Is it Bad for Babies to Wear Mittens? Pros and Cons

There are a lot of things that you buy for your newborn babies, and baby mittens are one of them. Many parents miss certain important things for their babies, and these are one of those things. If you are also not using mittens for your baby, then there must probably be two reasons for it, either you not sure about what are they or not sure whether they are safe for your baby or not.

Being a parent for a newborn baby, you will always want to give the best for your baby. But you should understand that every product that you purchase, whether it is for a baby or adult, comes with pros and cons. You should be able to weigh the pros against the cons and then make a decision about whether the product is good for your baby or not.

If you have the same confusion about the baby mittens as well, then here is a list of pros and cons of baby mittens. You can compare them and weigh the pros against the cons and then make your final decision.

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Pros and Cons of Baby Mittens

So, let us start with the pros of baby mittens:

Saves from scratches

Usually, it is difficult to trim the nails of a newborn baby, and hence most mothers do not do it very often. If the nails grow fast for your baby, then babies scratch their body or face with those nails, which can hurt them. There are chances that the baby will scratch others as well. So, a baby mitten can keep the baby protected from the sharp nails.

Keeps them warm

Another important reason why you can use baby mittens for your baby is to keep them warm. Especially if you are living in a place where the weather is cold, then it is a must for the newborn babies. You cannot just ignore the importance of baby mittens in this climate. Due to extremely cold weather, some babies’ skin turns blue as well.


Hygiene is also a factor that is considered when parents use baby mittens. Commonly, the baby’s hands get dirty when they play with some toys. So, these mittens act like gloves to those little hands and keep them clean.


Baby mittens can be worn for style as well. Some newborn baby dress sets come with baby mittens. The complete set matches and compliments with each other, and hence it gives a new look to your baby.

Now, let us check out the cons of baby mittens…


Baby mittens are made of different kinds of materials. There are chances that the threads from the mittens come out and enter into the baby’s mouth and choke them. It can be very dangerous if the parents do not keep an eye on their babies when they are wearing baby mittens.


We already discussed that baby mittens could keep the baby’s hands clean from the dust and dirt around them. But if the dust or dirt is stuck on the baby mittens, there are chances that the baby places the hand in the mouth, and the dirt will enter into the baby’s mouth. This can even make the baby sick.

Tight elastic

Most of the baby mittens come with an elastic near the wrist area to keep the mitten in place. That means when you put the mitten on the hands, they should stay in place, and this elastic near the wrist will help in doing that for you. But if the elastic is too tight, then there are chances that the baby can get hurt or the blood circulation can get blocked.

So, this was the list of pros and cons of baby mittens. You can now weigh the pros against the cons and then make the right choice. It depends on the parents to decide whether they are safe for their babies or not. However, you should understand that you should leave the baby mitten on the baby’s hands for a long time. You will have to remove them after an hour or two so that the baby does not feel any discomfort.

How Long Do Babies Wear Mittens?

As you read earlier, baby mittens keep the baby safe from getting scratched himself on their face. But deciding how long babies wear mittens is a difficult task. Every baby is different from others. If you are not sure that your child has started to understand that his sharp nails can spoil his mouth, then the use of mittens should be continued. Moreover, you can consider the following points to determine if is it safe to stop wearing mittens on the baby’s hand.

#1. When your baby is one or two months old, it is safe to stop using mittens. At this age, a baby will start learning good habits and understand the word hygienic. In addition, baby will also start playing with their hands.

It is recommended to take off mittens to enhance their motor senses. That doesn’t mean you need not be alerted.Rather, you still have to take care that the child does not scratch his face.

#2. Stop using the mittens when you repeatedly cut your child’s nails. In the first few weeks, a baby’s nails are sensitive and soft but later on, they become sharp and tough. So being a parent, it is your responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the baby’s hand. If you think it is safe to cut the nails of the baby then take off the mittens.

Along with that, you should stop using the baby mittens after the age of two months. Continuing their use after the age of two months is not required.

If you are still confused about whether to use the baby mittens or not, then you can get in touch with your pediatrician to know whether it is safe or not. It is good if you can use cotton mittens and mittens that do not have elastic near the wrist part. That way, you can be safe to some extent, but again you should not use them for a long time.

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