9 Different Types of Baby Spoons and Their Uses

Parenting is not an easy task! Whoever said so is not right! Babies are the most delicate and cutest thing in this world. They require a lot of care and attention. While the baby is inside the mother’s womb, parents start preparing to welcome them. Apart from baby clothes and cribs, the most essential things are baby accessories. It includes baby toys, rattles, rags, bath products, hygiene products, and many more. Oh wait! Did we forget to mention something very vital here? I guess so! It is about the nutrition of the baby. I guess that the hint was enough to let you know about it.

Yes, we are going to discuss the types of best baby spoons and how one can use them. Heading to a mart with no clear cut idea about baby products is a disappointing start. Therefore, you must have a gist about the things that you are going to use for the baby. Until the age of 6 months, exclusive breastfeeding is mandatory. However, one can continue it till two years of age if they wish. Your baby needs to learn spoon feeding as well. Therefore, parents usually start it at the age of 12-16 months. The switching of a breastmilk diet to a solid diet is one of the most remarkable milestones in your muchkin’s life.

To keep your baby safe and healthy is every parent’s priority. We understand your needs and affection towards your child. When you switch from a liquid to a solid diet, your baby’s skills are not so much developed to spoon-feed on their own. Therefore, they are entirely dependent on you for this work. Later, after a brief period of observing, they will urge to touch the bowl and spoon to learn new skills. Baby spoons are a must to have in your baby’s accessories once he/she hits the age of 6 months.

Let us look at the different types of baby spoons available on the market and how you can use them for your little one. Here is a list of baby spoons:


1. Silicone baby spoons

Silicone baby spoons

Silicone baby spoons are great options, to begin with, the spoon-feeding. As we all know, silicone is a flexible material. It is why; it is not rough to the baby gums. It is soft and takes care of your baby’s oral health. Silicone baby spoons also serve as baby teether. Therefore, it saves your expense of buying fancy baby teethers. Babies are already too attracted to vibrant colored silicone spoons. Considering the safety of your little one, most of the brand silicone spoons are BPA free.

Use: Make sure to be attentive while feeding your child with a silicone spoon. The bending property of these spoons will cause the spilling of the purees due to the baby’s actions. Also, some people claim that these spoons take the food stains readily.

2. Stainless steel eco-friendly baby spoons

Stainless steel spoons are another popular option available on the market. The entire material of the baby spoon is stainless steel. The handle is coated with the silicone material. It allows you to grip the baby spoon properly. These spoons are not ideal for infants. You can allow your toddler to use it when learning self-feeding. Different size options and spoon depth options are available, both in the mart and online. Make sure to check the size and volume before picking a stainless steel baby spoon.

Use: While using a stainless steel baby spoon, you must take care that it shouldn’t hurt your baby’s gum. The gums are delicate at infancy and toddler age. Any poke from stainless steel spoon can result in bleeding.

3. Organic pure baby spoons

As a parent, you are always concerned about the health, hygiene, and safety of your child. The organic and pure baby spoons do not contain any harmful ingredients that can harm your little one. Organic baby feeding spoons are usually made using bamboo material. In some of them, the entire spoon is made from bamboo. Yet others, the handle is made from bamboo and the spoon cup from silicone. These are non-toxic to your baby. Thus, it helps in maintaining the trust of parent and child.

Use: Some parents find the spoon cup part is quite large for an infant size. These spoons are better for toddlers. Ensure to supervise the feeding because of the increasing number of choking hazard complaints. Some parents have noted that these spoons get detached from the handle. It could be a reason behind respiratory blockage.

4. Self-feeding baby spoons

Self-feeding baby spoons

Self-feeding baby spoons are the best option during the weaning period. Babies tend to develop more skills during these months. Therefore, introducing the habit of baby-led weaning with the help of self-feeding baby spoons will work surprisingly well. These spoons have an exclusive design looking towards the requirements of a baby. The flat head and handle makes it easier for the baby to hold these spoons. These spoons are entirely free from phthalates, BPA, and PVC material. Therefore, it reduces the risk of contamination to the baby food.

Use: Allow your baby to use the spoon as usual but don’t forget to supervise them. Parents love the build, safety, and easy cleaning structure of these spoons. Babies can also use it as teethers. However, make sure to check the material every time before use. They are not as long-lasting as other baby spoons.

5. Baby spoons with heat sensor

Baby spoons with heat sensor

With the advancement in technologies, you can now kick out one of the most fearable aspects during baby feeding. Yes, we are talking about the oral burns. Even adults cannot tolerate that feeling. To protect your babies against an abrupt change to high temperatures, pediatrician laboratories introduced baby spoons that come with heat sensors. The structure of the spoon is so that it can fit into the mouth of an infant to a toddler-age child. Heat sensing is detected by the change in spoon color from colorful to white. It happens when the baby’s food temperature rises above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use: Some parents are not satisfied with the results of heat sensing spoons. They claim that even a little rise in temperature changes the spoon color. It disturbs the feeding process. However, yet others love how this spoon carries a small amount of food just right for an infant.

6. Soft tip baby spoons

Soft tip baby spoons are exclusively designed for the oral cavities of babies. They tend to have tender gums and underdeveloped teeth. A little poke or rub against the gums can cause severe injuries. Already, babies do a lot of drama while feeding. Parents do not want to hurt their baby, which in turn makes them even more irritable. Baby soft tip spoons come in attractive colors. One can also consider buying it in a set.

Uses: It is ideal for infant feeding. They have a smaller size mouth cavity in contrast to toddlers. Therefore, the round tip helps in easy insertion. Parents also complain of minor injuries due to the edges of the spoon.

7. Infant baby spoon set

Baby spoons are prone to get lost due to haphazard feeding sessions. Therefore, parents look for the entire baby spoon set. Infant baby spoon sets are created after a brief apprehension of the suggestions by top pediatricians. The smoothness of the spoon from the tip to handle allows the parents to be carefree while using these spoons for feeding their little ones.

Uses: Parents love the texture of these spoons. However, the size of these spoon becomes a problem here. It is only suited for infantile needs. It carries a small amount of baby food, which is not ideal for older children.

8. Bendable spoon set

Bendable spoon set are the baby spoons that every parent must-have. Do you know how the bending machinery work? Makers fit a wire inside them and coat it with food-grade plastic and thermoplastic rubber. The entire material is free from BPA and other toxic chemicals. It is fun to feed the babies with a bendable spoon. As the babies are developing milestones, they learn new skills by observing things around them.

Use: Parents love that these come in a set of fork and spoon. The bendable option makes it easier to store them and carry them out as well. Also, the size is adequate for all baby age.

9. Baby travel spoons

If we talk about travel spoons, these are quite different from other baby spoons. Parents who frequently travel leave no other option for their babies instead of traveling. Therefore, to keep your baby in a happy mood during the trip, you must carry baby travel spoons. These spoons come in rectangular cases. The size of so compact that one can readily throw it in diaper bags. It is entirely safe for the baby. Also, some of them are environmentally friendly.

Use: Parents suggest to use these spoons for grade 1 and 2 purees. The size of the spoon is smaller because of its compact size. Overall, it is a great option to consider.


Picking a baby spoon might not be a tricky thing. However, make sure to be well-oriented about the requirements, age, gum type, and feeding habits of your baby. It will help you to select the best kinds of baby spoons for your munchkin.

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