How To Make Kids Play Tent at Home

There are many tent houses available on the market, you can order them online, but it would be better if- you fix it yourself at home. As it will be interesting for the kids to see you preparing the tent and, children will enjoy watching it. You also will feel satisfied seeing the children happy. Kids always want something interesting happening around them daily. So doing this task at your home will engage them. You can fix the tent and disassemble them whenever you want to.

Things that are required for making the tent-

  • PVC pipes of medium-sized ones
  • Two to three clips
  • Long rope to tie the PVC pipes
  • Mate
  • Bedsheet

Kids Play Tent

Kids Play Tent Methods

There are three ways to make an indoor tent:

1. Temporary Tents

Make a fort-tent: This type of tent can be placed for two-three days, and after that, you have to take it down. Collect some furniture together. Cover the top with a fabric. It should be something like a large sheet. Then, put some weight on the sheet outside with the help of pillows.

  • If you want to place the chairs in the outward direction, put the sheet on the top. However, let it hang on the outside of the seat. Now, on the top, put the book or pillows where it can rest on the seat.
  • If you are making a larger tent, take blinder clips to fix the sheets with each other.
    • Use string and a fabric:  For making a simple tent, take a string and tight it between two points.  Cover a sheet on it in the shape of A to make a quick, simple tent setup. Place some pillows on the floor, and it’s ready.
  • For an additional option, place a dowel inside your fabric and use the strings to attach it directly to the ceiling.
    • Make a tent with the help of your table: Take a long tablecloth so that it runs on the floor. Now take that tablecloth and put it on the top of the table to create a tent. To enter the tent, make a space at any of the edges. If you want a door to make it more permanent, clip or pin-up at the sides.
  • Make your tablecloth-tent by cutting a fabric piece from your tablecloth, which should be slightly bigger than your top of the table. Glue or paste it from all around the table. Just leave a small slit on one side. Sew the fabric so that it will last longer, or you can use a cloth that won’t fray like fleece.l

2. Making permanent movable tents

Make ‘A’ frame tent- Calculate half a foot down on four parts of one-inch by two-inch by forty-eight-inch wood. Now, drill an inch hole where you put a mark on the wood.  Through these holes, insert wooden dowels.

Use PVC Pipes – These pipes are cheap and lightweight. All you need to do is buy connectors and tubes to make a giant cube as you want. You can cut the tube (if you wish to shorten it). Put the sheet on the tent to finish.

3. Make a teepee

But six rods as per your preferred height. Make holes on them by drilling about a half foot from above. With the help of a string, gather all of them together. Spread them to make a teepee shape, and to stabilize this shape, take the rope and wrap it around them.


In this way, you can entertain your kids whenever you have spare time. You only need some patience, and it would be easy for you to create a tent on your own. It takes some time to make a tent, but you would love it while creating it. I hope these methods would help you build your tent. Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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