders come handy with plenty of unique features that help the nursery mothers. These features enhance the convenience and comfort factor of the chair. Especially the nursery gliders come with a special 360-degree swivel function that can help the bruising mothers.

You can adjust the chair in whichever position you want. Some of the nursery glider models come with a footrest feature. The mother can hold their baby and recline back in these gliders. The regular chairs do not come with these extra features. Some high-end nursery gliders come with USB compatibility. If you are going for extra features in a chair, then you can choose nursery gliders.

6. The price and warranty factor

The price is the most important factor to consider before choosing a chair. The nursery gliders can be a bit more expensive than regular chairs. Due to their features and high-end materials, these gliders are worth your money. They are a smart investment for new mothers. These nursery gliders fulfil all the factors you want in a nursing chair.

The regular chairs are highly affordable. Even though they are affordable, they do not have any features to support the nursing process. They are only comfortable to sit in and not suitable for new mothers. However, if you are on a budget, you can get the chairs with footrest and other nursery chair features. The warranty policy is another thing you need to review before getting any of these. You can get an impressive warranty policy for the nursery gliders. However, you may not get any warranty for chairs. The warranty is highly essential if you are buying a costly glider or chair. The warranty can save you from repair and other costs for the product.


From the above factor, you can decide which is better: a nursery glider or a regular chair. The nursery gliders are such a good investment for the new parents. They are the best chair that provides high comfort and convenience for new mothers. Consider the above points to decide which one is best for you and your infant.

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