10 Best Ways to Finally Organize Kid’s Toys

Kids have an immense amount of love for their toys! The toys are the first best friends of kids. Even before your kid has learned to communicate or play with other kids of their age, he/she has a favorite toy. Playing with your kid is fun until you see their playroom entirely messed up. Kids do not have the apprehension to understand the worth of a neat and clean room. Mostly, they play and scatter the toys here and there. It becomes your responsibility to clean the mess by organizing the toys.

It could be quite hectic if you do not have a proper technique of organizing. If both the parents are working outside, it could be an even greater deal to clean the mess. You might think that the babysitter or nanny might do the job; but, somehow, they are not as much concerned about your home and your kid as you are. Each part of your home reflects the aura of you and your family. You probably don’t want the relatives/guests to come to your home and glance over the messy playroom. It shows the mischievous attitude of your kid and lack of discipline in the parents.

Organizing your toddler’s toys appears to be an impossible task. It becomes even tougher when you have two or more kids belonging to a similar age group. If you are someone who does not have a spacious home, it could be a tedious task for you. Not having a separate playroom for kids ends up making your living room or hall messy. This sight could be unpleasant if you have some surprise guest visit at your home. To save you from these embarrassing situations, we are here with some excellent ideas.

Here are the top 10 tips on ways to organize the kid’s toys-

Ways to Finally Organize Kid’s Toys

1. Decluttering of toys

Decluttering of toys refers to picking the right ones and discarding the ones which are no longer used (it mostly includes broken toys, non-functional ones like broken dolls and electric cars). You can take the help of your kid to choose the toys that are to be kept. However, do not always listen to them! They might seem uninterested in a few toys at present, but later they will demand it. Therefore, make sure to shuffle your kid’s play basket at regular intervals. It will keep the entertained, and they will never get bored of the same toys.

2. An effective way to prevent wall scribbles

The toddlers who newly took admission in playschool often do these kinds of activities. It is because it appears a new method of playing and having fun with them. However, the walls of your room can become entirely unkempt. The best way to solve this problem is to buy a little easel board for your kid. If he/she has something where they can scribble, they won’t choose the wall again.

3. Include various kinds of baskets in playroom

If you do not have a separate playroom for your toddler, baskets are the best way to store the toys. One can also use a basket for storing toys in the playroom. It helps to save the space efficiently so that the playroom looks more spacious. You can put various kinds of toys in the baskets. Some toys require an adequate amount of air circulation; these toys should be stored in an open basket. It is better if you own two sets of baskets- one for storing vehicle toys, and other for doctor, kitchen set, etc.

4. Tips for organizing playroom for boy and girl child

There are not many differences that organizing for a boy and girl kid requires. Most of the kids like playing with building blocks, legos, and balls. Somehow, boys are more inclined towards vehicle toys like electric cars, push and go trucks, and roller coaster. You can easily store these toys in baskets. Girls have more attraction towards barbies, soft toys, makeup toys, and dollhouses. It is best to have a vanity mirror for toddler girls in their playroom. You can readily store little toys in the drawer of the vanity while the top table serves to accommodate makeup and accessories.

5. Easy access to toys- shelving

Storage cubbies or shelves are the most appropriate way of organizing kids toys. If you are a mother to more than one child, it can be quite troublesome for you to arrange various kinds of toys. Having a shelf will allow you to categorize your toddler’s belongings. If you are someone who easily forgets after keeping the stuff somewhere, shelves are a great option.

Start with dividing the products into various sections such as storybooks, riddles & puzzles, stationery, art & crafts, school projects, educational plays, accessories, and other toys. After dividing the stuff, you can either put them on the basket or place it in your favorite shelf as it is. You can also use the shelf to store your toddler’s clothing items.

6. Arranging the soft and rag toys

You might have seen people hanging the soft toys from the wall or in frames of the bed. It can look quite haphazard and requires a lot of space if you have many rug dolls and soft toys. The hammocks are the greatest option to keep all the soft toys. You can attach the hammocks in the corner of two walls to make it more spacious. It will help you to accommodate a lot of items in it including their rug dolls, softballs, superheroes, and favorite cartoon character. Use an appropriate size hammock according to the number of toys and secure it with the help of nails.

7. Save space and organize like a pro

It becomes a tough job for parents living with kids in a less spacious home. You do not want to disappoint your child, that’s the reason you fulfill all their wishes. However, space remains a significant issue in this situation. If you live in a space-bound home, you can use under the bed play storage to store all your toddler’s toys. These beds are designed with a spacious drawer that can accommodate kids toys. You can also go for the ladder method, it will also save space. Bins with top are also a good idea to have in your kid’s toy room. It can serve as both a sitting stool and storage box.

8. Make your toddler a responsible child

If you are a disciplined person, you surely wish your child to learn these little etiquettes. If your child is in growing age, you want him/her to be responsible for their toys. Kids do not like it when they are being ordered to do something forcefully. Kids of growing age are usually stubborn; they will throw a lot of tantrums to do little works. You can play timer games and competition games with them. For example- ask him/her to arrange all the toys in the boxes within a limited time. If he/she completes the work, you can reward them with candies or new baby toys. In this way, your work burden is also lessened, and the kids become more responsible.

9. Here is an alternate if the basket idea did not work

If you have a mischievous kid who empties all the baskets and shelves to search for a single toy, this idea is exclusively for you. Firstly, you need to find out that is your kid doing it purposely? Some toddlers are extremely naughty so they do it on purpose. A slightly stricter attitude will work here. If he/she is not able to locate the toy, one of the best ways is to have a color-coding system. Assign different colors to the various categories of toys; such as pink for Barbie dolls, blue for vehicles. Also, make sure to name the basket in big block letters. It will help your kid to learn reading as well. Eventually, your baby will adapt to color coding and they won’t scatter the toys anymore.

10. Make accurate use of zip pouches and rope hangings

You can store little toys like G.I Joes, crayons, blocks, alphabet toys, and stationeries in the zip pouches. It is an effective way to store these things as baskets and shelves would be too big to store crayons and pencils. It will assign these stationary items a precise position so that you will never have to search them again. Rope hangings are good for keeping balls, skipping, accessories, and little teddy bears.

Being a full-time parent is one of the most tedious jobs. Try to make the organizing full with live and energetic splash of colors and fun. These were the easiest and the most effective ways to organize the kids’ playroom. Most of these ideas can be done with the materials present in your home (a DIY project). We hope that we were able to solve all your queries related to kids’ toy organization. All the very best parents!

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