Different Types of Baby Bibs You Need to Know

If you are blessed with a baby the one thing that is required in the initial stage is the baby bib. It is one of the primary products that are mandatory for a baby. To say if you take your baby for a photoshoot you have to put him a bib even when he is wearing a nice outfit. All the babies are a tiny mess –machines. They will always create a mess and make the whole place dirty.

But if you put him a bib it can protect him to some extent. During the ancient time, when the concept of baby bibs were not popular people used to put clean and simple clothes. The idea of the baby bib is to keep the baby clean and prevent him from getting wet through food and water.  With time, you can get various categories or types of bibs. They are made of various materials. You can choose the one that fits well with your baby.

Bibs not only protect the baby’s clothes but it can also prevent the skin to a great extent. If the baby wears a bib all time, it can protect him from various types of rashes.

Baby Bibs

Various categories of baby bibs:

However, various types of baby bibs are present on the market. Let us discuss some of the noted ones.

  • Regular bibs:

It is one of the most common types of bibs that are found in every house. These types of bibs are great for dealing with low and medium types of drool. These bibs are also best kids from 6 months to 2 years. It can be used by the mothers at the time of feeding the babies. It is so handy that it can be easily kept inside the pocket.

  • Bandana and drool bibs:

It appears to be like an ordinary bib but you will get some modifications in the design of the bib. It is appropriate for babies of any age. This bib is said to be best for drooly babies. They are mostly triangular. It will be right to say that the bib comes with a cowboy look. They attach easily within the clothes. It can be best for the kids who are witnessing the growth of teeth’s.

  • Silicone baby bibs:

In the present time, it is the most common types of bibs that are preferred by the mothers. These are water-proof bibs that can be easily placed on the neck of the baby. This bib is always better for sloppy eaters. It can be also placed on the dishwasher for cleaning immediately after the meal.

  • Full coverage Bib:

If you are having a messy child in your home, you should opt for a full-coverage bib. It will totally cover the child. Made of plastic this bib is also fit for older babies. Just place it on the neck and start feeding the baby. The bib will protect you.

  • Short sleeve baby bib:

A long-sleeve baby bib may cause inconvenience to the little one. In this case, you can opt for the short sleeve bibs. They will give a comfortable feeling to the baby. They can be washed easily by the users. The back ties are adjustable and can be adjusted as per the comfort of the baby.


Moreover, before buying a baby bib you should have an approximate idea about the neck size of the baby.  A proper baby bib should fit easily under the chin of the baby. It should not be too tight. If the weight of the baby is high you can skip the newborn bibs and opt with the bigger ones.

A bib is a very essential and vital accessory for baby. Even most of the bibs are made for protection purpose still some are designed specially to give a new look and add cuteness to the baby.

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