How to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth Properly  

Getting your kids to brush their teeth could be extremely challenging. If you have a single kid, you can still consider investing time on brushing their teeth. However, it is remarkably essential for your child to learn- how to brush accurately. We are pretty sure that you, as a child might have disturbed your parents for not learning the brushing technique. It is necessary to develop your child’s skills right from childhood. It will help him/her to gain better skills as an adult.

All the parents want to try to make their kids learn the brushing ability. However, some of them miserably fail & continue with parent feeding techniques. It could be a real dilemma if you have more than one child at home. Spoon feeding is okay; but, up to a certain age. After that, you need to teach your kids to be independent. Brushing your teeth two times a day is a regular recommendation from doctors around the world. Oral hygiene is one of the most essential things that your baby needs to acquire before kid reaches pre-school age. The earlier your kid will learn to toothbrush, the more he will be able to reproduce out of it. Keeping your teeth healthy, white, and shining is a blessing these days. Though, it is not a miracle; you have to be consistent with your brushing sessions every day.

Children tend to learn things more readily if you make it an interesting and playful event. Some stubborn and naughty kids might need some more time to adapt tooth brushing habits than usual kids. However, it is not an impossible challenge. Let us look at some brilliant ways to maintain your baby’s teeth healthy without having too much workload on yourself. Here are some ways that will help your kid learn to brush their teeth properly

Baby Toothbrush

1. Set an appropriate illustration

You might have seen cute little girls copying their mother’s makeup or styling techniques. Also, some baby boys try to enact when daddy is shaving the beard. You might let all these things go unnoticeable & of quite less attention. However, kids do learn a lot from watching their parents behavior. Therefore, make sure to have your kid while you are brushing in the morning or night. Try to illustrate each gesture slowly and properly so that your kid can learn all the steps readily. Practicing an illustration session daily will help your child a lot in gaining quick perfection.

2. Make it a fun time

Small children love to have fun-filled times with their parents.  Have you wondered why children’s textbooks and toys come in many different colors & fancy textures? It is because their visual and apprehension senses are growing each day; to make the most of your child’s intellect, you need to provide them simple learning methods. Kids tend to learn things readily when they are filled with fun & delight. Make imaginary heroic stories and let him/her play the victor of the story. Kids love to be the lead role! In this way, they will practice safe hygienic toot hbrushing methods and catchup things efficiently.

3. Make them watch videos

The modern world of developing technology has not even spared the kids. You might have noticed that kids nowadays are busy watching cartoons or playing on smartphones. The playing and watching video is not just for fun, children tend to develop their intellect with these little things. It helps to develop their motor, auditory, visual, and many more skills. To make more out of a mobile, you can readily switch on an animated tooth brushing video and let your child watch it every day. Eventually, you will see that your child will start to adopt the constructive habit of brushing without any effort.

4. Allow them to practice on your teeth

It might sound quite weird; but, allow your kids to practice tooth brushing on your teeth. It will help them to analyze different structures of the oral cavity such as teeth, gums, tongue, and they will learn to take care of it eventually. Children do not usually glance at the mirror for a long time; therefore, there is no chance that they might have investigated their oral cavity. Give them time to understand about it & be ready to answer their uncountable question. Doing so will help them to boost their knowledge and skills.

5. Ensure rewarding them from time to time

As we have already discussed that children love fancy things. Whenever your child practices manual brushing by them, be sure to reward them. A reward could be anything from his/her choice. You can also try the calendar marking method. Bring him/her stickers from their favorite superhero or Disney princess series. The next step is to stick the calendar on a particular date when children brushes the teeth by themselves. Also, make sure to tell them why you have used that sticker. Let them know that if they practice tooth brushing daily, they can readily stick all the stickers & bring more new and exciting ones.

6. Set their favorite musical tone/song

Children have their auditory senses developing every passing day. To make more out of it, you can play their favorite tones or song during brushing teeth. It will be a fun-filled session for them & they will love to do it. Also, if they demand that song for next time; make sure to say that you will only get to listen and dance to the song whenever you brush next time. In this way, your child will be eagerly waiting for the next day to arrive & practice toothbrushing.

7. Check if the toothpaste is the reason

Some toothpaste might taste unpleasant to your child’s mouth. Whenever your child is avoiding practicing toothbrushing, be sure to know the reason behind it. If the toothpaste is the reason, make sure to replace it with another mild one. Also, bring fancy and colorful brushes for your child. It will be more appealing to his/her senses.

8. Start at an early age

Starting at an early age will help them to adapt to constructive habits. For example- you have two children; one starts at the age of 5 and completes learning tooth brushing by the age of 6. On the other hand, the other child starts practicing at a more early age around 4 years. The kid will ace the toothbrushing more perfectly & earlier than the later one. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to teach them at an early age.

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Brushing teeth is usually the first thing you do after waking up. Make sure to make it a happy & fun learning session for your kid. He/she should never feel bounded while doing it. Instead, it should be more fun and play for your child. It is your responsibility as a parent to check if your kid is enjoying it or not. Try to add constructive habits in their life since childhood to stay worry less later in life. Thank you for reading!

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