13 Different Types of Kids Toy Guns To Play

The toy guns are the one which mimics the real guns and are made for casual play for the children. The toy guns come in a variant of shapes, sizes, prices, and materials. For the good toy gun, materials like wood, plastic, metal, or any kinds of other combinations are used. They come up with different colors to give an attractive look to the toy gun. Therefore, it appears more real and authentic to children.

Types of Toy Gun For Kids

Nerf Gun

1. Wooden Guns: Wooden guns have gained popularity from the old times. The overall parts are created with the help of wood material. They imitate the look of riffles from World War II. The arms of the wooden gun is made from plastic. However, to achieve a wooden appearance, these guns are painted with sleek colors and design. They might or might not contain metal parts.

2. Cap Guns: This gun is considered the most realistic gun. It makes a loud sound and stimulates a puff of smoke with a gunshot when a cap is exploded. These guns are made up of cast iron. During World War II, cap guns were made up of zinc alloys. The new models that are available today are of plastic material. It can make a noise of a real gun. It is the property that makes it look realistic.

3. Rubber band guns: These guns target the rubber bands and fire them. These gun toys are used in action games, for example, Assassins. These guns are also used in classrooms and offices.  They are high in demand from the old times.

4. Model guns: These are full-sized ones that replicate the look, design, and function of a real gun, but they don’t shoot any projectile. These are Japanese-based.

5. Prop guns: These guns look like the real ones. They are used in TV shows, movies, and theoretical performances.

6. Spud Guns: These are generally small-sized toy guns. They are used to fire the potato fragment. These guns are low-powered and are short-range.

7. Water Guns: This gun is different from the rest, as it aims to spray a jet of water. Its trigger is based on the mechanism of pumping. Therefore, it mimics the mechanism of spray bottles. It comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Also, the water gun is suitable for all ages. They are cheap and readily affordable, as well.

8. Pop Guns: This gun is an invention of Edward Lewis. It works on the air-pressure mechanism. Therefore, it uses an air-pressure to fire a projectile. You can also know it by its loud sound. Children who aspire to become a defense persona are suitable for purchasing this gun.

9. Ray Guns: It’s a particle-beam weapon that usually fires destructive energy. They are also known as a death ray, blaster, ray gun, laser gun, phaser, laser pistol, zap gun, etc. This toy gun emits a visible ray, that is lethal when, comes in contact with a human. It can also be destructive when it hits a mechanical object. It also has a spark with a sound effect.

10. Tracer guns: They are also known as disc-guns and are made up of durable plastic. Their firing mechanism is made possible with help of spring. Also, it gives a loud ablaze sound. Its trigger needs some force. Their sound is loud as well as distinctive.

11. Airsoft guns: They are used for airsoft sports. It’s an exclusive type of gun which is of low power and aims to shoot projectiles of non-metallic. This gun is non-lethal. It is for outdoor play.

12. Light guns: They are used for pointing the devices like computers or as a controlling device for video games. The first light gun was a light pen.

13. Laser tag gun: It is played with guns to target infrared beams. It is used both indoor as well as outdoors.


Toy guns are the best way to engage your kids. These toy guns are fun and will keep your kids engage, as they are stimulating. I hope you read the article carefully to distinguish between the different types of toy guns. Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

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