Baby Toys

Toys are considered an essential part of a child’s life, and they make them active.

Why are baby toys Important?

A baby plays a major role in the development of baby. Children of all age group love to play with toys and create own fantasy world. A toy allows a child to spend time doing activities, understanding how it operates, helps in learning new things, helps in physical development and much more.

Various studies indicate that baby learn through their parents, their body and visual activities. Several toys are specially designed in such a manner to provide learning chances that can enhance the basic skills of a baby. Even some toys are beneficial for physical growth.

Benefits of giving Toys to baby

A young child loves to explore different things than youngsters. As a one-year-old child grows up, he becomes interested in seeing the world and knowing new things. Different activities and games allow your child to learn on their own. They can follow their interests and skills through playing games at a young age. Here we are going to discuss some benefits of toys that every parent must know:

  • The toys can shape a baby’s development and growth.
  • Toys are fun to play with others. Making new friends for playing develops social interactions, improving language, communication skills and emotional growth.
  • In childhood, every child has his imagination world which runs infinitely. Playing with creativity is a good thing because it teaches problem-solving skills. They will be able to deal with challenges and problems when they mature. Having problem-solving skills means fewer frustrations.
  • Toddlers learn through having fun and physical activities. Some educational toys enable babies to understand how people work. Playing with toys brings new ideas and creativity to your baby’s mind. They become clever and curious at the same time.
  • Some toys help to grow a baby’s IQ level, hence providing enjoyment and learning at the same time.

Toys Make Baby Smarter and Active

Playing is the first stage for a baby to explore the whole world. Babies also use their six senses to know about the world around them. A toddler does not care whether the toy is small or big, rough or sticky, they only care about playing and the toy becomes their companion.They take their favorite toy in their mouth, drop it, and even sleep with it.The most common educational toys and alphabetic toys enhance the child’s motor skills; as a result, the development of coordination.

For instance: If we talk about a 4-month-old baby, then babies are attracted to the toy and learn to hold it.

  • Talking about 5 to 7 months old, Babies begin to transfer objects/toys from one hand to another.
  • At about 9 months of age, babies can hold smaller toys like blocks.

Toys for every age group child

A child does not understand what is right and what is wrong for him/her. Some kids are selective with toys; even some children are moody and stubborn in choosing a toy. As a parent, it is your responsibility to choose the right toy for your baby according to their age. The toys you choose for your child should match the stage of development and the skills developed.

There are many such things in your house that the appropriate and safe for baby play. Some of them are Plastic bowls, treasures, cardboard bowls, etc. Before choosing a specific toy, keep in mind that child development depends on individually. As

Toys for 1-6-month-old babies

Babies around 1 to 6 months love bright colors and lights. They can be captivated with their hands, distracted by sounds, put objects in their mouths, try to shake body, and much more.

  1. Toys that can be grabbed, shaken, make noise and sucked – Squeeze toys, Soft Dolls, Large Rings, Teething toys, board books, balls, rattles, baby crib mobiles and Disc.
  2. Toys that offered scenarios – unbreakable mirrors, pictures of faces, etc.
  3. Objects to listen to – Recording of songs, Rhymes and Poems Book and Simple songs.

Toys for 7- 12 month older infants

At this age, babies start learning to bounce, sit, creep, and even stand. They understand common words, pronounce their name, put things from one place to another, identify their body parts, etc.

  1. Objects to play – Puppets, Wood Vehicles, Baby Dolls, Water Toys, etc.
  2. Toys to build on their own – Wooden Cubes and Soft blocks.
  3. Toys and Things that are unbreakable – Large Beads, Nesting toys, Balls and Plastic Bowls.
  4. Toys that require effort – Push and Pull Toys, Large softballs to crawl over, medium size balls, etc.

Toys for One-Year-Old

The one-year-old baby generally starts climbing stairs and start learning to walk. At that age, a baby likes to learn new words and start communicating.

  1. Books with Photographs of real objects or books with simple artwork.
  2. Rhymes, Pictures, Song recordings, Stories and poem CDs.
  3. Dolls, dolls beds, dress up toys like pursues and scarves, stuffed toys, plastic toys, wood toy with wheel, plastic animals, toy phones,
  4. Objects to draw something – Washable markers, Large Paper, Crayons, Vibrant colors.
  5. Things that require effort – Large Pegboards, Dials, Knobs, Small and Large balls, Puzzles.
  6. Things to create by the child – Wooden Blocks and Cardboard (2 to 4 inches).

Toys for 2-year old toddler

A two-year-old toddler has a sense of risk and danger. They also start learning at this age. Additionally, they do a lot of physical activities like rolling, climbing, jumping and hanging. Also, they become stronger and can easily hold small objects.

You can buy toys like Wood Puzzles, Objects to sort, blocks, Construction sets, Kitchen Sets, chairs, transportation toys, Puppets, Water play tops, Picture books, Colors, chalkboards, dress-up clothes and so on.

Toys for 3 to 6-year-old kids

Puzzle pieces. Shape, Smell, Plastic lids and bowls, Small Colored blocks, countering bears, Shells, Child-Sized furniture, Paintbrushes, Preschooler-Sized Scissors, Modeling Clay, Modeling tools, CD and DVD Players, Maracas, Puppet Theaters, Transportation toys, Tricycles, Plastic Bowling pins,

Note: Every parent keeps their baby away from sharp objects and toys.