Different Types of Baby Feeding Bottles and Their Benefits

Baby feeding is one of the tasks that help to develop a sweet bond with your child. Apart from the nutrition of your child, it helps in forming an affectionate love relationship. Nursing a child helps to fight the uninvited diseases. It helps to increase the immune cells in the body. Therefore, all the parents to be must show concern before the baby achieves this milestone. As a responsible parent, you must have a brief knowledge of different types of baby feeding bottles.

If it is your first child, you might be lacking information and experience on different types of baby products. Baby feeding bottles are one of them! This article will exclusively give an idea to those new mothers or mothers to be on how to carefully analyze baby feeding bottles & pick the right one. There are several aspects to consider. Age of your baby, nursing method, and frequency are some of them. Whether you are solely bottle-feeding or breastfeeding also brings another concern here. After so many confusing questions cooking in mind, it gets challenging to decide.

What makes it even more exacting is the availability of various options on the market. To decide on perfect baby feeding bottles, you must be sure about your little one’s requirements. It will help you to analyze sooner. As you can readily go through the features of the feeding bottle mentioned in the package & match it with your needs. Therefore, we are going to mention some of the topmost selected types of baby feeding bottles, along with their benefits. You will be able to catch all the points readily to avoid confusion. Without any further delay, let us begin with the list of different types of baby bottles and their benefits:

Good Baby Bottle

Classification based on the material:

a) Stainless steel

These are the costliest of all baby feeding bottle material options. However, the cost comes with so many additional benefits. It has a thick material that has insulating properties to keep the milk warm for hours and hours. It has a sleek and classic structure that looks perfect for any setup. Also, it is more durable than any other bottle.

b) Silicone

Silicone baby feeding bottles come in various price ranges. You can readily get one from cheapest, affordable, to high price. However, the decent brands manufacture supreme quality food grade material silicone bottles. It is entirely safe for the baby. Also, the unique smooth, and flexible structure makes it more entertaining to babies. These are also durable options.

c) Plastic

Plastic bottles are the budget-friendly options. If you are searching for a temporary feeding bottle, it is an ideal option. Anyway, it won’t last much longer in contrast to other materials. Cleaning the bottle should be careful, as it is more prone to scratches. The FDA approved plastics are used nowadays, that are BPA free, and safe for your child.

d) Glass

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle

Glass baby bottles are outstanding options for baby feeding bottles. As most of them come with a silicone covering that makes them less prone to breakage is an advantage. These bottles are also resistant to heat. Also, it has shock-absorbing nature. You should not at all worry about the quality!

Classification based on functionality & structure:

a) Standard feeding bottles

Standard feeding bottles are the simplest of all. These bottles come in every material. One of the best things about standard feeding bottles is their availability. One can readily find a lot of varieties in them without having to search.

b) Wide neck bottles

Babies who are yet on intermittent breastfeeding are the best suited for wide neck bottles. These bottles are short and wider. Therefore, the structure of the bottle resembles the breast. Children feel more comfortable and easy to adapt to this one. Also, being a wide neck bottle, there is no problem during cleaning.

c) Angle neck bottles

Do you know that your baby is prone to consume air bubbles during bottle feeding? It occurs when the bottle is 75 percent filled (ideal). However, the air accumulated near the nipple. Thus, the angled neck helps in the prevention of air building near the nipple. It decreases the episodes of colic and gas in the baby’s gut. However, these bottles are challenging to clean due to their angled top structure.

d) Disposable bottles

If your family has immense love for travel and exploration, how can you leave your little one behind? To include your little munchkin in every journey, make sure to carry disposable and easy to use bottles. One can use these feeding bottles like any other bottles. However, the benefit is that you can discard the entire bottle after each use. It comes with pre-treatment and sterilization for the baby’s safety. You do not require cleaning & the price is cost-effective as well. One of the demerits is that these aren’t eco-friendly option.

e) Vented bottle

Vented bottles are a premium feeding choice. They lack availability in many places; but, it prevents your baby to suffer from choking hazards. As a concerned parent, you must try it once. It contains vents to prevent air bubble formation. Therefore, prevents choking and gut problems.

f) Anti-colic bottle

As many of the baby feeding bottles are designed to prevent painful abdominal conditions in babies, the anti-colic ones are one of the best choices. It contains tubes and vents in the bottle that prevents air sucking. However, these bottles are not as easy to clean as the regular ones.

g) Disposable liner bottles

Disposable liner bottles are another cost-effective and travel-friendly option. One can use any kind of feeding bottle to place a liner inside it. Once the baby finishes feeding, you can discard that liner. Some exclusive disposable liner bottles are also available. The advantage here is that it does not require cleaning. However, it isn’t eco-friendly.

i) Self-sterilizing bottles

As the name says it all, these bottles can be self sterilized. Due to unhygienic conditions and weather changes, babies are prone to infection. Most of these infections develop from nutritive habits. By filling the bottle with water and heating it till the prescribed time, one can readily sterilize the bottle on their own. These are costlier than other regular bottles.


We hope that you are all set to purchase baby feeding bottles now. Thanks for your precious time. Happy shopping!

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