10 Best Baby Pacifiers 2022 [For Breastfed & Newborn Babies]

Whether you want to assist your tube-fed baby to learn to use a bottle for feeding or you want to keep your baby calm and avoid screamings, a typical pacifier can come handy in these situations. And if you are getting a low milk supply issue, or your baby has any kind of feeding issue, then a pacifier can help you enhance your baby’s motor functions. A basic pacifier comes in a nipple shape, which usually has a very soft texture, and it ultimately helps babies learn how to latch or with the suckling. The use of a pacifier for breastfed babies is often not that appropriate; instead, it has some side effects as well.

Many health professionals suggest that you shouldn’t introduce a pacifier to your baby too early or too late. It’s because introducing a pacifier at the wrong time can cause low feeding issues, oral health issues, and some other health issues as well. Usually, many moms buy or introduce a pacifier to their babies to avoid a few breastfeeding sessions. And believe it or not, this is the first misconception that new moms easily believe in. But the fact is that a pacifier isn’t a tool to skip the breastfeeding sessions; it’s more like to help your baby with proper latching and suckling.

Are All Baby Pacifiers Good?

No, like all the other products on the market, there are good and bad baby pacifiers. While some people believe that since baby pacifiers are an important accessory, all of the available ones are the best. This is a wrong assumption, today, the market is diverse and mixed with both, high, medium, and low-grade products. When it comes to baby pacifiers, you need to consider the brand reputation, customer reviews, and expert recommendations without fail.

Best Buy Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies

So, now, if you have a clear idea about what a pacifier is and in which situations, it would be better to use a pacifier for your baby and ultimately for you. But hold on, one problem remains the same here, and that is to choose the right type of pacifier for breastfed babies. There are too many options present on the market related to these pacifiers, and as a mom, it is your responsibility to find the safest and easy-to-use type of pacifier for your baby. Therefore, to help you in this situation, we have decided to come up with a list of ten best pacifiers for breastfed babies that you can buy right away with a few clicks only.

1. Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

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For a great start of this list, we have decided to come up with the most popular pacifier for babies on the very first spot of this list. So, here we are with the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier, and you can get the firm idea about the quality of this option by just taking a look at its rating on online stores. This pack of two pacifiers got nearly thirteen thousand high star ratings, which is incredible. We liked the most about this Soothie pacifier because it comes at a very affordable price point; therefore, many moms prefer going with this specific option instead of any other.

Let’s first talk about the shape and size section of these pacifiers, so here you are getting two pacifiers with identical shape and size. And the best part is that these pacifiers are perfect for a newborn baby to a three-month-old baby. If we talk about the material type, you are getting the hospital-grade silicone material for the next level of soft texture as per the manufacturers’ claim. In terms of these pacifiers’ softness, you won’t get any issue, and thankfully it doesn’t impact the oral health of a baby.

Things We Liked:

  • There is no risk involved in contamination because the base material is completely BPA and Latex-free.
  • It will be super easy for you to sterilize these pacifiers because you just need to boil it for a few minutes, and that’s it.
  • The price point is pretty affordable, and at this price point, you are getting two pacifiers out of the box, that’s why it seems a great deal.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • None so far

2. Dr. Brown’s PreVent Contour Glow in the Dark Pacifier

Dr. Browns HappyPaci Silicone Pacifier

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Here we have decided to come up to the second spot to come up with something perfect for newborn babies. Therefore, here we are with Dr. Brown’s PreVent Contour Glow in the Dark Pacifier; the best part about this pacifier is that it comes with an impressive and perfect shape of a nipple. If you want to help your baby to learn bottle-feeding or you want to keep him/her calm, then this pacifier would be an excellent option for you. All this is only possible because of the shape and size; the shape is perfect and doesn’t block the nose at all. In this way, while your baby is using this pacifier, it can provide enough room for proper breathing.

Now let’s talk about the material type of this pacifier, so here you are getting the hospital-grade silicone material. But the best part that we liked about it is that it comes with an adorable softness; in short, it is not that hard. It is ultimately good for your baby’s oral health; however, the butterfly-shaped part is also pretty soft in texture. As per the manufacturers’ suggestion, you can use this pacifier for newborn babies without any issue.

Things We Liked:

  • The hook is pretty big and easy to hold or pull; therefore, it would be easy for you to pull the pacifier out of your baby’s mouth.
  • It is a very lightweight pacifier, but the overall build quality is excellent because of the one-piece construction and hospital-grade silicone material.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • None so far

3. NUK Sensitive Orthodontic Pacifiers

NUK Sensitive Orthodontic Pacifiers

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If you are looking for the best possible pacifier quality for your baby, you must look at our list’s specific options. On the third spot, we have decided to include the NUK Sensitive Orthodontic Pacifier. The first and foremost thing that you will notice about this pacifier is that it comes with a one-piece design and a well-constructed body. The unique design approach of the Orthodontic nipple, which comes with a scooped bottom, and this is the thing that is making it different from other pacifiers of this list.

The heart-shaped soft shield can perfectly fit the baby’s mouth, and the best part is that it doesn’t block the nose at all. Therefore, you can ensure that this pacifier will provide enough room for your baby to breathe properly. Talking about the material quality, you are getting the 100% soft silicone material with impressive texture. Another great thing is that it is completely BPA free and Latex free material, which means you don’t need to worry about the contamination issues. The sterilizing process is also not that hard; you just need to put it into the dishwasher for sterilizing before the next use.

Things We Liked:

  • This pack of three pacifiers is perfect for a 0 to 6-month-old baby, but few other packs are also listed on online stores that you can choose as per your baby’s age.
  • The unique design approach and lightweight plus the incredible softness of these pacifiers impressed us a lot.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • None so far

4. MAM Start Newborn Pacifiers

MAM Start Newborn Pacifiers

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Another feature-rich and outstanding quality of pacifiers are here in front of all the readers of this post. This time we got the MAM Start Newborn Pacifier; the best part about this specific option is that manufacturers didn’t skimp in the section of quality. Going down to the shape, size, and design section, the first and foremost thing you’ll notice about these pacifiers is that they look just impressive. Manufacturers have provided the printed shield on these pacifiers, which is a trick for improvising the acceptability. As per MAM manufacturers’ claim, the acceptability rate is more than 94%, which is incredible for this pacifier type.

Because of the Orthodontic symmetrical shape, the nipple adjusts itself according to the baby’s mouth. However, the softness section of these pacifiers is also matchless, and it is all possible because of that hospital-grade silicone material that the manufacturers have offered here. And because of the soft silicone material, the nipple texture feels like actual mom’s nipple to the baby; therefore, the acceptability rate is this much high. The biggest highlight of this pacifier pack is that it comes with a case, a dedicated case of automatically sterilizing the pacifiers.

Things We Liked:

  • The sterilizing case allows you to sterilize these pacifiers within three minutes without putting extra effort into manual sterilizing.
  • The shield and the nipple itself comes in a symmetrical shape that can easily adjust itself according to the position and baby’s mouth.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The base shield has four big holes, and therefore there are higher chances that your baby’s finger gets stuck in those holes.

5. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Soother Pacifier

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Soother Pacifier

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Next, we have a premium segment pacifiers’ pack on the fifth spot of our list. This time we have given a chance to the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Soother Pacifier. Before anything else, we want to let you know that, according to the manufacturers, these pacifiers are the standard day time pacifiers and only for 0 to 6-month-old babies. Talking about the number of pacifiers you are getting out of the box, the manufacturers are providing four pacifiers identical to each other inside the box.

But if you want a pacifier pack for night time or older babies, then there are few packs already present on the same manufacturer’s online store. The thing that making these pacifiers different from others is that it comes with the Breast-Like Shape. And because of this Breast-Like shape, these pacifiers are perfect for providing a feel to the baby like he/she suckling or latching a real breast. The pacifier’s nipple texture is close to a real nipple that makes it special than other pacifiers present in the market.

Things We Liked:

  • The actual Breast-Like shape is the biggest highlight of this pacifier option, which is perfect for keeping the baby clam after breastfeeding.
  • The build quality is top-notch; there is nothing to complain about the shape, texture, and design of these pacifiers.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It is a bit more expensive option as compared to other pacifiers of our list.

6. Itzy Ritzy Sweetie Soother Pacifier

Itzy Ritzy Sweetie Soother Pacifier

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If you are looking for a pacifier option that may last longer and comes with impressive quality, then here we got something for you. We have decided to introduce the Itzy Ritzy Sweetie Soother Pacifier on the sixth spot of our list. The first thing you’ll notice about these pacifiers is that they look completely different from the ordinary pacifiers present in the market. Yeah, this pack will indeed cost you a bit higher than other pacifiers’ pack of this list, but the overall quality you’ll get will be incredible.

The manufacturers claim that they have used high-quality food-grade plastic material to make these Soother Pacifiers. It indicates that you don’t even need to worry about the contamination issue with these pacifiers, but you must sterilize them after every use. Going forward to the shape and design section, so there is nothing unique about the design other than the big base hook that it comes with. The manufacturers have provided two holes in the base shield to improve the breathability.

Things We Liked:

  • The build quality is top-notch and premium; therefore, you can expect that these pacifiers would last longer than you think.
  • A big hook on the base section allows you to pull it out from your baby’s mouth easily, and also it helps the baby hold it properly.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Some moms complained that the round base shield reduces the breathability of this pacifier.

7. MAM Air Night and Day Pacifiers

MAM Air Night and Day Pacifiers

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Did you like the fourth spot of a pacifier for breastfed babies? If yes is your answer, then again, here we are with another pacifier option from the exact same brand. This time we have decided to come up with the MAM Air Night And Day Pacifiers. It is another highest rated pacifiers’ pack on our list, and most of the buyers rated it with five-star ratings. It is a typical pacifier option for boys, but don’t worry; there are a total of three different packs listed on the online store in which you can find a pack for girls and unisex as well.

The design is pretty similar to the fourth spot’s packs’ pacifiers, but some other considerable differences exist. Another biggest highlight of this pacifier option is that the base shield glows in actual in the night time. This feature makes it different from any other pacifier option of this list, and it ultimately attracts the baby, which directly improves the acceptability rate of these pacifiers. However, there is no limit present that you can only use these pacifiers in the day time or at night time. It’s because these are the Air night and day time pacifiers.

Things We Liked:

  • BPA free silicone material with impressive softness is the primary highlight of this pacifier pack, and it is pretty kind to the sensitive skin of a baby.
  • The unique approach of glowing design is working here properly and ultimately improving the overall acceptability as well.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Again, this option also has the same problem as the fourth spot of pacers, and which is the big holes that are not good because your baby’s finger might be stuck in them.

8. Ryan and Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier

Ryan and Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier

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Again we have another premium segment of a pacifier on our list, and this time we have given a chance to the Ryan And Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier. The first thing that you’ll notice about this pacifier is its durable but soft body. It is durable because the manufacturers have provided the one-piece design. And to maximize the softness and kind towards the sensitive skin, the manufacturers have provided premium quality of hospital-grade silicone material. We liked the most about this particular material because it is completely free from BPA, PVC, Latex, and phthalate.

Now it is time to consider the shape, size, and design of this pacifier, so here you are getting a disc-shaped base shield with a normal nipple. The big hook on the backside is also making it perfect for holding from the baby’s perspective and for you as well to pull it out from your baby’s mouth.

Things We Liked:

  • Multiple color options for this single PAT pacifier make it much easier for every mom to select the best one accordingly.
  • At first, this option looks a bit solid and not good for the baby’s oral health, but it is not true because it is incredibly soft.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • None so far

9. BIBS BPA-Free Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier

BIBS BPA-Free Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier

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If you want to purchase a baby pacifier for your baby from a reliable source only, you should look at our list’s particular option. We have decided to put the BIBS BPA-Free Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier on this list’s ninth spot. As its title suggests, it is a natural rubber built pacifier, not a typical silicone material made one. And because of this type of natural material, there is no risk of BPA, Latex, and phthalates like contaminants involved here.

The design of this natural rubber baby pacifier is identical to other regular pacifiers. The shield part of this one is a bit harder than the other options of this list; however, there is nothing to complain about the nipple part’s softness. The shape of the nipple is something like a bulb because, from the end part, it is a bit extended.

Things We Liked:

  • The build quality of this pacifier is considerably excellent as compared to the other silicone built options.
  • It is a perfect pack of pacifiers for 0 to 6 months old babies, but some other packs also listed that you can choose as per your baby’s age.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The shield part is a bit hard, which might irritate the baby’s skin.

10. Dr. Brown’s PreVent Contour Glow Pacifier

Dr. Browns PreVent Contour Glow Pacifier

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Finally, we are on the last spot of this list, but we have something special for all the readers. This time, we have decided to put Dr. Brown’s PreVent Contour Glow Pacifier. A total of four pacifiers comes out of the box in this pack, and at the price point of ten bucks, this seems a reasonably good deal.

Talking about these pacifiers’ special features, the manufacturers have provided that famous butterfly design here. This type of design makes it easy for a baby to breathe while sucking the pacifier. The primary silicone material is behind the ultimate soft texture, which is pretty gentle towards the sensitive skin.

Things We Liked:

  • Because of the special glow of each pacifier, your baby won’t get any issue to find it in the night time.
  • The butterfly design with the big holes on the sides is ultimately increasing the breathability of this pacifier.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • None so far

How To Choose The Best Pacifier For Your Babies

Best Baby Pacifiers

Choosing the right type of pacifiers can be a real headache because every mom wants to provide the safest pacifiers for their babies. But because of the tons of different options, the selection process becomes harder for a new mom. And if you are really feeling confused while finding the best pacifier for breastfed babies, then this whole detailed buying guide is only for you. Here we are going to cover some of the important factors that you shouldn’t ignore while making the final purchase decision in favor of a particular pacifier option.

Material Type

The first and most important thing that matters a lot while selecting the right type of pacifier is the material type that you are getting for your baby. If you are looking for a pacifier for your baby from quite some time, you may know what kind of material most manufacturers are providing these days. But the material type that we suggest is the natural rubber and good grade of silicone material.

More specifically, we recommend that you should always choose a pacifier that comes with the hospital or food-grade silicone material. It’s because this type of material usually doesn’t contain any kind of contaminants such as BPA, Latex, and phthalates. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to sterilize those pacifiers. You shouldn’t compromise with sterilizing to keep your baby healthy and away from the disease and contamination issues.

Shape And Design

It is the point based on all the pacifiers that differ from each other because mainly all the manufacturers use the same base material to make the pacifiers; they just change the design and shape of their product. If you read our post, then you’ll come to know how many varieties of pacifiers present on the market because we picked the most famous and trendy pacifier for breastfed babies.

In the nipple section, you can decide which type you want for your baby, but we always recommend going with the butterfly or the heart-shaped design for the shield section. There is a solid reason behind it, and it is that the butterfly and heart-shaped design of the shield in the pacifiers don’t block the nose at all, and it is ultimately suitable for providing enough room to your baby for breathing.

Age Consideration

One other major factor that you shouldn’t ignore while choosing a perfect pacifier for your baby is the age limitation section. Most manufacturers offer the pacifier for babies under a specific age, and you should keep this thing in mind before making the final purchase decision. The age section would be different for different pacifiers’ packs, but choosing the correct size option can be difficult because of some manufacturers’ limited options.

If you like a design, but that manufacturer doesn’t provide too many options as per different ages of babies, you can’t just buy that option. Right? But thankfully, on this post, we have listed all the manufacturers that offering good versatility as per different ages of babies so that you can go with any of them.

Price Point

Price is a pretty subject point, not only while buying a pacifier but also with all other products. And if you have a tight budget, you can’t just go with a premium segment of options. Right? Well, if you don’t have enough budget to spend, and you want a good quality of pacifier for your breastfed baby, then congrats, this whole post was all about you. We are saying this because, on this list, we have added almost all the option that comes under an affordable segment, which means they won’t cost you way higher as compared to other premium options.

How to Clean and Sterilize Pacifiers?

A pacifier plays a very important role in soothing the baby or calming the baby. Many kids always have one in their mouth as they get very used to it. When it is so important for the baby, you will have to make sure that you are taking good care of the baby pacifier. You need to clean it and maintain well so that your baby does not fall sick. Here is how to clean and sterilize a pacifier at home.

Before we start looking at the process to clean and sterilize the pacifier, have a look at what all do you need for the process:

  • A fresh sponge
  • Dish soap
  • Pan
  • Microwave sterilizer
  • Plastic bags

You should first clean them before you start the sterilizing process. For this, you should first fill your sink with warm soapy water. If your sink is not clean, then you can use a bowl and fill it up with soapy water.

You should now clean it with the help of a kitchen sponge but make sure that you are always using a fresh sponge.

Once you are done with cleaning, you should start inspecting it well. You should check for any kind of cracks on the pacifier. If that is good to go then you should see if the pacifier is good or not. If you feel that it is sticky, then it is time for you to replace the old pacifier with a new one.

You should now sterilize it with the help of sterilizer or hot water. If you are doing it manually, then you should boil water to maximum level and then add the pacifier to it and let it boil for another five minutes.

If you are using a microwave sterilizer, then you will have to follow the instructions that are listed on the pacifier. You should never leave the pacifier in the microwave for a very long time.

Once you are done cleaning and sterilizing the pacifier, you should now let it dry. You should first shake off all the excess water from the pacifier and then let it air dry. This way you will be able to dry it off faster. If you are using a sterilizer that comes with a drier, then you need not have to worry about it. The sterilizer is going to take care of it.

When you are done with the cleaning process, then you will have to take care of the storage process as well. You don’t use a sterilizer all the time. So, in between the uses, you can place it in a plastic bag or zipper bag so that the pacifier remains safe for your baby. There will not be any problem of bacteria or other issues for the baby.

So, this is the simple way of cleaning and sterilizing the pacifier for your baby. You can do it at home without any special equipment or sterilizers at home. Just some hot water will be very helpful for you.

Baby Pacifiers Frequently Asked Questions

Age is not very important, it is how you stop it. Do not take away the baby pacifier from the baby suddenly. As the baby reaches 6-months, you need to reduce the time the baby uses baby pacifiers, then eventually, stop it. This is how you have to do it while extending till 7-months is also acceptable, the most important thing is to understand the development of the baby and act accordingly.

Yes, of course, baby pacifiers might not be suitable for all babies. Some babies could develop middle ear infections if they use baby pacifiers. A part of this continuing to use pacifiers even after 6 or 7-months of age could have resulted in dental health issues.

Yes, of course, while baby pacifiers have some disadvantages, they also offer a lot of advantages too. Remember, one of the greatest and unique advantages of baby pacifiers is that they could reduce the risk of SIDS. Apart from this, a baby pacifier could also keep the baby engaged and prevent them from crying.

Yes, if the baby gets attached to the baby pacifier too much, he/she could simply neglect to breastfeed. This, in turn, could result in health issues. The most important thing you need to understand is that, if the baby depends on baby pacifiers too much, he/she might not breastfeed in the morning and then tend to breastfeed at night. This is not good for both parents and the kid.

Easy or hard depends on the baby’s attachment to the baby pacifier. Some babies as they grow up simply give up the baby pacifier, however, some of them would hold on to it. In general, once they reach the age of 6 or 7-months, the parents/guardian should start the process of engaging them in other activities so as to reduce the attachment with a baby pacifier. Teaching them to drink water from a mug, play with toys, eat the food themselves, etc. Are some of the common ways of doing it. It is very important that you start at the age of 6 or 7-months and then slowly reduce the time your baby uses the baby pacifier and eventually stop it.

Bottom Line

Are you a mom who wants to buy a pacifier for your baby, but you are feeling confused because of multiple confusion? If yes is your answer, then congrats because this whole in-depth post was all about you, its because here we only talked about pacifiers for babies. For offering more value to each reader of this post, we have conducted in-depth research to find the ten best pacifiers for breastfed babies.

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