10 Best Baby Robot Toys 2022 [For Kids Learn and Play]

With an enhancement in the design of toys, you are going to find toys that you would never have imagined. Most of these toys are only created for fun. However, kids love them, and their parents are known to invest in them regularly. We have generally seen that boys like racing toys a lot. On the other hand, girls tend to like dollhouses with intricate and unique designs. Most of these toys can be easily found on the market too.

But with changing times, children have also changed their minds. Their parents are also starting to align with gender-neutral toys. If you are someone who thinks like this, we should let you know that we appreciate you. However, we have one suggestion for you. Besides going for gender-neutral toys, you should also think of investing in toys that will help develop your children’s motor skills. Yes, we are asking you to choose robot toys.

These toys are better than the others because this is the era of technology. Hence, the more you make your children aware of programming, AI, coding, the better they will fit in the changing world.

Advantages Of Robot Toys For Kids

Best Baby Robot Toys

Here are some benefits of robot toys for kids and toddlers:

1. Source of entertainment

A remote control robotic toy is more than just an engineering project. It is also a source of entertainment.

2. Enhances learning &creativity

They also get the opportunity to learn about a variety of various technologies from around the world, which allows them to be more creative.

3. Maintain concentration

The toys demand young minds to construct them from the beginning, teaching kids to be creative & maintain their concentration.

4. They instill compassion and empathy in others.

Kids learn to be empathetic, sensitive, and kind to those around them as they grow in their education. Moreover, guess what? When it comes to this, educational robots set the standard. The most technically sophisticated models are capable of reading the facial emotions of your kid. When your child is screaming, the robot joins in the sobs as well. When your infant cries, the robot responds in the same manner.

5. Reduce Screen Time

A remote control robotic toy will assist children in having fun while also staying away from electronic devices such as televisions and video games.

6. Make the best use of leisure time

Robot toys offer a fantastic opportunity to kids to spend their leisure time doing something useful.

Best Buy Robot Toys Reviews

If you are concerned about where you are going to find robot toys, you should not overthink. Today, we have the ten best robot toys that you can buy for your kids in 2022. Let us get all the details on the features and usage of these toys one by one below –

1. Anki Cozmo Toy Robot for Kids

Anki Cozmo Toy Robot

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Toys like these are often seen in movies as small robots. However, we are sure that you would have never expected it to end up with your child. You must know that Anki is here to make all those imaginations come true. This is the toy that will prove to be a highly loyal sidekick to your kids. It comes with an interface that is beginner-friendly, which is why kids are highly entertained by it. They also do not find it to be a toy that is hard to control.

The free Cozmo app which can be used to control this toy can be downloaded from both App Store and Play Store. In the package, you will get a Cozmo robot, three cubes, and a charger. It can also be used as an explorer as it is equipped with a camera. You will find like you are seeing what the robot is seeing with this feature. The robot can recognize you and is also capable of expressing hundreds of expressions. Additionally, since it works with AI it will keep learning new things as your kids play with it every day.

What we liked:

  • The cubes that come in the package can be used as something that the robot lifts while playing.
  • This toy can also detect edges.
  • It is highly durable, and the application that you use for controlling it is prominently safe.
  • The app also has a Code Lab where your child can learn a lot of things about programming.

What we didn’t like:

  • So far, we do not have negative things to say about this toy.

2. Really RAD Robots Remote Control Robot Toy

Really RAD Robots Remote Control Robot Toy

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Next, we have the robot toy by Really RAD Robots. This is a very fun toy that your children can play with as much as they want. It can also be used to prank people, and do you even know a kid who does not like to prank? Other than that, the toy can also talk and will bring all your lively ideas of a robot toy to reality. It can also be given many commands so that you can communicate through it. Additionally, children can also use to play a spy as it can transmit voices very well. This is a well-loved robot; you must know that.

Thousands of people from the USA have invested in it, and even after that, you will find its reviews and ratings to be extraordinary. Things like that can only happen when the product is exceptionally fantastic. The robot is loaded with numerous silly sound effects, which are huge fun to use around friends. Most people also like to use it as a tray for their popcorn bowl as they watch a movie. If all of this does not sound realistic to you, we suggest you buy the toy and witness it all on your own.

What we liked:

  • It weighs only 1.25 pounds, and your kids can play with it on many types of surfaces.
  • The tray that comes with it can be kept on it so that the robot can carry your food around.
  • The price of the toy is quite economical and affordable.

What we didn’t like:

  • The robot is too loud with its sound effects.

3. Really RAD Robots – Robot Toy Built For Speed and Tricks

Really RAD Robots

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We have another addition from Really RAD Robots. However, this toy is made, especially for doing speed tricks. We have seen a lot of boys who love toys that speed up according to them. When such toys are robotic, your boys will love them even more. With a bright red and feisty design, this is the toy that will help your kids gain knowledge of robotics and yet be highly entertaining. If you ask us, we will pass it as a win-win situation. It can be easily controlled with a remote that comes with it.

In the remote, you will also find a button for turbo speed. As that button is pressed, the toy will run at full speed. You can also give the robot voice commands for spinning, exploring, and even dancing. Additionally, you can also ask it to tell a joke! Many kids also love how they can record messages in it. This way, if they have a wish for you, they will make the robot come to you make it utter everything. Isn’t that intelligent and adorable? This is not just any robot; this is a robot with a complete personality.

What we liked:

  • The bright red design of the toy is very catchy and unique.
  • While it is exploring, the robot can also avoid obstacles.
  • Its database is full of amazing sound effects.
  • This robot toy can also be used for recording a message.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some people find it quite smaller.

4. Sikaye RC Robot with Infrared Controller

Sikaye RC Robot with Infrared Controller

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While you would have seen many robot toys, this toy looks exactly like a robot. Therefore, the experience of your kids with it will be more human-like. It is suitable for young as well as old kids. With a blue, white, and silver design, the toy looks amazing. If we were given an option, we would choose it within seconds. It remains in high demand amongst the kids of America. So if your kid is showing an interest in it, you must make him/her buy it and enjoy all its features.

It is an interactive toy that can also be programmed. It can speak as well as sing. Other than that, the robot can also give hand wave gestures. Your kids can program it in up to 50 actions. Once the programming is done, the robot will read the commands and do whatever gesture you have decided. It can prove to be an amazing toy for teaching children about technology and robotics that, too, at a very young age. We will say that you should buy the Sikaye Robot Toy right now!

What we liked:

  • The color combination in the design of this toy is quite attractive.
  • It has LED eyes, and it is also able to sense gestures within seconds.
  • Its movements can be programmed quite easily.
  • Other than singing and dancing, the robot can also slide and interact.

What we didn’t like:

  • The manual that comes with this robot toy is difficult to understand.

5. Fisher Price FXG15 Kinderbot

Fisher Price FXG15 Kinderbot

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For kids who are in preschool, this robot toy is simply amazing. With an adorable and child-friendly design, it is highly safe as well. Mostly, toys that have sharp edges are not recommended for small children. This toy has nothing like those edges and parts at all. Additionally, it also does not have small and removable pieces in its design. Such designs are known to be extremely hazardous as children can swallow it. In difficult situations, they can also choke on it. So, avoid toys like that always.

Other than having a safe design, this kinderbot comes with a codebook. In this codebook, you will find many secret codes that can be fed to the robot. After that, the robot will run on your commands and do its best to entertain kids. The buttons on the robot’s head can be pressed to pave a path for it. Once that is done, the robot will run accordingly. It will also help children learn about different colors and shapes. You can also use it as a toy that will immensely help in making them learn to count.

What we liked:

  • The codebook of the toy is very easy to understand, even for kids.
  • The keypad on the head of the robot is very enhanced.
  • The accessories on the design of the robot can be used for learning figures and construction.
  • The size of this robot toy is perfect.

What we didn’t like:

  • Older children won’t find this toy to be that entertaining.

6. Educational Insights Robot Toy for Boys and Girls

Educational Insights Robot Toy

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We have another robot toy that is highly useful, playful, and educational for preschoolers. Both boys and girls can use this Design & Drill Robot Toy by Educational Insights. Fifteen bolts will come with the set that can be bolted on the robot with the help of the screwdriver. Don’t worry; this is not a regular screwdriver. It is designed especially for kids and is very safe to use. It will surely help build advanced motor skills and the sensory system of children above the age of three.

For the coordination of hands and eyes, this toy will work as a great aid. As your child bolts the screws on the robot’s body, he/she will also learn a lot about colors. Other than that, there are also stickers in the package. Think about all the new things that can be created with this educational toy. It also does not require a battery to operate. This way, the toy will last years without ever giving up. If it is not used for harsh playing, it will also never develop any scratches on its design. The arms, head, and legs of the robot can be snapped as well!

What we liked:

  • The color of the robot’s body is very rich.
  • Since the bolts are of multiple colors, children will learn a lot of things about colors.
  • It does not need any batteries and hence has a long life.
  • The toy only weighs 13.4 ounces.

What we didn’t like:

  • This is not a toy to pick if you want your children to learn to program.

7. Top Race Robot Toy with Remote Control

Top Race Robot

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Another toy that looks like a real robot on our list is by Top Race. We like it a lot because it can dance and sing very well. Additionally, it can also read stories and solve math quizzes. We also love how it can throw the discs when commanded with the remote. These discs come in the deal and can be fit at the robot’s mouth. With over 40 math quizzes and ten children songs, this the toy that your kids will love with all their hearts. The remote is wireless and works by signaling the command to the toy.

Most people buy this robot toy for their boys; however, if your girls like it, you can have them give this a shot. The best thing is that it is suitable for kids age between 2-9 years. It is very affordable, and you will never feel like you had to make a huge investment in buying it. The remote needs 2 AA batteries while the robot requires 5 AA batteries to work well. Even when the battery is running low, the robot will work fine; however, that will happen without the shooting function.

What we liked:

  • The robot shoots discs pretty well.
  • Its design is very smooth without any hard and sharp edges.
  • There are many math quizzes and songs fed in this robot toy.

What we didn’t like:

  • In a low battery, the robot won’t be able to shoot the discs.

8. Learning Resources Robot Activity Set

Learning Resources Robot Activity Set

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With an activity set like this playtime will be a lot more fun for your kids. In this set, Learning Resources will provide 77 pieces. Can you imagine? However, if this feels complex to you, we must tell you it is nothing like it. Instead, it is a lot more fun. Some of the pieces in the set are coding cards, double-sided tiles, obstacle building pieces, and much more. Along with that, you will also find that the robot in the set has detachable arms. This way, it will become more fun for kids over the age of 5.

With Smart Logic, the robot can detect any pieces that lie in front of it as obstacles. The robot can also take note of all the looping commands that you feed with the remote control. Coding will become a fun activity for your children with this activity set with them. The design of the set is child friendly and also looks attractive. Learning Resources have created a lot of kids’ toys since 1984, and you can find many kids who have fallen in love with their products. Trust us; you will never regret buying this activity set for your children.

What we liked:

  • There are many pieces in this activity set.
  • Your children will be able to do a lot of things.
  • The set will also help your kids think innovatively.
  • It is suitable for children above the age of five years.

What we didn’t like:

  • The batteries will come in the package.

9. Fisca Robot Toy for Kids

Fisca Robot Toy for Kids

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In this interactive toy set, your child will be able to enjoy a robot puppy. Since this puppy is programmable, your kids will get better exposure to the concepts of coding that, too, from a very young age. However, programming is not that difficult. Do not think that your kid will be fed up with using it. Instead, this will turn out to be one of their most loved toys. It can be controlled by a remote that comes in the set and is suitable for boys and girls above the age of six.

The puppy’s head can be rotated in 360 degrees. This is going to be something that will make your kids enjoy it the most. Additionally, the toy can also play music, so that is also something that will attract you towards it. With touch interaction, playtime with this robot puppy will become your kids’ favorite time. The design of this toy is sturdy, and it will easily last for more than a couple of years with your kids. As soon as you get it, you must recharge it so that the battery drained during shipping must be compensated.

What we liked:

  • The design of this puppy robot is so good that even after being a robot toy, it looks adorable.
  • This toy has a lithium-ion battery of 600 mAh.
  • The touch induction in this robot toy is exceptionally responsive.
  • The puppy robot can also blink its eyes for a more realistic feel.

What we didn’t like:

  • While shipping, the battery of the toy might get a little drained.

10. Sphero Robot Ball (App Enabled)

Sphero Robot Ball

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With the Spehero Robot Ball set, your kid will fall in love with robotics and programming. In the set, you will get a ball, three cones, six pens, and a USB cable. Additionally, you can choose the color of the set from five colors. These colors are blue, pink, red, green, and orange. Moreover, the plastic shell on the ball is also interchangeable. With a full charge, your child will be able to play with the toy set for almost an hour. For connecting it with devices, you just have to download the Sphero Edu app.

The devices that you can connect with this toy include Android, iOS, Kindle, etc. as you program the ball, it will be able to track its path. You can also keep the cones as its hurdles to see whether the ball moves in the path that you have decided without deflecting. The pins can be kept like the pins of a bowling game. After they are placed, the pins can be smashed with the ball as you program it for that. How amazing is that? Along with having a good time, this toy set will help foster creativity in your children.

What we liked:

  • The Spehro App is compatible with a lot of devices.
  • The pins and cones that come in the set are highly qualitative.
  • The set can be chosen from five colors.
  • The ball that you get has a size equal to a ping pong ball.

What we didn’t like:

  • This toy set is not suitable for children below the age of eight.

How To Choose The Right Robot Toys for Kids

Before buying any robot toy from the ten options that we lined up for you, please go through these five factors to help you make the right purchase for your kid.

Let us discuss all five of these in detail below

1. Design

In the design of the robot toy, you must check if it has any sharp edges. You should take these things seriously because such edges can harm your kids and probably injure them. Additionally, you should look for toys with round corners so that the toys always remain safe for little children. Other than that, people also look for robot toys with interactive designs. This way, these toys will prove to help develop strong motor skills. You can find many such toys on our list pretty easily.

2. Remote Control Features

Most of the robot toys can be controlled with the help of a remote. Such remotes should be made so that the toy senses their signals in a matter of split seconds. If that does not happen, your child will not find the toy entertaining and probably stop playing with it. Moreover, many remotes also require a battery. So make sure that such batteries that the particular remote requires are available near you. When it dies, you will easily get a replacement this way.

3. Application Compatibility and Specifications

Other than remotes, most robot toys can also be used installing and using the robot toy’s apps on your devices. When you pick such toys, please look and make sure that the app is compatible with any devices you have. If there is no compatibility, everything will be quite useless for your children. You can also see if the app allows programming in the toy. We are saying this because that allows your kids to learn basic things about coding and robotics. Such features will also allow them to know about technology at a young age.

4. Special Features of the Robot Toy

Every robot toy will be slightly different than the other. What you have to make sure is that the toy can impart knowledge in your kids. After all, if it is not able to do that, how will it be able to stand out from all the other regular toys? Therefore, you can keep on looking at the features that set the robot toy of your choice apart. As you read the description of the toy, you will become doubt free. There, you can also get the details on the size and weight of the robot toy quickly.

5. Price of the Robot Toy

The advanced robot toys can cost you huge money. You should only invest in such toys if you know that your child is interested in robotics. If he/she does not come to like it, you will feel like you have wasted all your money. If you are not sure what your child likes, you can try going with the simpler version of the toys. These robot toys are known to be comparatively cheaper. As your child keeps learning and shows interest, you can then think of investing money in the high-end versions of robot toys.

Baby Robot Toys Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, toy robots are the future and their demand is rising day by day. While they are different from all the other toys, robot toys tend to be more interactive and fun. While it is not good for infants, if you purchase the right robot toy, it could be a good companion for your kid. Remember, each robot toy model comes designed for a specific age group.

As far as we know, the battery capacity of each robot toy depends on the model and the brand. While some of them last for 2 or 3-days of frequent use, some of them might not last for a day. It all depends on the frequency of use and brand.

Yes, most of the robot toys available today are durable and could last at least for a year. However, this is just a general fact, based on the brand, frequency of use, model, it could vary. To be frank, as the demand for robot toys has increased, some local brands have started to market substandard robot toys that could last for at least 2 or 3-months. Therefore, you need to be careful while purchasing a robot toy.

There are different robot toys, some of them could be controlled with remote control and some of them have pre-programmed functionalities that do not require any user control or input. If your kid is old enough to use a remote to control the toy, you could consider purchasing such robot toys, if your kid cannot use remote control, then automatic robot toys are the best. Apart from this, each model of robot toys comes designed for a specific age group, the manufacturer always mentions this in their specification. Read the specifications and then purchase the right robot toys.

If you are talking about safety then most of the robot toys marketed for kids are small and they are not powerful enough to harm the kid. At the same time, most robot toys come with safety features and a durable body that does not break easily. Therefore, it would not harm to purchase one and give it to the baby.

Yes, the brand is important when it comes to baby toys, however, most of the brands are unknown, and therefore, a brand might not matter too much. But, if you have the patience, read the customer reviews and Google to find out the current best brands and then consider purchasing a robot toy based on it.

Bottom Line

Out of the ten robot toys, we hope that you picked at least one for your kids. After all, robot toys are the toys for the kids of this generation. Kids these days are hard to please, but robot toys will do their job pretty well. After you start liking a toy, make sure that you go through our buying guide and compare all its aspects well with the other toys. You can also look for robot toys on different websites if you feel like it. All in all, robot toys are quite exceptional. We do not think we have come along with any child who does not fall in love with them.

The robot toys that we picked for our list are also well-rated and reviewed. So if you want to go through those things, you can do that as well.

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