Newborn Baby Bath, Skin, Hair & Grooming Things Checklist

As a parent, you will always want your baby to look beautiful, healthy, clean, and fresh. When you wish to keep them clean, you will have to make sure that you have the right grooming products for them. Nowadays, even for babies, there are several grooming products available in the market. Starting from bath products, to skin, hair, and grooming products, you will have to pick each product very carefully.

So, here let us have a look at the checklist for baby’s bath, hair, skin, and grooming products.

1. Baby Massage Oil

Baby Massage Oil

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The process of bath starts with a nice and smooth massage for the baby. There are several benefits of giving a healthy oil massage to the baby during the first few months, at least till the baby turns one year old. It will make sure that the skin remains smooth by locking the moisture, and there are other benefits like improving the motor skills of the baby.

2. Body Wash

Body Wash

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If you think that you will not be able to give a bath to your baby as you are not used to it, or you don’t have anyone at home who can help you, then you can always go for baby body wash. It is a very good alternative for giving a bath. Sometimes, due to the health conditions of the baby, even your doctor may advise you not to give a bath to the baby.

3. Baby Soap

Baby Soap

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If you think you are going to start with a water bath for the baby, then choosing the right soap is very important. You cannot use the regular soap that you use for the baby. There are many reasons for it, and they are harsh on the sensitive skin of the baby. It contains chemicals, and that can hurt the baby’s eyes if it goes into the eyes by mistake.

4. Baby Shampoo

Baby Shampoo

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Baby shampoo is the next essential item that you can add to the checklist. Whenever you wish to give a head bath to the baby, you need to wash the hair with mild baby shampoo. Make sure that you are picking a no-tear baby shampoo as it will not hurt the eyes even if it enters into the eyes of the baby.

5. Baby BathTub


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You must have seen a few parents giving bath to the newborn babies in a bucket or the wash-basin. That is because there is no fear of baby slipping from the hands due to soap or shampoo. That can hurt the baby. You will feel much comfortable when the baby is comfortable. In such a situation, it is always safe to use baby bathtub. They are specially designed for this and come in different sizes to fit the requirements.

6. Bath Towels or Clothes


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If you are just going for body wash and not bath, then you will need the bath clothes. With the help of the clothes, you can wipe off the baby’s body. But if you prefer a bath, then bath towels will be necessary. You can go for a nice stylish hooded towel, or you can also choose to go for just a plain towel. Whatever style you are picking, you should always pick a cotton towel for the baby. They are soft on the sensitive skin of the baby.

7. Baby Lotion

Baby lotion and oils

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Now that we are done with the baby bath checklist, you will have to take a look at the baby skin checklist. The first thing we have is the baby lotion. After taking a bath, your baby’s skin may become dry. You should make sure that you are adding enough moisture to the skin so that the baby’s skin remains soft for a long time. With the help of the baby lotion, you will be able to lock the moisture in the skin.

8. Baby Powder

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The next product that you need to add your checklist is the baby powder. It is a very useful product for the baby. You should apply it all over the body of the baby once the bathing is done. It will make the baby feel fresh for a long time.

9. Baby Hair Oil

Baby Hair Oil

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When it comes to hair care, you will have to use the right hair oil along with the right shampoo. You will always hear your grandparents telling you that you should never leave your kid’s hair without oil. Yes, that is true. There are several benefits of doing so, and that is why you will need the best baby hair oil for it.

10. Baby Hairbrush

Baby Hairbrush

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Your baby may have just a little hair, but you need to make sure that the hair is tangle-free. To do that you will need a soft hairbrush for the baby. You will be able to find hair brushes specially made of the babies. When you are moving the hairbrush slowly on the scalp, it will also help in improving the blood circulation.

11. Baby Nail Clipper

Baby Nail Clipper

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Baby nails grow fast, and it is very important to trim them from time to time. You will need a baby nail clipper with a magnifier glass for better and safe trimming of nails. When the nails are too large, they will not just hurt the people who handle the baby, but will also hurt the baby itself.

12. Baby Rash Cream

Baby Rash Cream

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It is very common to use diapers for a baby. When you are using for a long time or when the baby has too sensitive skin, there are chances for the rashes to appear. It is always good to keep a baby rash cream handy. The rashes can be very irritating and painful, and hence the rash cream will be very helpful in soothing the baby.

All these products are easily available in the market and baby stores. But you cannot just pick any baby product that is available in the store. You will have to make sure that the product is hypoallergenic and does not cause any kind of allergy to the baby. Along with that, you should check if the product is dermatologically tested or not. Only dermatologically tested products are safe to use for a baby. You can also get in touch with your doctor for better suggestions and advice. If your baby has very sensitive skin, then you should always use only those products that are approved by the paediatrician.

The products should not have any kind of fragrance or choose products that come with mild and natural fragrance. This will not hurt the baby’s nose. There should not be any chemicals used in baby products. It should be able to add moisture to the baby’s skin and make it look soft and supple. It should not take away the moisture from the baby’s skin.

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