Electric Breast Pump Advantages and Disadvantages

Breast pumps are one of the most inventive equipment made in this modern era. We’ve often heard from new mothers how difficult it is to breastfeed their baby while balancing their work life. Every mother wishes to provide their baby with the right nourishment but due to the hectic work life, they cannot be ever-present to breastfeed their baby.

The breast pump’s invention has helped a lot of mothers easily manage their motherhood and work-life without compromising on any of them. Many mothers use a breast pump to express milk and store it so that they can feed the baby later on. This helps ensure that the baby gets the right nourishment rather than having to rely on packet milk.

Breast pumps come in two different variants in the form of an electric breast pump and a manual breast pump. We’ve talked about the manual one in our previous blog and look forward to the electric one in this part. Let’s have a look at the electric breast pump and why you should use it.

What’s Electric Breast Pump and Why You Should Use it?

electric breast pump

An electric breast pump is the one that uses the mains-operated power or battery-operated power for helping express the milk from the breast. Unlike the manual breast pump where you use a hand-held pump to express milk, the electric one works efficiently without needing any manual labor.

An electric breast pump is much easier to use for and can quickly express the milk. This can help working mothers express the milk and store it for their baby without foregoing their work. This is also good for those newly lactating mothers who want to hit the office after the maternity period.

How Does Electric Breast Pump Work?

Electric breast pump works on a simple mechanism where you can simply place the suction cup on your breast and the machine will create a pumping motion that shall help you to express the milk from your breast to the tube. This tube is further connected to the storage bottle where the milk is stored. This bottle can be refrigerated to feed the baby when required. It works very efficiently and requires lesser time than the manual based breast pump.

Advantages of Electric Breast Pump

There are quite a few advantages of using an electric breast pump and we’ll look to list them down below along with brief details about them.

1. Requires less effort

  • Unlike the manual based breast pump where you have to use your hands to create a pumping motion, an electric breast pump requires pretty less effort. All you have to do is place the cup on your breast and switch on the machine. It will create a suction and pumping motion allowing you to express the milk. And you don’t have to engage your hands into harsh labor. You can rest around and let the machine do the work.

2. Faster than the Manual breast pump

  • The thing about the electric breast pump is that since it uses mains operated or battery-operated power, it is much quicker than the manual one. A manual breast pump can fill a bottle of milk in around 45 minutes whilst the electric one can do the same in just 15 minutes. The number speaks for themselves, after all. This is perfect for any working mom who needs to balance a hectic schedule around.

3. Comfortable to use for

  • Although it is said that the manual based breast pump tends to mimic the action of baby’s sucking, it’s the electric ones that tend to be comfortable to use for. the suction cups and the tubes are designed with utmost comfort so that the tissues in the breast do not get harmed. It comes with multiple settings and allows you to set the pace accordingly. This way there won’t be varying pump speeds that can affect your breasts.

4. Flexibility

  • Electric breast pumps tend to be flexible to use. There are different varieties of electric breast pumps available in the market and you can select the one based on your need and suitability. If you are one of the newly lactating mothers, you can opt for the double breast pumps too, which can express milk from two breasts at once.

5. Helps plan the feedings

  • With electric breast pumps, you can express the milk and store it for a later purpose. This way you can plan the feedings for your baby and keep them nourished and fed all the while.

Disadvantages of Electric Breast Pump

There is a fair share of disadvantages of using an electric breast pump also and we’ll also take a look at them down below here.

1. Costlier than a manual breast pump

  • Electric breast pump tends to be costlier than the manual ones. The best part about the manual is that they tend to come cheap, and everyone can get one without having to shed plenty from their pocket. But with the electric one, you have to part ways with a substantial sum of amount to get one.

2. Noisier to use for

  • Since the electric breast pump uses power and motor to help create suction for expressing milk, it tends to be noisier than the manual breast pump. The noise from the breast pump can in turn affect the babies’ sleep and even feel irritating sometimes.

3. Hard to sterilize

  • The thing about breast pumps is that they need to be sterilized after every usage. If the same is not sterilized or sanitized, then the express milk may contain germs and more that can affect the baby. With a manual breast pump, you can easily sterilize them as there are lesser components in them whilst the electric ones, there are plenty of components, and sterilizing them is a hard task.

4. Lack of portability and mobility

  • Although there is a battery-operated breast pump available on the market, it doesn’t have the same level of power as the mains operated one. And this creates a lack of mobility and portability. You cannot carry them around to use all around. And they also tend to heavier too, which makes it difficult to carry around in a bag.

Final Thoughts

Electric breast pumps are a great piece of the invention for mothers as it helps them to express the milk so that their baby can be fed breast milk even when they are at work. Having an electric breast pump comes with plenty of benefits and a few disadvantages too. But looking at the bigger picture, using an electric breast pump allows you to express the milk faster and efficiently. So if you’re one of the new mothers and want to feed your baby with breast milk, all the while managing your work life, getting an electric breast pump is a good investment.

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