How To Wash and Clean Cloth Diapers Properly

Opting cloth diapers over the disposable one is a great choice. However, are you ready for it? Having a cloth diaper for your baby requires extra effort. You cannot just use and dispose of them like disposable diapers. You might have chosen the cloth diapers amongst the various categories of disposable diapers for the all-round comfort and organicity that it provides to your child. However, one of the most challenging things about the cloth diaper remains cleaning it frequently.

You need to take care of the wetness & hygiene of the baby down there. Otherwise, it can cause inevitable situations like rash, irritation, and even some allergies. The infections caused due to retention of moisture by urine can lead to sepsis in extreme cases. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep your baby safe and comfortable is to clean it regularly. People have many doubts related to cleaning of cloth diapers. It is mostly the case with new parents or parents to be. Some of them include when, how, and do and don’ts too. Let us look in detail how to clean these cloth diapers:

What is the ideal technique of routine diaper wash?

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  • The first thing to check is the kind of poop. We know it sounds gross; but, we can’t help it. If your baby is only breastfed, their poop will be water-soluble. However, toddlers will have more soiling of the diaper.
  • The first thing you need to do is to clear out the poop. You can use a spray bottle for it. Sprays might have various solutions; you can also go for plain water. Make the diaper wet and drippy for better stain removal.
  • If you want a super fresh cloth diaper after wash, make sure to clean the diaper immediately. Many people can’t afford to do that. So, the best way remains to leave the diaper drippy and wet until you can machine wash.
  • For washing, make sure to run a cold cycle with no detergent and only water. Next, run it in the warm cycle with detergent for stain removal. The pre-rinsing helps you to cleanse the diaper readily. You can also opt to add baking soda to the detergent for removing foul odor.
  • Let it dry under organically under the sunlight.

What is the pre-preparation of diaper cleaning routine?

As we have mentioned above, you need to prepare for cleaning a diaper.

  • Make sure to read the washing instructions in the packet of the cloth diaper. The instructions may have slight variations according to the brand.
  • Use the spray for the complete removal of stains from the diaper.
  • You can also replace the spray by using detachable liners.

How to wash over stained diapers?

Overstaining of the diaper can occur due to two causes.

  • Either you have left the diaper unattended for long.
  • Or, the eating habits of your child has switched to solids.

Therefore, the simplest way to avoid overstaining is to keep the dirty diaper sprayed and wet. However, if somehow your diapers get overstained, here is the way to remove it:

  • Mix the solution of vinegar of baking soda to prepare a paste. It is a perfect remedy to remove odor and stains. The baking soda helps in the removal of acidic stains, odor, and makes the diaper softer. On the other hand, the vinegar is useful in removing acidic stains and also preserve the material of the diaper.
  • You can replace the baking soda with borax if you live in a region where there is a supply of hard water.

How to get rid of foul-smelling cloth diaper?

  • Make sure to keep the diaper in a wet state when you put it in the pail.
  • Also, you can sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the pail before piling up the dirty diapers.
  • You can also add bleach during the second or hot cycle of washing the diaper.
  • Make sure to dry the diapers under the sun thoroughly. The half dried diaper can contribute to bad odor.

What are some things to avoid while diaper cleaning?

  • Do not let your baby wear the same diaper for too long. It can harm your little one and can give rise to stubborn stains.
  • Do not pile up the dirty diapers without spraying or changing the liners. Spraying helps in easy removal of poop or urine stain.
  • Never run a wash cycle with diaper quantity more than 15 for a better wash. You can extend it till 18, but not more than that.
  • Do not use harsh detergents on the diaper. Diaper specific detergents and soaps are available in the market. Use them for maintaining the diaper in a good state for enhanced time.

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We hope that all the tips and tricks of diaper cleaning will be advantageous for all parents.

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