Different Types of Potty Chairs for Kids

After the right age, the child should become independent from eating himself or going to the toilet. The mother worries more than the child when her child has to come out of the diaper and be trained to go to the toilet.

This change will be more challenging for parents than her child.  This indicates that your little one is growing up. But make sure your toddler will be able to be part of potty training.

For some toddlers, the transition can take a couple of weeks, while some children enjoy this training and get into the habit of using the toilet themselves. If possible, a parent should start toilet training when their child is around one to one & a half years old.

Kids Potty Chairs

But keep in mind that the learning method and time of every child is different,it is not that if one child learns to use the toilet in 18 months, then the other child also learns in that time. Introducing the baby to a potty chair helps your baby to learn cleaning habits and be independent.

Importance of Kids Potty Chairs

Potty chairs play a vital role to make babies independent and confident for using toilets whether they are at home, outside or traveling.  These chairs are a smaller version of the real toilet seat that make going to the toilet more accessible for your toddler.

Suppose, if you start baby toilet training with a family toilet seat and an accident happens, who will be responsible for it?There have been various falling accidents recorded related to the baby’s toilet training around the world.  This is why you need a toddler potty seat for your baby to prevent accidents.

A toddler potty seat makes your child feel safer and sit secure. In addition, it helps your baby move its intestines more easily. Let baby allow to learn using potty seats at their leap; don’t force him to be a part of this training if he/she is not ready. Being a parent, switching diapers to the potty chair is not enough; ensure your child feels comfortable.

Types of Potty Seats for Toddlers

Involve your toddler in choosing the ideal potty seat before your start toilet training. Potty seats come in varieties of sizes, shapes and colours. Parents should consider toilet seat’s functionality more than looks. Giving potty training can be easier if you choose a fancy or attractive toilet seat.

Through these seats, a baby feels enthusiastic and gets involved in training sessions.Look for a potty seat that provides a comfortable seat and is good in terms of affordability & functionality. Also, ensure the seat you choose has no sharp edges and is not slippery.

A little toilet seat alleviates the child’s anxiety which he feels during potty training. However, potty chairs are designed to keep a child’s small bottom in mind. So, they are even safer and comfortable for babies than a regular toilet seat.

Before going to start toilet training of baby, go through to the types of potty seats. Typically, there are two types of toilet seats available in the market.

1. Standalone potty

Parents who are going to start the toilet training should start with a standalone potty seat. This seat is thoughtfully designed for a baby who is not being ready to use an adult toilet seat. With this potty seat, a baby can conveniently sit on it with her legs safely on the surface. In simple words, the height of the seat is less than a regular toilet seat, so a baby doesn’t need to climb onto it.

This potty seat type comes with minimal parts and can be easy to use. Some standalone models have a separate bowl for remains, while others have no additional container. This type of potty seat is compact, easy to handle and lightweight. Standalone potty types are usually constructed of plastic, making them easy to clean. It is the cheapest and safest chair option for beginner toddlers.

2. Potty Seat with Insert

A potty seat with an insert is often known as a toilet ring. This type is perfect for children who can use an adult-toilet size but requires a smaller seat. This additional attachment is not suitable for the baby, also for parents. It reduces the extra cleaning efforts that you can be put on standalone potty alone. Parents concerned that their child might slip over regular seats can add this ring to their standard toilet seats. If you choose additional rings, you also need a step ladder or stool so your baby can climb up on the seat.

These types of inserts are child-friendly and one of the most secured options for babies. Some inserts are equipped with padding seats for better grip and comfort on both sides. One key benefit of having an insert is, you can also carry it along with it when travel ling, going outside or in a public place. If you do not want that your child to use a common toilet carry this insert.

Some other Potty seats

There are plenty of options available that comes under this category. Let’s take a look:

1. All-in-one potty seat

You can alter this potty seat in various ways. It can be used as a big toilet insert, step stool or chair. This versatile potty seat will grow with your baby if you choose it from beginning to end. You can flip the lid and make it a step stool, without flipping the lid it can use a chair for potty.

2. Wood Potty Chairs

A traditionally used wood potty chair is not an easy option to use for a long-lasting period. If it comes in contact with moisture and water, it gets damaged. For its cleaning, you need to buy special cleaning products. Furthermore, it gets scratched and fades after several uses.

Final Words

Depending on how fast your baby learns the habit of going to the toilet themselves, you can either choose an additional insert or a standalone potty. Whichever you choose make sure that is safe and secure for your baby.

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