How to Clean Your Baby’s Crib Mattress Properly?

When a child is born special care is taken about his hygiene and safety matters. As he grows up, he naturally gets immune to viruses and bacteria’s. The baby crib is almost similar to a sanctuary. It is a great place for your little bundle of joy. The cleanliness and maintenance of the crib are essential. It should be done by the parents for the sake of the little one.

The younger your child the more care you have to take for the hygiene of the baby. Cleaning a crib is easy if you follow certain steps and instructions.

Actual steps of cleaning the baby crib:

Crib Mattresses

Here are some easy steps through which you can keep the baby crib clean and fresh. A baby crib is always prone to contamination. It may be contaminated through the leakage of a diaper or split drinks. Even the foods can also cause contamination of the crib to a great extent. Apart from this, general household dirt is also responsible for making the crib dirty and unhygienic.  So, let us follow some steps through which the baby cribs can be cleaned easily in no time. This will keep the baby safe and healthy.

  • In the first step, you should bring the mattress from the crib. It is easy to bring out the mattress. The mattress can be vacuumed with the help of a suitable vacuum cleaner. You can also use a brush to clean the mattress. Apply the same process in both sides.
  • Check all the seams and holes if any. You should try to remove all the debris from the crib mattress. This is a very vital step.
  • In the next step, make a solution of five cups of lukewarm water and a tablespoon of detergent powder. You must check that the detergent does not contain any type of bleaching. Make it sure that the detergent dissolves smoothly within the water.
  • Take a soft brush and put it on the solution. Then start cleaning the mattress with the soft brush. Follow this process but make sure that the sponge is not dipped into the water. It should not be soaked. If the mattress gets wet it will take a long time to get dry.
  • If you find any type of stains on the mattress you can apply a solution of lemon juice. Now take a clean cloth and rub the area of the stain. Do not put pressure as it spread the stain.
  • The moment one side of the mattress is done, lay a towel and flip the mattress. Follow the same process on the other side. You should not neglect the four sides of the mattress. Those are the important parts.
  • Once the whole cleaning process is completed lay the whole mattress under the sun. Leave it for the whole day. Remember not to flip the mattress when one side gets dry. It should be followed accordingly.

Important points to remember:

However, certain important points should be kept in the mind while cleaning the baby crib.

  • Never use any type of harsh chemicals on the crib. This can damage the crib and the mattress. It may be suggested by many people to use various types of bleach but they come with bad effects.
  • Never put the mattress on the crib until and unless it gets dried. Even slight dampness may give birth to bacteria and viruses. This should be taken seriously.
  • The bedsheet that is placed above the mattress should be changed regularly. Babies always make a mess on the bed. A dirty bed sheet will give birth to viruses and the baby will get infected. Never lay the baby on a dirty bed or a wet bed. It will harm the baby.
  • Try to clean the cribs with a simple dry cloth. If it is cleaned regularly the baby can stay safe and good.

Final thoughts

Babies are very delicate. They always require special care and love. Maintaining the hygiene of the baby is another important thing. It should start right from keeping the crib clean and fresh. Cribs are the best destination of the babies for sleeping and playing.

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