Cloth diapers Vs. Disposable Diapers: Advantages & Disadvantages

Being a new mother is not an easy task! One has to take self-care and care for the baby is the utmost priority. However, one thing that parents are always concerned about is the baby shopping. Becoming a new parent feels pretty much confusing; especially, if it is your first child. The most crucial part of a baby’s day to day life is wearing a diaper. Going on a diaper shopping might look an effortless task to you. However, everything is not as easy as it appears. The diaper is one of the first things that comes in your mind when you think about babies, right? Okay, apart from the cuteness!

Cloth diapers Vs. Disposable Diapers

Choosing a diaper can be quite a challenging task if you do not set some bars & limits. You need to set expectations about the babies safety, skin, health, and comfort too. Some people also like to contribute to the environment by picking biodegradable products. Therefore, you get many varieties in a baby diaper. The two most commonly used diapers are cloth and disposable diaper. Parents are always worried about the peeing habit of their babies. Therefore, they want to select the best product for their newborns. There are many things to consider when looking for a baby diaper. To pick the best one, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them. We are mentioning them in the following points:

Cloth diapers:

A) Advantages:

  • Reusable: The reusability of a cloth diaper is one of the most striking features. The cloth diapers are reusable that makes them long-lasting. Ideally, one should have a collection of cloth diapers to use them interchangeably. When you are washing one cloth diaper, you will need to have a diaper on the baby. Therefore, they mostly come in packs. You can expect a decent quality cloth diaper to last for nine months to 1.5 years. Now, diaper shopping once per year is sufficient!
  • Varieties: If you are bored of making your little munchkin wear the same old colorless diaper, we recommend you to give a try on the cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are available in different color options. It makes the baby look more stylish and fancy. Who does not wants to make their little one look cuter?
  • Cost friendly: As you don’t need to buy cloth diapers frequently, you will save a decent amount of money in it. A single piece of cloth diaper would be costlier than the disposable one; however, the fact that it will run for a year makes it affordable. You will save half the amount in a cloth diaper in contrast to the disposable ones. However, if instead of self-washing, you prefer laundry services, it will cost you quite similar.
  • Environmental friendly: The cloth diapers use minimum chemicals and harsh material. They are mostly made from organic cotton. They do not prove a hazard to the environment. Instead, they are biodegradable and environment friendly.
  • Chemical-free: If you are worried about any side effects on your baby’s sensitive skin, we recommend you to choose the cloth diapers. They do not contain any harsh chemicals and fragrances that can harm the baby’s skin. Instead, they are infused with organic material and natural ingredients like Aloe.
  • Comfy cloth material: A baby will be much happier and less irritable if he/she is comfortable in whatever they are wearing. Therefore, the cloth diapers are made from organic materials such as cotton, terry, flannel, and gauze. If your baby often suffers from skin rash and irritation, switching to a cloth diaper would be the best option.
  • Fitting: There is a lot of innovation in the cloth diaper if compared to the old times. You will get a lot of proper fit options such as velcro and buttons. It ensures adequate fit and comfort. You will also notice a lesser leak if the diapers are snuggly fit.

B) Disadvantages:

  • Regular cleaning: If you want to remove the stain precisely, you need to wash the diaper immediately when it is in a wet state. If you delay, it can retain the pigment. Therefore, one has to wash the cloth diaper more frequently.
  • Less absorbent: If you do not change the diaper frequently, your baby will experience more rash than usual. A cloth diaper is less absorbent in contrast to the disposable diaper. Therefore, you must take care of it because it can cause more wetness.

Disposable diapers:

A) Advantages:

  • Enhanced absorption: A disposable diaper has more absorbent properties. The inner lining of a cloth diaper is crafted with absorbent materials that help to keep the baby dry. It will cause less irritation due to moisture.
  • Convenient: If your baby is a real cry baby, you need to be more careful about his/her comfort. Also, it should be convenient for both mother and baby. The convenience of a diaper includes comfort, dryness, irritation-free, and easy to change. The high absorption power of a disposable diaper makes it more convenient than the cloth diaper. Also, a disposable diaper will have a proper fit to add convenience to the baby.
  • Travel friendly: If you and your family belongs to the wanderlust category, we know about your obvious needs. It gets quite hectic for a traveler when they have a baby with them. You need to pay constant attention to the comfort of the baby. People cannot afford to wash the diaper while on a journey. Therefore, the best way to help your baby’s bowel and bladder habit is to have a disposable diaper. One can use and throw it whenever needed.
  • Size options: One can determine the diaper size by the age of the baby. If your baby’s weight for age is not healthy, you can also opt for the weight category to choose an ideal diaper size. According to the measurements, you will get a diaper from newborn sizes up to stage 4 plus, that suits the babies of 36 months or above.

B) Disadvantages:

  • Toxic to environment: Several manufacturers promise about the eco-friendly nature of the disposable diaper; but, they are made from the plastic and several chemicals that can be toxic to the environment. They also contribute to the sanitary landfills. The ingredients used to create a disposable diaper make them non-biodegradable.
  • Price: These are pretty much costlier! If we see the annual expenditure of a family on the diaper shopping, it will count more than that of a cloth diaper. However, the price varies in different brands.
  • Irritation: Babies who wear disposable diapers are more prone to side effects like rashes, irritation, and other problems. Scientists have also found out the association of testicular cancer and other respiratory diseases with the disposable diapers. The chemicals, dyes, and artificial fragrance present in their material is the primary cause.

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Babies have much more sensitive skin than adults. If your newborn is one of those with super sensitive skin, we would recommend you to go for a skin-friendly product. However, it is always a customer’s decision at the end. You will better know about the health and requirements of your little one. Thanks for reading!

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