How To Hang Kids Toy Hammock

Do you want to know a fascinating way to pick up your kid’s toy- it’s none other than a Hammock. It’s a way of storing your favorite toys, bears, or bunnies all together. It’s a kind of open bag where kids would love to throw their stuffed toys. The benefit of this kids toy hammock is that the floor remains neat, without being messy, as the kids throw their toys here and there on the floor. You only need three hooks to hang it on the wall. It’s a superb solution for storage for any corner of your house.

Talking about the item-

It’s usually made of nylon net or a career that helps to carry stuffed toys. It’s an inexpensive and easy solution for your storage. It opens up the floor space by reducing clutter in the kid’s room. They are generally hanged somewhere in the corner using two-three hooks. Its stretchy material allows the hammock to expand about six feet. They are easy to uninstall, as well.

kids toy hammock

Step 1: Decide the corner where you want to before you install your hammock.  Now, you need to measure a similar distance from the top and ceiling for each wall a few feet from your corner. If your hammock contains three hooks in it from the ceiling, measure down to a point in the corner as well. With the help of a pencil, mark the location down.

Step 2: Before proceeding, re-check the location. Hold your hammock upside from each end to ensure the holes are located correctly. If the holes you made are far apart, the hammock will not be right to carry enough items onto it. If the holes you made are very close to each other, the hammock may bend down too much near the floor and can touch your furniture.

Step 3: In the area where you have marked the spots, drill the pilot holes there. Make sure you check the size of the mounting hooks. It matches the size of the drilled holes.

Step 4: Now, twist the mounting hooks. Check the direction of the crooks. It should always be in the upward and be secured.

Step 5: Take your toy hammock and with the help of loops, hang your toy hammock and attach it to the net. Add your favorite stuffed toys, bears, bunnies and, animals into it.


  • The location for installing the toy hammock should be selective. It should be in any corner of the room where your kid is unable to get tangled in the net.
  • One should prefer to hook the screw in the wall stud. If a wall stud is unavailable, go with using plastic anchors.
  • Choose a safe height while considering the installation of the toy-net.
  • It is necessary to measure the distance well. The hook should be placed at an equal distance from your floor.
  • Ensure that the height you fix for the toy hammock should be out of the reach of little hands.
  • Keep your kids away from the poly bags as it is not meant for playing purpose. So, keep it out of reach from your little ones.


It’s a fun task to engage your kids to watch while you are fixing their toy hammock. These hammocks are easy, quick, and cheap, and very handy. Also, these are an efficient solution for holding the stuffed toys. The material requirements for fixing a hammer are less. You can make it look attractive by adding additional decorative kinds of stuff to it. It’s just a part of the fun. Even, the materials which you will require for the setup of a toy hammock are readily available in the market. I hope you find it interesting to read this article and try it for your kids. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

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