Is it worth Buying a Nursing Pillow for Breastfeeding?

As soon as your baby takes birth within an hour, your body will start producing breast milk. This will continue for some years until your baby is finally ready to feed on complex foods. Breastfeeding is very important as it helps form a strong emotional connection between the mother and the child. However, for some women, the whole process can be a bit uncomfortable. Such women and mothers can use this product called a feeding pillow. Feeding pillows are also known commonly as nursing pillows. They help elevate your baby to a certain height so that he/she can easily reach your breast, and you do not have to bend a lot to make the whole process work. There are many debates about whether one needs a nursing pillow or not to feed one’s baby well.

So here we are with the pointers that are put forward by many experts. It is a brief explanation of everything, so let us take a deep look –

Nursing Pillow

Why does one think of buying a nursing pillow?

Whenever you are nursing a baby, you would be sitting holding them in different positions. Generally, people use the cross-cradle or football hold. Breastfeeding after having a baby is an everyday thing. You are required to do it as your baby needs proper nutrition and must be well fed. Some women had claimed that they never needed a nursing pillow when they became a mother. However, as women these days get busier as they manage motherhood and their profession, it sometimes gets complicated. In those situations, they might need support to help their wrists and arms be less stressed in the process.

How to use a Nursing Pillow?

Generally, people get U-shaped nursing pillows for breastfeeding. These types of nursing pillows warp around the waist of the woman who is breastfeeding. However, some people might also pick the pillows they have on their bed. These pillows do not offer a good platform over a period and can also prove to be entirely useless. In such situations, you need to get the right nursing pillow. One must also know how they can use these pillows correctly so that their baby is always well fed.

As mentioned earlier, most nursing pillows have a U-shaped design, which can be quickly wrapped around your waist. You can then place your baby on the pillow that is now reaching your lap. As that happens, you will be able to sit in the most hugely comfortable position, which will also help your baby feel relaxed. This is because nursing pillows are softer and are made to make your baby’s back get relaxed. With practice, as a breastfeeding mother, you can get even better at this.

Benefits of a nursing pillow 

  • Nursing pillows bring your baby at the perfect height

With an improper latch, many women face a lot of pain as they start breastfeeding their babies. As you sit in an uncomfortable position, you might also feel a paining strain in your back and arm muscles. This is why you must bring your baby as close as possible to your chest. Many nursing pillows these days are of the adjustable type. They come with straps because of which it gets easier to adjust them according to the height of your torso. With a proper elevation, latching will become more comfortable for you.

  • If you have got a C-section, a nursing pillow will surely help.

Many women do not have a normal delivery. They have to get their baby delivered using the C-section procedure. This procedure saves you from the pain that one experiences during childbirth, but your body takes a lot of time to heal. Additionally, some of the scars made during the procedure might be hugely sensitive, and you have to be wholly careful so that you do not get any long-term problems. As you use a nursing pillow, your stomach will be able to relax, and nursing will also become easier.

  • A nursing pillow may also help your baby avoid reflux.

As babies lie down, they might have the problem of reflux. Reflux is common, but if it happens too many times throughout the day, it can make your baby’s throat lining quite sensitive. This is because the food that your baby’s stomach is pushing back upwards may scratch his/her throat. For avoiding problems like this, a nursing pillow helps a lot. It helps keep their head and chest a little elevated so that reflux does not happen, and they feel less uncomfortable while they are being fed with breast milk.

  • A nursing pillow also helps reduce Episiotomy Pain.

For those of you who had vaginal childbirth, it is still advisable to take rest while the tears in your vagina heal and recover. As you get stitches down there, you need to have the most comfortable positions while you sit or lie down completely. In such cases, a nursing pillow will help you to enjoy the nursing moments of affection with your baby and still take good care of your body.

Can you use a nursing pillow while bottle feeding your baby?

If it is difficult and stressful for you to hold your baby in your arms for a long time, then you really should think about using a nursing pillow in such situations as well. Such problems are often faced by people who do not have enough arm strength. Additionally, to hold your baby while feeding bottle, you should also have proper wrist support. If that is not what makes you feel comfortable and instead leaves you in pain, a nursing pillow will prove to be of the best help that you can get.

Should you use regular pillows while breastfeeding?

Most people simply use a regular pillow for nursing. And we have to agree that for some people, that can work. There are many women worldwide who do not even think of buying something like a nursing pillow. They are entirely comfortable with their standard bed pillows. However, you have to make sure that you wash the covers of these pillows often as they can be a pathway for germs to enter your baby’s body. You can also try keeping a regular pillow separate just for your baby. This way, the pillow will be more hygiene. Furthermore, if you are unable to get your baby to reach the perfect height, a nursing pillow is your solution, and you should surely think of getting one right now!

Final Verdict

If nursing is uncomfortable for you as you are never able to make your baby reach the safest and best position, you should buy a nursing pillow. Additionally, if you are suffering from pain in your arms and wrists because of breastfeeding, then too, you must get the right nursing pillow. Some women do not experience all of this, and they are quite comfortable without such pillows. For them, we will say that you surely do not need to look for a nursing pillow as you do not need it. A nursing pillow will be a great help for women who are not able to maintain a good posture while nursing and are facing a lot of back problems because of that.

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