Diaper Bag Checklist: What to Keep in a Diaper Bag?

Whether it is a baby’s day out or you are planning a family picnic or for hospital routine checkup, carrying a baby diaper bag is a must. You wouldn’t realize the importance of a diaper bag unless you do not become a parent. It is the ultimate savior for most of the new mommies. You can carry the day with full ease without a diaper bag, but not without the things it contains. However, we recommend trying out the diaper bags, as they are designed according to the convenience of mother and baby. Just like you carry your cosmetics in a makeup pouch. Similarly, the diaper bag has all the essential things that a newborn baby requires when away from home.

Diaper Bag Checklist

Stepping out of the house with an infant could be a too hectic task for mother. Therefore, we never suggest leaving the home without preparation for the next day. If the baby gets irritable in between, it can mess up with your mood and time. If you want to have a fun day out with your baby being comfortable, you should make sure to prepare a diaper bag checklist. Oh, are you the kind of person who does not remember things right at the moment of need? Don’t worry! We are here to resolve your problem. Here is the list of essential diaper bag things that you must carry in it:

1. Diapers


As the name tells us, the diaper is the primary thing meant to be kept in a diaper bag. Lack of changing diapers at the proper time can lead to rashes and irritation. Therefore, make sure to change it before the baby starts showing any signs of inflammation.

2. Baby wipes

Baby Wipes Vs. Wet Wipes

Maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the baby should be a necessity. Every time you change a diaper, you need to clean the poop remains on the baby’s butt with baby wipes. If it stays, it can again develop rash.

3. Baby ointment/cream

One should never forget to keep a baby ointment or rash cream in the diaper bag. Even after paying the attention to every detail, sometimes your baby might still develop rashes. It could be due to over sensitive skin of your little one. Early application of cream will resolve the irritation soon.

4. Pacifier

Does your baby tends to develop an irritable mood whenever he/she steps out of the home? If so, make sure to carry a pacifier. It helps to soothe the child and enhance their mood.

5. Baby food

Whether you prefer to feed your baby homemade or organic baby food, you should always carry it in a diaper bag. It will not take much space in the bag as it only consists of semisolid soft food. Taking care of the nutrition of the child in the initial period is extremely crucial. It determines the overall health of the baby.

6. Poop bag

You cannot just discard a diaper anywhere! There is a civilized way to do it. A poop or diaper sack helps in easy and safe discarding of the dirty diapers. Not doing it can contribute to environmental pollution and make you look careless and unhygienic towards the surrounding.

7. Baby rattles

Infantino Spin & Teethe Gummy Flower Rattle

If you have divided the entire 24 hours for a baby’s different activities, playtime is one of them. As soon as that time strikes in the clock, your child will show an urge to play. If you do not carry baby rattles, your baby might get extremely irritable. Therefore, make sure to have it to make your outing peaceful and calm.

8. Diaper changing pad

Changing a baby diaper without a changing pad can have two ill effects. One, your baby might suffer infection due to unclean base. Second, you pollute the surrounding. Therefore, always carry it in your bag.

9. Extra clothes

Spilling is one of the most common problems seen when babies are on a day out. Any deterioration shift in their mood can make it happen even more. Therefore, always carry extra clothes for changing whenever required.

10. Hand rub/sanitizer

At last, do not forget to keep yourself clean. Make sure to carry a hand rub. It will keep you tidy after changing diaper, pads, and clothes.


We hope that now you exactly know what to pack in a diaper bag. Also, one can carry a few more accessories, like a baby blanket, sunscreen, feeding bottle, and camera. Capturing the sweet reminiscence of your child’s babyhood will be a lifetime memory! Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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