10 Best Electric Breast Pumps 2022 [Less Effort Choice For Moms]

Breastfeeding is the main source of providing nutrition to the newborns. Right? But breastfeeding is a lot more than only providing nutrition to the baby, as per every mom in the world, it is also a way to tighten the bond of affection between her baby. And if you are a working mom who has to go to work and you have to leave the baby behind at home with your partner or babysitter, in this case, it becomes challenging to breastfeed your baby when he/she feels hungry. Other than this, sometimes it happens when you can’t just breastfeed your baby because you are not at your home, and you don’t want to breastfeed in a public place. In all these situations mentioned above, you need something that provides you the freedom and lets you feed your baby at the right time.

A breast pump can be a right choice for resolving your issues related to feeding your baby. But on the market, there are mainly three types of breast pump present, and not all types provide your portability and easy uses. That’s why going with an electric breast pump option can make your buying decision smarter. A typical electric breast pump comes with one or two suction cups to suck the milk, and some additional accessories to store the milk. But usually, all moms face the common issue, and it is that they feel confused while choosing the right one because of dozens of options present on the online stores. Thankfully, this will not be the case with you; here we will do something special for all the new moms.

Why Choose Electric Breast Pump Over Manual?

Best Electric Breast Pumps

It’s hard for mothers to choose between an electric breast pump and a manual pump because both are equally the best solution for being a part of the breastfeeding journey. For making a final decision, consider questions like how long you will need to use the pump, how often you will be pumping and how long you want to continue breast milk.

Nowadays, an electric breast pump is becoming more popular than a manual. Women having a lack of time can completely depend on electricity breast pumps. A mom who needs to pump out breastmilk regularly can do so without wasting time and effort.

Choosing an electric breast pump over manual pumps would be an incredible option, especially for those mothers who have twins.It is difficult and tiring to feed two babies at the same time.In such a situation, if you choose manual, then it becomes difficult to handle children.

Benefits of choosing an electric breast pump instead of manual

Being selective with electric breast pumps can be helpful to feed the baby immediately without any hassle. However, there are various benefits of having an electric breast pump. Some of them are as follow:

  • An electric breast pump may ascertain to be a boon for mothers having a shortage of time. This breast pump requires minimal time than a manual pump to express breast milk.
  • An electric breast pump is designed in such a manner to pump milk simultaneously. Thus, you can save you’re a lot of time.
  • With this breast pump, a mother can express their breast milk for the entire day.
  • These pumps offer in different types of models include hospital-grade pumps & double pumps.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing electric pumps can be very easy. Also, they come with microwavable wipes & steam bags.

Best Buy Electric Breast Pump Reviews

We have performed groundbreaking research, and as a result, we are listing these ten best rated electric breast pumps for the money that you can buy right away.

1. Medela Electric Breast Pump

Medela Electric Breast Pump

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The Medela Electric Breast Pump is the most popular in the market right now; there are some major reasons for its higher popularity. First of all, the Medela manufacturers have introduced an advanced technology called two-phase expression technology. The specialty of this technology is that the pump allows you to pump milk faster and efficiently because of it. We liked the most about this electric pump because it allows moms to adjust the vacuum’s speed and strength as per their needs. Not only this, but the adjust-ability factor for comfort also matters a lot for convenient use.

It comes with the tote-style carry bag, in which you can keep every single accessory that comes with this breast pump. And because this is an electric pump that you can operate with the battery that comes out of the box, which is improving the overall portability of this pump. If you have this pump by your side, you don’t need to find any electric outlet; you can pump milk without needing the electricity. And because of the two suction containers, you can save a lot of time, instead of doing one by one.

What We Like

  • The higher portability and easy-to-use design plus the tote style backpack make it very easy to use the electric breast pump type.
  • Because you can adjust the speed and vacuum power, and this is how it allows you to do the pumping process as per your need.
  • This full kit includes everything like milk storage containers, batteries, motor, adapter, backpack, etc.

What We Don’t Like

  • None so far

2. Bellababy Electric Breast Pumps

Bellababy Electric Breast Pumps

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If you are running out of budget to buy the best electric breast pumps, then make sure to give a try to this one. On the second spot of this list, we have the Bellababy electric breast pumps. First of all, you will get a total of two suction units that you can use to pump the milk. For better storage, the manufacturers have also provided some bags out of the box that you can use to store the milk for feeling later for your baby. The controller that you are getting is also a wireless one, so you don’t need to mess up with wires while pumping milk.

The Bellababy has provided four suction modes with the controller to switch only with one touch. However, the motor speed control is also straightforward, plus you can control speed up to nine different levels. Another great thing that we liked the most about this pump is that the primary motor doesn’t produce too much sound while pumping milk.

What We Like

  • It comes with the inbuilt batteries, which means you don’t need to rely on the electrical outlets, and also you can charge the battery with a USB charging cable.
  • The controller’s touch-sensitive LED display allows you to switch between different modes and change the speed with only one touch.
  • Because of the soft silicone Petaling cushion, you can ensure proper comfort while pumping the milk for breastfeeding.

What We Don’t Like

  • None so far

3. Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA - S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump

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If you are looking for a hospital-grade of an electric breast pump, you will rarely find the best one. On the third spot of this list, we have added the Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump. The primary module or unit of this pump seems perfect as per the milk pumping. And yeah, it allows you to do this whole process without messing up with the thing tubes and the long cords because the design is pretty single and highly useful.

There are a total of four units present that help you to collect the breast milk into the bottles, and yeah, two BPA free bottles also come with this pump. Other than this, there are some additional accessories present that you can use to store the milk and during the pumping process. The best thing that we liked the most about this particular hospital-grade of breast pump is that it allows you the maximum possible portability. You can carry this breast pump anywhere with you, and you can pump the breast milk with no time.

What We Like

  • The primary unit comes with some buttons on the front side; you can adjust different settings and speed settings as per your need while pumping milk.
  • It comes with two neck bottles, two backflow protectors, two duckbill valves, tuning, 24mm, and 28 mm flanges.
  • We like the possibility and the fantastic build quality the most out of all the features that this hospital grade breast pump comes with.

What We Don’t Like

  • It may cost you a bit higher than the other breast pump option.

4. Medela Single Electric Breast Pump

Medela Single Electric Breast Pump

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As you know that the Medela is a quite popular brand in the market for its fantastic breast pumps that are helping thousands of moms worldwide. But the previous spot of Medela’s electric breast pump comes with too many accessories and other attachments, which ultimately makes it a bit challenging to use frequently. And if you want a very easy to use and easy to carry the type of breast pump, check out this one. On the fourth spot of this list, we have decided to introduce something special for moms, and this time we have the Medela’s Single Electric Breast Pump.

Another impressive thing about this pump is that you don’t need to spend more than a hundred bucks for this particular pump; in short, it is a budget-friendly type of product for new moms. The working process is just simple; you only need to attach the milk collecting bottle and the pump to your breast, and then start the primary vacuum units, that’s it. The circular type of central motor unit has four buttons to control the power of vacuum or suction.

What We Like

  • With this particular electric pump option, you don’t need to mess up with the hard to set controls, because there are only four buttons present on the top of the central unit.
  • This pack’s overall build quality is quite good, not only the motor part, but the milk collecting container also has a build good quality.
  • It is a battery-powered breast pump; you only need to put four AA-size batteries to get this pump ready for pumping breast milk.

What We Don’t Like

  • It will not be the right choice if you are a working professional.

5. Eccomum Electric Breastfeeding Pump

Eccomum Electric Breastfeeding Pump

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We know that every mom doesn’t have enough money to spend on breastfeeding pumps’ premium quality. And in case if you want an electric breast pump that comes at a lower price point, but it should offer excellent functionality and features, then you should give a try to this one. On the fifth spot of this list, we want to introduce the Eccomum Electric Breastfeeding Pump to all the moms reading this post. Talking about this pump’s main highlight, so it won’t cost you more than 50 bucks to bring this pump at your home.

It comes at a lower price, but it doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with the major functionalities. The manufacturers of this pump have focused on the portability section mainly, and you can get an idea about its portability by just taking a look at the central unit’s size. The best thing that we liked the most about this electric breast pump is that you can use both of the milk sucking units at the same time.

What We Like

  • The first and foremost thing that we liked is the amazingly affordable price point it offers to all new moms.
  • Talking about the milk collecting containers, they come with the anti-back flow design to prevent leakage and motor damage.
  • Another impressive thing is that the primary unit doesn’t produce too much noise; that’s why it is a breast pump’s quiet operation.

What We Don’t Like

  • None so far

6. Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump

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The common issue that most of the new moms complain about ordinary breast pumps is that those standard pump options take more time in cleaning. And if you are a working professional, then it becomes very important for you to keep your breast pump clean for next time use. Right? If you are looking for an electric breast pump that doesn’t take too long to get cleaner properly with no time, take a look at it. On the sixth spot of this list, we want to let you know about the Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump.

This electric breast pump is comfortable to use, but it comes with excellent versatility. You can use it in three different styles to pump out breast milk, and not only this, but there are eight different suction levels present that you can set as per your needs. And because it is battery powered, you don’t need to find the electrical outlet every time before pumping breast milk.

What We Like

  • Because it is effortless to clean the type of breast pump, which means you can easily keep this pump hygienically safe.
  • It is a double electric breastfeeding pump; it means you can use both the suction units at the same time to fasten the overall process.
  • The central unit’s LED screen will let you know about the motor’s speed and the solution power to control them efficiently.

What We Don’t Like

  • Because of some sections, it seems a bit overpriced as compared to other breastfeeding pumps.

7. Medela 101037319 Sonata Smart Breast Pump

Medela 101037319 Sonata Smart Breast Pump

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If you want everything in a breast pump like good build quality, brand reliability, easy to use, higher suction power, easy to clean, and a good number of attachments, make sure to look at it. We are here we another Medela’s 101037319 Sonata Smart Breast Pump on the seventh spot of this list. The first thing that we want to consider is the suction power that the central unit has. The manufacturers claim that this breast pump can pump 11.8% more milk per minute than other premium breastfeeding pumps.

This Sonata smart pump comes with the rechargeable battery to easily use it and charge it whenever you want. Talking about the attachments or accessories that you are getting with this pump, so here you are getting the tubing, carry bag, two different sizes of breast shields, connector caps, and milk storage containers or bottles.

What We Like

  • While focusing on the suction power, the manufacturers have also taken care of comfortability.
  • This pump becomes the fastest milk pumping product in the market right now because of the advanced technologies.
  • The manufacturers didn’t skimp in terms of accessories; they have provided all the essential accessories and attachments out of the box.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not the option that you can buy with a strict budget, and some users say that it seems a bit overpriced for them.

8. PADRAM Electric Double Breast Pump

iAPOY Electric Double Breast Pump

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You will rarely find the electric breast pump options offering the double pump at a very low price point. If you are looking for the electric double breast pump that must come at a highly affordable price point, you should ignore the premium options and look at this one. On the eighth spot of this list, we want to put the PADRAM Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free Breastpump Portable Electric Breastfeeding Pump, Pạin Ḟree, Silent, Single, Rechargeable Milk Pump, with LCD Massage and Memory Mode Milk Extractor in front of all the moms reading this post.

Other than the lower price point, some other factors or functionalities also present that you are getting with this option. Like it comes with a decently powered motor to generate the right amount of suction power for milk pumping. However, when you use this breast pump, you will notice that it doesn’t make too much noise while doing the whole milk pumping process.

What We Like

  • Anti-black flow design is an exceptional thing at this price point that prevents leakage and motor damage issues because of milk backflow.
  • It is a rechargeable type of breast pump, so you don’t need to rely on the electric outlets, and it can efficiently serve your ideal battery backup.
  • It takes comparatively less time to pump a specific amount of milk than other standard and cheaper breast pump options as per manufacturers.

What We Don’t Like

  • None so far

9. Ameda Mya Hospital Strength Breast Pump

Ameda Mya Hospital Strength Breast Pump

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Usually, the hospital-grade breast pump cost you around two hundred dollars and more, but this one is special. On the ninth spot of this list, we have added the Ameda Mya Hospital Strength Breast Pump. We liked the most about this pump because it comes with almost all the necessary features that you can expect from a hospital-grade breast pump. Like it has the inbuilt five levels of expression feature, and ten levels of massage stimulation feature as well.

The primary unit is very compact, and also you can carry it with you in your purse without any issue. But keep in mind that the manufacturers haven’t offered any bag or tote with this breast pump kit. There are a total of four buttons present on the front side; you can use these buttons to adjust the vacuum power plus turn it off or on as well.

What We Like

  • It produces only 45 decibels of noise while pumping milk, but it is quieter than the other normal hospital-grade of pumps.
  • All attachments are easy to clean and build-up with chemical-free materials for preventing the chances of milk contamination.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users complained that the battery backup of this breast pump is not that good.

10. BABY STEPS Double Electric Breast Pump

BABY STEPS Double Electric Breast Pump

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Finally, We are on the last spot of this list, and at this spot, we have another budget-friendly breast pump option again. The BABY STEPS Double Electric Breast Pump will only cost your around 50 bucks, but it still comes with almost all the necessary features. And some additional features like two modes for massaging and suction also comes inbuilt here.

Thankfully, the manufacturers are offering the anti-backflow design for preventing any sort of leakage problem. However, the obvious features like contamination free containers, lower noise, good battery backup, and nine suction control levels are also present in this breast pump.

What We Like

  • The primary or central unit comes with a display to show you the speed and power of suction.
  • The nine levels of suction controls allow you to set the best possible suction setting as per your need.
  • You are getting all these features at a considerably lower price point, which seems an impressive deal.

What We Don’t Like

  • None so far

How To Choose The Right Electric Breast Pump

Understandably, some of you are still wondering about buying the best breast pump according to your needs. We know how hard it is to choose the right one from dozens of options present in the market. But you don’t need to worry about this because this brief but in-detailed buying guide will direct you towards the best option. Here we will list some considerable points that each buyer shouldn’t ignore while purchasing an electric breast pump.

1. Different Types

There are mainly three types of pumps present in the market if we talk about the electric breast pumps. The first and most common is the standard electric pumps that allow you excellent portability, plus they don’t cost too higher. These seem perfect opinions for the majority of new moms so that you can go with these options without any hesitation. The second common type is the wearable electric breast pumps; these pumps usually have higher portability. And you can use the wearable options by wearing right in your bra.

The last type of pump is the hospital strength or grade of breast pumps. You should buy this type of breast pump only when you are in need of a higher vacuum or suction power. But before making the final purchase decision, if you are going with the hospital-grade option that these are not the right options for better portability.

2. Suction Modes And Different Levels

Some advance options of breast pumps come with the inbuilt or preset modes for suction. These preset modes allow you to switch to the mode that perfectly suits your needs directly. Keep in mind that an electric breast pump’s standard options don’t come with these preset or in build modes.

But yeah, if you are not getting the suction modes, then multiple suction controlling levels can help you out. Basically, the suction levels allow you to adjust the suction power as per your preferences. You should always go with an electric breast pump option with at least five or more suction levels.

3. Easy To Use

If you have bought a brand new breast pump for breastfeeding and it doesn’t have an easy to use design. In this case, believe it or not, but your overall experience with that particular pump will worsen. Instead of going with higher or premium options, you should also consider whether your desired breast pump is offering the easy to use the design or not.

4. Easy To Clean

Mostly, the normal breast pump options come with attachments that can take too long to get properly cleaned. And some accessories take more effort while cleaning them; therefore, it becomes highly important for you to choose the easy to clean electric breast pump. Thankfully, here on this fantastic and in-detailed list, we have added all the options that come with the easy to clean feature.

5. Portability

Portability of a breast pump is one of the highly essential segments that you shouldn’t ignore if you are a working mom. Sometimes it may happen when you can’t breastfeed your baby, and you also want to take your baby out with you. If you have a portable breastfeeding pump, you don’t need to breastfeed your baby in a public place; instead, you can carry your breast pump to feed your baby when he/she feels hungry. For better clarification, we want to let you know that you should always go with an option that comes with the carry bag and a compact size of the central unit.

6. Cost

Cost is a very subjective point, and in the end, only your budget will determine whether you are going with a particular option or not. Right? If you don’t have enough budget to spend on a premium segment of an electric pump, you can’t buy it because of your budget. In this type of situation, most moms compromise with the good features of a breast pump. Thankfully, this is not going to be the case with you because, on this list, we have added many pump options that don’t cost you too high. Most of them are still offering incredible features at a highly affordable price that you can expect from a premium electric breastfeeding pump.

Electric Breast Pump Frequently Asked Questions

To pump the milk completely and efficiently you need to do it for 20-minutes. No matter what, you should do it for 20-minutes on each breast.

As far as we know, there are no serious health issues that could be a result of using an electric breast pump. However, some women could get sore nipples and irritation from using an electric breast pump. There are also instances where pumping milk seems to be stressful and awkward. Apart from this, there is no proof for health issues.

No, it is not the electric breast pump that increases the milk production but the frequency of pumping. Use a breast pump or any other method to express the milk from each breast and the more milk you pump, the more milk your breast will produce. According to experts, you could extract milk every 3-hours and this helps in increasing milk production.

What do you mean by hurt? Do you consider small tingling and light needle poke as hurt? If yes, it hurts because, when you start pumping, your nipples start to stretch and when the milk starts flowing, there will be a light tingling and light needle poke like sensation. Some women when very sensitive breast finds it stressful and irritating. Apart from this, it does not hurt.

It is almost impossible to answer this question. The outcome of using an electric breast pump could be different for different people. While some women might notice a difference in size and shape of the breast after using an electric breast pump for some time, some women do not notice any changes. However, most commonly, the change in size and shape is not permanent. Once, they start lactating the breast size and shape return to pre-pregnancy shape and size.

An electric breast pump cannot offer the same effect and benefits as breastfeeding. There is a reason why most mothers do not consider using an electric breast pump unless it is necessary. One of the most important things to know is that breast milk should not be stored like standard milk, they are entirely different. Apart from this, studies have indicated that breastfeeding offers more benefits than electric breast pump feeding. The milk pumped using an electric breast pump would be comparatively lower than direct nursing.

Yes, but, do not overdo it. Experts recommend that pumping the breast 60-seconds more after it is empty could help boost the milk production and help make sure the breast is completely drained.


Are you a new mom who feels very confused while choosing the right type of electric breast pump to breastfeed your baby? If yes is your answer, then it is time to clear all your confusions because this whole in-detailed post was all about you.

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