How to Use a Baby Ring Sling [A Complete Guide]

Baby Slings are very practical when it comes to carrying your baby. They enable you to wear your baby, and it makes the whole thing fun. New parents are not very confident about using a baby sling, and I understand those concerns. It certainly takes a little time to get used to the baby ring sling. To help the parents, I have compiled this complete guide about the baby ring sling. You can check out the details below, and by the time you reach the end of the article, you will be very comfortable using the baby sling.

If you ever tried using a baby sling until now, the chances are that it would have been a bad attempt without any guidance. After discussing the proper technique to use the baby ring sling, we will also discuss the safety aspects and other important things about the baby sling.

What is a Ring Sling?

Baby Ring Sling

If you do not know what a ring sling looks like, then let us first take a few minutes to understand the same. The ring sling is nothing but a long fabric that has rings in it. The fabric enables you to carry your baby on the shoulders, and hence it takes off the pressure from your back and arms. It is the easiest way to carry the baby as your hands would not be occupied. In addition to this, you would not even have to carry a stroller with the baby. There are many other advantages of using the baby ring sling, but there is also one disadvantage. If you are traveling out with the baby on a hot day,it might become uncomfortable for you and the baby while using the ring sling.

Safety First

Many parents are concerned about the safety of the Baby Ring Sling, and we can assure you that this is one of the safest methods to carry your baby. You need to use the baby sling in the right manner. You can check about the safety associated with the sling when you are buying it. Also, before you use the sling, you must ensure that the sling is in good condition. It should not have any tears, and it should be able to hold the baby close to you.

Another point to note is that you must be more careful if your baby is premature or if your baby is not well. Lastly, when you are having a hot drink in your hand, you should be careful as an accidental spill will cause severe burns to the baby. Moreover, you would need to take care of your balance while carrying shopping bags because if you fall, then the baby would also fall.

Using the Sling

Before you start using the sling, ensure that it is of the right size. Do not use oversized or small slings as that may lead to an accident. You can go ahead and check out the length of the sling as well.Follow the steps listed below to thread the sling.

  • You need to first decide what side of the body you would like to hold the baby on. If you wish to hold the baby on the right side, you would have to put the sling on the left side.
  • Now you would need to hold the sling by the rings and drape it over your shoulder. You would also need to bring the tail around the back and grab it in the front.
  • In the next step, take the tail and place it through the rings. You can allow the tail to move forward, and this way, the top hem will fall in your midline. The bottom hem will be in a position outside your body.
  • You would now need to open the rings and move the fabric through the bottom ring slowly. Now, place your thumbs into the tail between the rings and pull it to make it slightly loose.
  • You can then grab the hems one by one and gather them quickly. You would now need to tighten the sling by pulling the hems. Your sling would now be snug and ready to use.

If you need to pull the sling, then you can check out the steps listed below

  • Follow the process above to thread your sling, and now put the rings as high as possible on the shoulder. Once you adjust the sling, the rings will move down a little. Now, check the sling before you are putting your baby in.
  • The bottom hem should be even on the belly button, and this can be done by holding the pouch as you tighten it. Keep tightening it until the sling is in the right position. Once all this is done, you will be able to place the baby in the sling. The baby should sit on the seat, and the third hem should be tucked under their arm. The leg of the baby should be positioned so that their knees are above the hip socket.

If the metal rings are causing any discomfort on the collarbone or the shoulder, then ensure that you position them correctly. Improper positioning may lead to bruises. The rings should be below the shoulders to offer the best degree of comfort and support.

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Breastfeeding & Sling

The good thing about the baby sling is that you can breastfeed your baby when on the sling. You can loosen the panel in stages, which will lower the baby to the level of your nipple. You can now feed the baby in this position. Once the feeding is done, you can position the baby again and tighten the sling.

We have reached the end of the article, and we are sure that you would not be able to use the baby sling without any issues. If you are still facing any problems, you can leave a comment for us, and we will respond to you shortly. All the information should help you in comfortably wearing your baby.

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