How to Clean and Store Baby Formula Dispenser?

It is necessary to clean the baby formula dispenser before preparing the formula for the baby. Also, it can be stored at a dedicated place in the right way. Your baby may get ill if formula can’t be store or prepare adequately. Parents should be aware of making formulas and keep their store in a cool place. No doubt, a newborn baby or young one’s requires too much awareness whether that is related to eating, bathing or sleeping. That’s why we come with this post which will guide you step by step.

Importance of a Formula Dispenser

A formula dispenser is a perfect tool when it comes to feeding a baby, especially in the middle of the night. It enables you to prepare a formula without measuring it out. The baby formula is prepared by anybody anywhere with the help of a formula dispenser. Since the formula has already been measured, you just need to add a little water and stir and then it is ready to feed.

In terms of accuracy, a formula dispenser is one of the excellent options. It helps you get an adequate quantity of formula for your baby. Don’t try to add yourself; you may either increase the amount of water or too much formula. Read instructions to use a formula dispenser.

A formula dispenser allows you to get the right temperature every time. That makes sense that a formula dispenser is not an ideal option for a baby, also for every parent.

Baby Formula Dispenser

Cleaning of Dispenser Parts or equipment’s

You will make sure that the dispenser must be clean and sterilized before preparing any baby formula. Here are some of the major steps that you should follow for cleaning dispenser and their parts:

Step 1: Before cleaning dispenser parts make sure your hands should be neat and clean. You can clean your hands with soap and sanitizer.

Step 2: Let them dry or use a napkin to clean your hands.

Step 3: Next, clean and sterilize the surface of the dispenser.

Step 4: Clean all bottle parts with warm and soapy water. Throw old feeding items and then clean the outside structure of the dispenser.

Step 5: Use bottle brushes to clean all bottle nipples and inside the structure.

Step 6: Last, rinse the dispenser parts with cold and clean water.

Disinfection of Dispenser Parts or equipment’s

By using the following steps, you can easily sterilize the equipment of the dispenser:

Step 1: After cleaning the dispenser parts placed them into a water jar and covered them with a protected shield.

Step 2: Next, on the burner & start boiling them, you will make sure the pan which you can use for rolling the bottle is covered with a protected cap or lid.

Step 3: Be sure, no air bubbles got stuck into the equipment.

Step 4: lastly, let them leave to make dry, or you can use clean paper or towel for making them dry.

Step 5: Store bottle and nipples in a dedicated area where there is no dust and fume can reach.

Types of Baby Formula

There are three types of baby formula – liquid essence, ready-to-use and powdered formula. Before using any baby formula, check their expiry date and manufacturing date. Remember, all formula doesn’t suit your baby tummy. Check all ingredients of formula which is printed on the container. When buying a bottle of formula, make sure that is not damaged from any side. Don’t use well water or tap water directly. So also boil the water, before use to clean the baby formula dispenser.

Sterilization of Water

Here are the few steps to follow for water purifying:

Step 1: Fill a big container with water.

Step 2: Next, Boil the water for at least one minute.

Step 3: Make sure the water should be hot enough when mixing in powdered formula.

Step 4: Mix it well and if you are not sure about the quantity of powered formula then read the whole instruction and contact the family doctor.

How to prepared Powered Formula?

Step1: Clean the container before taking it into use.

Step2: Follow the package instruction and put the right amount of formula.

Step3: Then fill the clean bottle with the accurate amount of sterilized water. (Make sure, the bottle should be BPA- free).

Step4: Check the scoop that came with the powered formula is clean or not. Use only that scoop to measure the formula.

Step5: Although read all instructions step by step, transfer the scoop of baby formula into the bottle with an accurate amount.

Step6: Next, Attach the nipple and cap to the bottle and mix well.

How to prepare liquid Concentrate formula?

Step1: Clean the entire container.

Step2: Open the container and shake well.

Step3: Take the right amount of sterilized water and formula for one use and fill it in a clean bottle.

Step4: Attach all equipment’s ( cap, nipples) to the bottle and mix well.

How to Prepare ready to use formula?

Step1: Clean all the containers.

Step2: Before open the container shake it well.

Step3: For once feeding, pour a limited amount formula into a clean bottle

Step4: Remember, this feeding method doesn’t need any further add on.

Step5: Before shaking the bottle attached the cap and nipple to the bottle.

Tips to Store baby Formula

Regular making formula is good for a baby’s health and growth. But sometimes such circumstances may create and you cannot give preference to breastfeeding. That time formula is an alternative that you can use to feed your baby. If you want to store formula for the upcoming one day, and then make sure it will be made in a clean and sterilizer jar with a lid. You can store the powdered formula for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. In the case of liquid prepared formula and ready to use formula, you can store it for up to 48 hours.

Does Baby Formula Dispenser require Any Precaution Measures?

Usually, baby formula dispensers don’t require much attention. But, these are used for the baby, and you can’t keep them lying around anywhere. So, it is necessary to store a baby formula dispenser adequately to prevent bugs, bacteria, germs and other insects to be around. Even, babies are curious enough to open the formula dispenser and try to drink out of it. So, always place these essentials far from the reach of your baby.


Following all the tips mentioned above will help you clean and effectively store a baby formula dispenser. A formula dispenser might seem like a fragile essential, but it is intact, and it has excellent durability. Following the perfect method while cleaning will ensure better hygiene in a long run. Meanwhile finding a good quality cabinet to store all the baby essentials is also necessary.

A good alternative to store your baby formula dispenser is by choosing a quality product that offers an easy to store container. Always keep it out of baby’s reach, and if you have any cockroach in the house, clean the dispenser before using. We hope following all the tips will play an important role in getting rid of such common issues.

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