Glass Baby Feeding Bottles: Everything You Need to Know

Buying a feeding bottle for a baby can be difficult than it seems. There are so many choices out there that can confuse you. There are plastic, glass, silicon and baby bottles in different materials. It is one of the main decisions to make has the baby bottle can affect the babies health. A clean feeding bottle can keep the baby healthy. However, a baby bottle that is easily prone to bacteria can cause health issues for the little one. It is the reason why you need to be careful when choosing baby feeding bottles.

The baby glass feeding bottle is one of the excellent bottles as they have no chemical. Many do not know the benefits of glass feeding bottles. They are the most underrated or less popular ones than other feeding bottles. The glass feeding bottle is the best equipment that can store breast milk or cold milk. It is also a great bottle that is useful to store hot milk. Even though it requires Maintenance and handling it is the best type of feeding bottle. Let us see everything you need to know about the glass baby feeding.

Glass Baby Bottles

Why is the glass baby feeding bottle the best?

The glass feeding bottles are used for ages. Even before the silicone and plastic, these bottles were in practice. Due to convenience and ease of maintenance, many choose other feeding bottles.

However, nothing can match the benefits and use of glass feeding bottles. The cost, material and features everything about the glass bottle makes it the best than other feeding bottles. There are a lot of varieties even in the glass baby feeding bottles. You can get fiberglass, normal glass and highly durable glass bottles for the babies. Now, let us see the reasons why these bottles are the best.

1. It is a no chemical bottleĀ 

The glass bottles do not have any chemicals. The glass is a material that is less prone to bacteria and virus. Unlike, the steel or plastic, glass feeding bottle surface cannot have harmful bacteria. It is easy to sterilize these bottles before feeding the baby. Also, the concerned mother can have the assurance that every drop of milk in the glass bottle is safe for the baby. No chemicals will leach from the glass container to the milk.

2. The easy-clean feature of glass bottles

The glass bottle is easier to clean than plastic and steel bottles. The glass feeding bottle will not have any tough stains. After every use, you can easily wash with mild dish soap and warm water. Also, the surface of the glass feeding bottle is scratch-less. With plastic or steel bottles, you can easily get scratches and stains. However, with glass feeding bottle you can make it look new with every wash. The interior of a feeding bottle is the most important part to clean. As the steel and plastic bottles are opaque you can see what is inside it. It is also possible that you may not clean the interior. However, with the glass feeding bottle, everything is transparent. You can clean both the interior and the exterior well as it is see-through.

3. Complete sanitization and no melting

Parents give warm milk for the baby. Also, the baby prefers warm milk as it is tasty than cold milk. When putting warm milk in a plastic feeding bottle it can easily melt. At times, many parents do not even know that it is melting.

However, the plastic parts can combine with the milk and cause health problems for the baby. It is very important to keep away plastic from the baby. To keep the baby healthy, provide hot milk in the glass feeding bottle. The glass feeding bottle does not have any melting issue. They remain stable when pouring any temperature of the milk. You can completely keep the bottle sanitized with a glass feeding bottle.

4. The milk tastes better

The plastic and steel milk feeding bottles can easily attract odor. Even the plastic milk can easily flavor the milk and cause bad taste. However, with the glass feeding bottle, the purity of the milk remains the same. The breast milk is odorless when storing it in the glass feeding bottle. The baby can drink good tasting milk with the glass feeding bottle.

5. It is a durable feeding bottle

The other types of feeding bottles an easily get old after some months. It can be frustrating to buy new feeding bottles every month. Also, the baby drinks milk well if the same kind of bottle is used. That is why the glass feeding bottle is very useful t fed milk for the baby. They are highly durable and they can last for many years. You can use a glass feeding bottle for years.

6. They are compatible with breast pumps.

At times you may have to get two feeding bottles to use one for the breast pump. However, it may not be that convenient to use two feeding bottles. The glass feeding bottles are compatible with breast pumps and you can use it to feed the baby. Most for the glass feeding bottles are compatible with the breast pump. You can easily use the glass bottle with breast pumps than the plastic or steel ones.

7. They are affordable

The glass feeding bottles can be expensive than plastic and steel feeding bottles. However, when you consider the time of usage you are paying less price for the glass bottle. The money you pay for the glass feeding bottle is worth it as it is long-lasting. Any parents are even to use the same glass feeding bottle they used it for the first baby. As they are durable these bottles are also affordable.


The glass baby feeding bottles come with plenty of benefits. They are better and healthier for the baby than plastic and steel feeding bottles. The baby can drink more milk when feeding with the glass bottle. Consider the above points to know everything about a glass bottle and its benefits.

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