10 Best Baby Mobiles For Cribs 2022 [For Baby Brain Development]

As you go in the market or access toys online, you will come across many toys for toddlers and kids. However, only a limited number of toys are made, particularly for babies, especially when they have the age that lies in the range of zero to 12 months. The ducky you use when you bathe them, and the smaller stuff toys that they sleep on are not that effective in increasing their motor skills. Additionally, the variation in toys like that is also not that extensive.

When we speak about baby toys, we have our focus on toys and products that help soothe them as the new world can make them feel agitated and scared altogether. This is why they might also have trouble falling asleep. They will lose their focus quickly and often wake up in the middle of the night. For new parents, this can be a big challenge. One of the things that we find to be the most effective is a baby mobile. You can fix it to your baby’s crib, and it will work wonderfully.

These baby mobiles have small toys that dangle above your baby when he/she lies on the crib. The mobile can play music and also rotate those small toys gently above their head. This will help your baby feel less anxious as his/her focus at a single place will be redeemed. A good baby mobile will also help improve a baby’s motor skills and the coordination between body parts.

Best Buy Baby Mobiles For Cribs Reviews

Here we have brought some of the amazing baby mobiles for baby brain development. We have focused our reviews individually on each of the ten baby mobiles.

1. Tiny Love Meadows Take Along Baby Mobile

Tiny Love Meadows Take Along Baby Mobile

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When you fix a good baby mobile on your baby’s crib, your baby will get better in spending fun time even when you are not around. As he/she will try to focus on the toy, their brain will also become hugely active and help them be more visually active day by day. However, when such baby mobiles are made so that you can take anywhere, it will always be good for you and your baby. Whether it is your car or a trip to the beach, a baby mobile will keep your baby busy.

We have the Tiny Love Take Along with Baby Mobile with us right now. Whether you being in your house or on the go, it will help your baby have the best time without needing anything else. You can play music on it for 30 minutes continuously. There are also five of the best and most engaging melodies in this baby mobile. As it starts spinning, your baby will be delighted and engaged in playing with it. Most people have also used this baby mobile on strollers, carriers, and even bassinets. They are all satisfied with it.

What we liked:

  • This baby mobile can be used to play five different melodies for half an hour straight.
  • The characters that dangle from it are inspired by animals and look adorable.
  • You can use it on your baby’s crib and also take it outdoors in your baby’s stroller.
  • Its connector arm is adjustable for helping it fit in all types of cribs.

What we didn’t like:

  • We do not have anything negative about this baby mobile.

2. Tiny Love Soothe ‘N Groove Mobile for Baby Cribs

Tiny Love Soothe N Groove Mobile for Baby Cribs

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We have another baby mobile from Tiny Love here in our ten selections. We are genuinely impressed with the design that Tiny Love has been giving to their Baby Mobiles. Even when animals inspire the characters that dangle from the mobile, they still look so adorable that you will surely find them all very cute. There are a total of 18 amazing and soothing melodies in it. Additionally, you will also get six musical options to play the melodies according to your baby’s want and likings.

This baby mobile is even better than the one we described previously, as it can be made to play music for 40 minutes without interruption. However, its price is slightly higher, which is one of the cons we found associated with it. Furthermore, we appreciate this baby mobile’s design as it will help calm and soothe an anxious and fussy baby in just a few minutes. It also has a soft nightlight in it, which you can use to comfort your baby in the best ways. As your baby grows old, you can remove the mobile and use the product as a music box.

What we liked:

  • This baby mobile will help increase emotional intelligence and development in your baby.
  • There is also an option of a music shuffle button in it.
  • The volume of this baby mobile can be adjusted quite easily.
  • The Meadow Days characters are exceptionally cute and child-friendly.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of this baby mobile is a little high.

3. KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Music

KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile

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When baby mobiles come with ceiling lights, they help a lot in diverting your baby’s mind when they cry and feel frustrated. As they focus on those lights, they lose their focus on the agitation building inside them. In just a few minutes, the baby feels relaxed and calm. This is why now we have seen many baby mobiles that come with ceiling light projectors that can be turned on in just a few seconds. With their use, you can make your baby experience something that you won’t see in regular toys.

We now have the KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile with us. Its dangling animal characters can also rotate, and the mobile can also play some soothing music simultaneously. The ceiling lights in it will help project star and moon shapes, which look lovely on the ceiling. As your baby lies on the crib, he/she will enjoy this light show a lot. The sounds that the mobile creates are so soothing that your baby might fall asleep listening to them. This baby mobile has got certification from CPSC and is also made using materials free from BPA.

What we liked:

  • The ceiling light projector in this baby mobile is truly fantastic.
  • The installation of this toy on the crib is also effortless.
  • It can prove to be an amazing nursery toy.
  • Your baby will be able to experience it fully as it does not have rough edges and is also free from BPA.

What we didn’t like:

  • If you pull the dangling characters with force, they might fall off.

4. Manhattan Toy Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

Manhattan Toy Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

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We are always focused on the quest to bring the products that are friendly to your budget. Hence, we have the Manhattan Toy Baby Mobile for Cribs here. It comes at an affordable cost, which won’t feel like too much to you. The images of the pieces that dangle from the mobile are made by keeping in mind the prominent growth of your baby’s vision development. As they are high contrast images, your baby will be more attracted to them, and with repetition, he/she might also develop quick images of those shapes and colors in the brain.

With an educational view, Manhattan Toy has always brought the best for children across the country. The cards that have the images come with adjustable cords. So, if they are lying too close to your baby, you can change the cord’s length and not worry about them being grabbed by your child at any point. This way, even when you are not around, you would be sure that your baby is having a good time with the baby mobile on his/her crib. It will be a great developmental toy for your baby, for sure.

What we liked:

  • The length of the mobile is adjustable.
  • The images on the card will help develop your baby’s vision because of the high contrast.
  • This baby mobile will also help in encouraging the eye to hand coordination in your babies.
  • Its price is more affordable than other baby mobiles for cribs.

What we didn’t like:

  • You cannot play any music or melodies on this baby mobile.

5. Mini Tudou Baby Mobile with Lights and Music

Mini Tudou Baby Mobile

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A combination of music and light features takes the baby mobile’s experience to a whole new level. The mobile proves to be that toy that helps your baby focus and relax the most. The Mini Tudou Baby Mobile is special because it can quickly project cartoons and star images in three different colors. Can you imagine how superb that is? Additionally, it can produce five different nature sounds along with 150 lullabies and ten musical organs. It will help create a calming environment where your baby will fall asleep quickly.

The rattles that dangle from the mobile are detachable. Once you are done detaching them, you can use them as baby teethers when the time comes. This is one of the baby mobiles that will remain helpful throughout your baby’s childhood. We also like how this mobile has the timing switch. Using it, you can time the music box so that it stops playing music automatically. All the actions of this mobile can be quickly controlled with a small remote. Mini Tudou will also send you a screwdriver in the package, which will help assemble the baby mobile quickly.

What we liked:

  • It is a good baby mobile for babies that have ages between zero months to 1 year.
  • The projected patterns can be imaged on the ceiling in three colors.
  • The rattles can be used as baby teethers in the future.
  • The timing feature will help you time the music well.

What we didn’t like:

  • The volume of the speaker might be high for some babies.

6. Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile Crib

Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile Crib

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Till now, the discussion focused on many mobile cribs that come in bright colors. But this baby mobile has a design with the lightest color tones. The combination of colors used in making it includes gray and light pink. For some babies, colors that are too bright might not suit their eyes. As their eyes develop, some people think of surrounding them with things that are not too bright. We like this baby mobile for the same reason. Additionally, the pink and gray elephant-like soft toys that dangle from the mobile can win anyone’s heart.

If you want a fully gray design, you can do that as well. Moreover, you can also find other dangling soft toys in the owl-pattern and star-pattern. However, most people go with the elephant toy version. For a chic nursery design, this is the baby mobile that one must go with. It will add the best cozy touches to the crib and help your baby focus on something adorable while lying in the crib. This baby mobile is quite lightweight and attaches well with the wall of the crib. You won’t have complaints about it whatsoever.

What we liked:

  • This baby mobile is available in several designs which include, elephant, own, and starts characters.
  • This baby mobile also does not need batteries to play music.
  • Its color tones are light and will suit a chic nursery a lot.
  • The attachment to the crib’s well is strong.

What we didn’t like:

  • Those parents who do not like bright colors won’t find this baby mobile that amazing.

7. Trend Lab Store Baby Mobile for Baby Cribs in Nursery

Trend Lab Store Baby Mobile

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We have another soft addition here as we will discuss this baby mobile by Trend Lab Store. This baby mobile by them is 18 inches tall and 10-12 inches wide. You can get it attached to all types of cribs, and it will remain in place throughout without bending or loosening its hold. The characters that dangle from it come in all types of shapes, which mostly include – elephants, birdies, flowers, cupcakes, etc. nonetheless, this is one of the most adorable baby cribs that we had the honor to discuss with you.

Its whole design is created using the best materials, including plastic (for its frame), cotton, and polyester. This baby mobile will help your little ones a lot for the development of sound perception and eye-tracking. It can also rotate slowly so that your baby can focus on the characters while listening to Brahm’s Lullaby. The color range of this baby mobile is quite extensive and will meet most of the parents’ needs according to their preference in colors. You should get this baby mobile soon!

What we liked:

  • The price of this baby mobile is very near to the average affordable prices.
  • Its frame is strong and won’t dilapidate to lose its shape.
  • You can find it and choose it from 10 different designs.
  • Its hold on the crib will not loosen easily.

What we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the fabric in this baby mobile can be enhanced a little.

8. Caterbee Baby Mobile for Baby Nursery Cribs

Caterbee Baby Mobile

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When you get your hands on a baby mobile that comes with a remote, everything becomes very easy. You get to control the mobile even when you are far from it, and that is just the best thing. You will get one such remote control with the Caterbee Baby Mobile for Baby Cribs. The remote will help you control the time settings and other features. It comes with a music box that can play musical and calming sounds for 600 minutes without fail. Such a long-lasting baby mobile will work for parents who are busy throughout the day.

The mobile also has projection functions with the lamp and light. You can try fixing it on bassinets and strollers also, and it will work in the say way as it does on cribs. Your baby’s eyes are going to get good exercise from the moving toys. These toys can also be used as teethers. The designs that this baby mobile is available in include – Pink-Forest, Blue-Bee, Blue-Forest, and Pink-Bee. The ABS plastic used in creating this baby mobile is safe for babies fully. It is a unisex baby mobile, so you can use it for your son and your daughter.

What we liked:

  • This baby mobile-only weighs 2.2 pounds.
  • It comes with remote control and auto-rotation feature.
  • The pink and blue color options are light and adorable.
  • The lights can be projected well on walls.

What we didn’t like:

  • For some users, the remote died very quickly.

9. BOBXIN Baby Musical Mobile for Cribs with Timing Function

BOBXIN Baby Musical Mobile

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It makes everything good for a parent when they buy a baby mobile with the timing function. Because of this amazing feature, the baby mobile’s music can be automatically turned off after a while. It is often seen that with its help, many babies fall asleep without extra effort from the caregivers. And as the music gets turned off, their sleep is also not disturbed, and they sleep peacefully while getting the rest that their body needs throughout the day. We like such baby mobiles a lot!

Hence, we have the BOBXIN Baby Mobile now with us. It is available in two designs, which are individually made using pink and multicolor options. The music box of this mobile comes with 108 melodies that are the absolute favorites of many parents and babies. The environment that this baby mobile creates is very good for babies to relax and get a good sleep. The gentle spinning in 360 degrees also catches your baby’s attention quickly. With a vivid focus, they tend to fall asleep faster than usual.

What we liked:

  • This baby mobile is environment friendly, and its materials are also free from BPA.
  • The remote control of this baby mobile helps control the volume of melodies quickly.
  • It will also help with the projector feature and turning the baby mobile on and off.
  • The spinning motion of the dangling toys is very gentle and soothing.

What we didn’t like:

  • Your baby’s crib’s thickness must be between 0.47 to 1.5 inches to fix this baby mobile firmly.

10. MARUMINE Baby Crib Mobile with Music and Nightlights

MARUMINE Baby Crib Mobile

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Lastly, the MARUMINE Baby Mobile will become the center and focus of our discussion on the best baby mobiles for cribs. You can buy it in two colors which are pink and green. Both of these colors are light and are going to suit modern nurseries a lot. Additionally, this baby mobile can play melodies, white sounds, and nature sounds. Such sounds are proven to be much more relaxing than the regular sounds you might find in the music box of baby mobiles. The price of this baby mobile is also quite effective and affordable.

It can display patterns in 4 different lights, which all offer a very soft glow. When it is nap time, these lights will soothe and relax your child in the best ways. Moreover, you will also come to like the adorable birdie toys that dangle at a perfect distance from the mobile. The adjusting clamp at the base of this baby mobile will make its attachment much easier for you, no matter your baby’s crib’s thickness. This tasteless and non-toxic baby mobile is what many people need!

What we liked

  • The soft color options of this baby mobile are truly fantastic.
  • The white sounds and nature sounds will make the experience feel natural.
  • The hanging birdie characters can be taken out and used as rattle toys.
  • The clamp in the mobile’s base will help you attach it to all sorts of cribs.

What we didn’t like

  • The lullabies that the baby-mobile plays are not traditional.

How To Choose The Best Baby Mobiles

Best Baby Mobiles For Cribs

Many people get confused while picking a good baby mobile for their baby’s crib. For helping you in the whole process, we have five primary factors that must be your center of attention. Let us discuss them –


Most of the baby mobiles these days are made using a combination of fabric and plastic. While fabrics are okay, you have to think about the plastic that has been used in the creation. Most of the plastics might have harmful chemicals such as BPA, which can cause adverse effects on the body, brain, and prostate glands of infants. Ignoring and avoiding these chemicals at all times will be highly suitable for your baby and help him/her maintain an active and healthy life as they grow.

Music and Light System

One can find music features in baby mobiles very easily. However, the baby mobile of your choice must come with the feature of adjustable volume. If it does not, you won’t be able to adjust it according to your baby’s hearing level needs. The high sound might make them uncomfortable and anxious, as well. Other than that, your focus must also be on the Lighting and Projecting features so that the light does not turn out to be too bright for your child and make their eyes feel sensitive and itchy.

The Mobile can be Adjusted

If the mobile can be adjusted, you will be able to set it at the most suitable distance from your baby. This will help you feel free while you are not around. If the mobile lies too close, your baby might pull strings and make the toy attachments fall. Additionally, if the mobile is far, your baby won’t be able to focus on it well. Different cribs have different wall heights, so having a baby mobile with adjustment features will help you set it in your baby’s crib’s best settings.

Dangling Toys from the Baby Mobile

The toys that dangle from the mobile must not be too large or too small. They should also not have any sharp edges. We have seen many baby mobiles that come with toys that can be easily detached. Such toys might also be used as baby teethers. However, you will have to make sure that the manufacturer has specified such uses. If specified, you can use those toys as teethers as your baby starts growing teeth in his/her mouth. As they chew on it, they will feel less itchiness in their jaw. Teethers can also help in making the teeth erupt in a better way.

Battery Requirement and Size

For playing music on the baby mobile, the product will need batteries that are often not included in the package. So, make sure you know the type of batteries that the baby mobile needs. If the baby mobile comes with a remote, you might check its battery requirement as well. Other than that, a parent should also focus on the size of the baby mobile. It should not be bulky and must rotate smoothly so that the toys remain your baby’s focus and help improve their vision and eye movements all along.

Baby Mobiles Safety Tips for Crib

When you look at the decorative items for your baby cribs, you will be able to come across thousands of options. The baby mobiles are one of the best and most popular options. If you are planning to get one for your baby then here are some baby mobile safety tips for your crib:

Attach safely

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to attach the mobile very safely. You cannot just tie it and leave it. You need to make sure that the mobile is tied hard so that it does not fall off on the baby. It can be very dangerous and no one can even imagine it. It can cause suffocation, strangulation, or even entrapment as well. So, always read the instructions carefully before you install them in your baby’s crib.

The String length

Another very important factor to keep in mind is to measure the length of the string. The baby mobile string should meet all the safety parameters and this is one among them. The string length should not be more than seven inches. So, just make sure that you measure it properly before you buy one. The length is usually mentioned on the pack.

Keep it away

The next factor to keep in mind is to keep it away from the reach of babies. It is not going to be very tough for the babies to pull the mobile with their tiny hands if it is in their reach. Yes, you cannot even imagine how strong they are. So, if your kids are good enough to get up on their knees or if they are at least five months old, then you can remove the mobile from the cribs completely. They will be able to reach them very easily and pull them off.

Baby Crib Mobiles Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some safety issues might arise, however, if the design and quality of the baby mobile are good, these issues might not happen. There were indeed safety issues in the beginning, but, today, the design and quality are more efficient that there are no more safety issues in high-quality and reputed baby mobiles for cribs.

Most people do not remove the baby mobile for crib once it is attached, however, if the quality of the baby mobile for a crib is not good, you need to remove it as soon as the baby starts crawling or when he/she could climb up and grab the baby mobiles. Remember, most baby mobile for cribs have small parts if the baby grabs it and swallows it, it could be dangerous. In general, most experts recommend removing the baby mobile for a crib as soon as the baby is 5 or 6-months old.

As far as we know, you could hand the baby mobile for a crib at any height you want. In general hanging it a few inches above the crib is followed, however, according to some experts, the best height would be 16-inches above the crib mattress. If you find the baby uninterested then you could slowly reduce the height and watch the baby carefully.

As far as we know, it is not just for style, a baby mobile for crib could keep the baby engaged and also at the same time help in the development of concentration. There is some baby mobile for the cribs that are designed in such a way that it has different lights and lullabies that could help in the development of different senses.

Yes, of course, a baby in a crib is very sensitive to the slightest changes in the surroundings. Let it be climate, sound, light, air, or anything. If you try to expose the baby to too much bright light and sharp sound, it could destroy their eye or eardrum. This is why experts recommend to avoid using baby mobiles for a crib with bright lights and shape sound.

Once you have bought the baby mobile for the crib, you need to unpack it, remove all the sponge, paper stuffed to prevent it from moving. Once you have completely unpacked the baby mobiles for the crib, you need to shake it well, see if any part is coming off or falling away. Then check if there are any loose parts, if you are convinced that nothing will come off, then, you could hang it.


Baby Mobiles made for a baby’s crib are the toys that help them get engaged as soon as they lie on the crib’s bedding. They do not need to touch it. Just be looking at its movement and the melodies that it plays, they start feeling relaxed and enjoy it a lot. A baby mobile must be on the list of products that you are thinking of buying for your baby’s nursery.

It will prove to be an amazing toy and help your baby get better with eye and hand coordination. Check our picks to get to know the best baby mobile!

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