Manual Breast Pump Advantages and Disadvantages

Whenever there’s talk about breast milk, mothers and babies come forth in mind. A baby right from the time of birth to the age of toddler feeds on breast milk. Breast milk is often considered as the wonder food for a baby due to its complete nourishing nature. There’s plenty of advantages of feeding breast milk to a baby, and every mother wants to provide their baby with this wonder food.

But have you ever given thought to the other side of the story? Breastfeeding does tend to have limitations in various forms. Just think about a working mother who needs to balance her work and personal life while taking care of the baby. They can’t carry their baby around to all places and for the most part, can’t possibly breastfeed without having been ogled by people in public.

This is where a breast pump can be a savior. Breast pumps are quite a boon for lactating working mothers. Let’s find out more about it down below.

What is a Breast Pump?

A breast pump is an instrument designed to extract milk from a lactating mum so that breast milk can be stored and used for times when the baby needs to be breastfed. This allows a mother to ensure that the baby will get their share of breast milk even when the mother is at work or away. It further helps in regulating the lactation levels of mothers too.

There are two kinds of breast pumps available around in the form of a manual breast pump and electric breast pump and we will be taking a look at the manual breast pump as part of our blog today.

What is Manual Breast Pump and Why You Should Use it?

Manual Breast Pump

Manual breast pumps are one of the best options around when it comes to breast pumps. It works on a simple mechanism and requires no electricity. All you need to do is give it a quick and easy pumping, and the milk will start getting pumped. It is also said that a manual pump tends to mimic the natural feel of baby’s breast sucking and hence is much more likely to be preferred by mothers. We’ll take a deeper look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a manual breast pump further down below.

Advantages of using a Manual Breast Pump

There are quite a few advantages of using a manual breast pump as follows:

1. Easy to setup and use

  • A manual breast pump is quite easy to setup due to its sheer simplicity and convenience. All you need to do is put the suction cup on your breast and then squeeze it to start the pumping. The breast shield or the suction cup is further connected via a vale to the bottle where the milk will be safely stored. It also feels more natural than an electric breast pump.

2. No need fora power source

  • The best part about the manual breast pump is that they don’t require any source of power. Rather than using the tubing like that of an electric pump, this one uses a hand lever to pump and create a suction. This works great for mothers who need to travel quite frequently as you can use it at any location to pump and express milk as required for your baby.

3. Affordable and Value for Money

  • Manual breast pumps tend to be cheaper than their electric counterparts. They also tend to be lighter and easier to carry around. And it’s a one-time investment with no further costs to bear for. Once you buy a manual breast pump you can use it simply. It’s also a great value for money product for any new mother.

4. Easier to clean and sterilize

  • Since manual breast pumps have fewer components and tubes than the electric ones, they are easy to clean and sterilize. All you need to do is dis-engage the pump and suction cup and you can wash it and further sterilize it for further usage.

5. Allows you to set your own pace

  • One of the great aspects of the manual breast pump is that it allows you to set your own pace, unlike the electric ones. With the electric ones, the speed levels are defined, and the pumping is done with the power source so you don’t get to be in command all the time. With the manual one, you can set the pace as you require and pump accordingly to express the milk.

6. A good backup option

  • There are times when you can have power failures or such things. During these times, a manual breast pump acts as the perfect backup foil as you can pump your breast milk into the bottle so that your baby can have their share later on.

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Disadvantages of Using a Manual Breast Pump

Here are a few disadvantages as to why you should not opt for a manual-based breast pump.

1. May deplete the nutrition level.

  • Breast milk that gets extracted via the use of a pump is generally stored in a bottle so that it can be later breastfed to the baby. During this storage process, the milk’s nutrition levels may be depleted than what it should be if it was directly fed. This can affect the nourishment of the baby.

2. May damage tissues

  • Since the breast pump uses suction to extract the milk from the breast, the tissues on the breast may likely get affected by it. It is also said that excessive usage of a manual breast pump can cause serious damage to the tissues in the breast.

3. Requires constant cleaning and sterilization

  • The thing about the breast pump is that it should be cleaned and sterilized after every single use so that contamination is low. If the sanitization is not done properly, then the contamination may spread and affect the baby.

4. Takes away the bonding time

  • The best part about motherhood is the bonding between a mother and the baby. And breastfeeding is a major part of it. However, with the use of a breast pump, the bonding session between a mother and baby cannot happen as required, and hence it affects the motherhood.

Final Thoughts

Breast pumps are one of the best inventions of the modern-day world and allow mothers to express their breast milk and keep it aside for later purposes. This way a mother can manage the work-life and personal life without compromising on the quality of the baby’s nurture. Manual breast pumps come with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages, but looking at the larger picture makes it seem that they create much more good.

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