10 Best Toddler Bed Rails and Bumpers For Kids 2022 [For Child Bed Safety]

If you remember your childhood, you would certainly remember the times and instances when you would fall from the bed. This generally happened with those of us who would roll on the bed a lot while sleeping. That surely did hurt a lot, didn’t it? And let’s not forget the absolute shocks that our brains used to go to after the fall. It would undoubtedly take a couple of minutes to realize what happened to us. You would be surprised that these days there’s a solution to this kids’ problem also.

Yes, we are going to mention bed rails and bed bumpers today in our reviews. These rails and bumpers have surely helped kids easily adjust as they are shifted from cribs to beds. They offer an elevated surface around the proximities and side(s) of the bed, which prevents kids from falling. If you are a parent thinking of shifting your child to a bed, then you must keep a bed rail or a bed bumper on your list. It is going to help a lot.

Bedrails Vs Bed Bumpers

Bed rails are often preferred by people who have kids transitioning from cribs to beds. The rails help put a false sense in kids’ minds, and they start thinking that they are in the same environment. This makes the transitioning very smooth. On the other hand, some toddlers feel entrapped in bed rails, making them anxious. For such toddlers, parents are often seen picking bed bumpers. These bumpers blend very well with the bed’s design and never impart any claustrophobic feeling in the minds of the children. Choosing between both bedrails and bed bumpers hence depends upon where your child sleeps currently as well as his/her psychology.

Best Buy Bed Rails and Bumpers For Kids

To make it even easier, we have come up with detailed reviews of ten bedrails and bed bumpers. We have tried to bring and shed light on all the features and description of the product. The rails or bumpers that we have mentioned are better than the ones that you find locally. Their quality is next level and known to be top-notch. We have also studied them thoroughly before bringing them in front of you. Let us discuss our picks of best rated bed rails and bed bumpers below –

1. Regalo Swing Down Rail Guard for Toddler Beds

Regalo Swing Down Rail Guard for Toddler Beds

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We have put our eyes on the Regalo Swing Down Rail Guard for a very long time now. And we have only positive things to say about it. With a patented and original design, this bed rail is something that you can install on most of the toddler beds. It is 20 inches tall and 43 inches long. It will add the most advanced level of security for your kid to sleep peacefully with such dimensions. You can buy it if your toddler uses a twin or a queen-size bed.

For the entire fitting and installation process, you will not need any tools. Because of such provisions, you will be able to fix it on the bed as soon as you buy it. And don’t worry about the rail falling or bending downwards as Regalo has also developed an anchoring strap for securing the bedrail in the best way. Its frame is made using steel, which is why this bedrail is one of the most durable bedrails you can find these days. With beds that have a box spring and a mattress, this bedrail is the best.

Things we liked:

  • The anchoring support on this bedrail makes it more secure than the local ones.
  • Its durability is high because of the steel frame build.
  • It also has the swing-down feature, which lets you pivot it down while changing the bedsheets.

Things we didn’t like:

  • We happen to like everything about this bedrail by Regalo, so no cons so far.

2. Hiccapop Bed Rail Bumper with Safety Guard and Waterproof Cover

Hiccapop Bed Rail Bumper

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Another bedrail that is loved and rated well by many people is the one by Hiccapop. They are known to give a freeing feeling yet protect your kids and prevent them from falling from the bed. The Hiccapop bed rail bumper is known well for its natural feel that does not make your child feel caged. As you install the bed rail, it will seem as if it is the part of the bed and not something separate. This way, your child will feel more secure yet never develop a sense of being less-free while sleeping.

This bed rail was invented using the principle popularly known as the ‘passive-safety protection.’ This means that this bed rail will help passively trigger the safety response in your child and make them feel secure without their conscious knowledge. The cover of the bedrail has silicon beads on it, which help keep it in place. Additionally, this is the same material that helps make the bedrail waterproof. The height of this bumper is truly perfect, and it will never eat the space from your child’s bed ever.

Things we liked:

  • This bedrail is responsibly manufactured as its foam is free from TDCPP, TCEP, and PBDEs.
  • The height of the bumper is neither too high nor too low.
  • The cover is made using silicone and is washable and waterproof at the same time.
  • The same cover also has beads on it that help keeps it in place all the time.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The lifespan of this bumper is not that high.

3. ComfyBumpy Bed Rail Guard for Toddlers and Kids

ComfyBumpy Bed Rail Guard

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We will now discuss all the features and specifications of the bed rail guard from ComfyBumpy. The one that we chose for our discussion is suitable for king and queen size beds. However, it will be a universal fit for all types of Boxspring and Slats. We happen to like this bedrail a lot because it is highly secure. For fixing it well, you can use the Velcro on its design. You can even screw the Velcro on the bed for making it more secure than it already is. It comes in two designs, which have white and grey colors.

You can choose the color according to the design that you have picked for your kid’s room. Its bars are made using iron and are known to be the strongest. They will easily bear your child’s weight whenever he/she rolls to the side of the bed with the bedrail installed. Additionally, ComfyBumpy also offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you do not appreciate and like this bedrail; you can return it, and you won’t be cross-questioned by the company executives and representatives at all.

Things we liked:

  • As the bars of this bed rail is made from iron, the bedrail can withstand any child’s weight.
  • It comes with Velcro on its design, which can be screwed on the bed directly.
  • The bedrail’s metal bars are flat, so your child won’t feel any bumps on his/her bed.

Things we didn’t like:

  • This rail can prove to be quite long for some toddler beds.

4. Dream on Me Security Bedrail with Mesh Design

Dream on Me Security Bedrail with Mesh Design

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Dream on Me has worked on this bedrail tremendously so that your child gets the most amount of protection. But what we like a lot is the economical price of the bedrail. While most bedrails are rated very high these days, Dream on Me has come up with a bedrail that does not rob your savings and still offers design options. Yes, that’s right; you can choose this bedrail from seven different colors, some of which are white, grey, navy, and pink.

Additionally, Dream on Me chose the mesh design so that this bedrail becomes lighter, and it is easier for you to adjust it. It is known that the entire anchor support system of this bedrail is quite light yet reinforced. The mesh will also allow the air to pass through, and your child will never feel anything that is hindering the air around his/her body. It is also very easy to clean and will suit most of the adult-sized beds and toddler beds. Dream on Me has used the highest quality fabric and material while making this bedrail. You can totally rely on it.

Things we liked:

  • The edges of the bumper are rounded so that it never scratches or hurts your child.
  • The mesh in the design never hinders the airflow around the bed.
  • The price of this bedrail bumper is also quite economical.
  • All the color options look lovely, and you can choose from them according to your preference.

Things we didn’t like:

  • If the mattress on the bed is not too thick, your child may feel some bumps while sleeping.

5. Hiccapop Convertible Toddler Bed and Crib Rail Guard

Hiccapop Convertible Toddler Bed and Crib Rail Guard

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We have now come to the Hiccapop bedrail, which is supposed to be used in the beds that toddlers sleep on. The most prominent thing about this bedrail is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, no matter when you start having problems with it, Hiccapop will help you find the best solution for you. It is built and created in such a way that it anchors the frame of the bed with the help of steel clamps. You won’t see such securing clamps in any local bedrail in the market. Additionally, other than the bed, it can also be used in cribs that do not have high rails.

The assembly of this bedrail will get finished in just a few minutes. You won’t need to have any rocket-science knowledge to do it, and even beginners can clearly understand the entire process with the help of the instruction manual of the bedrail. We also like how the paint used in the product is free from lead and phthalates. Its design is simple, yet it will do the job of preventing your kids from falling while sleeping. As it can be folded down, one can also use it to convert cribs to toddler beds.

Things we liked:

  • The paint used in this bedrail is free from harmful toxins.
  • It has heavy-duty fabrics and steel clamps for a durable installation.
  • It can also be folded down quite easily.

Things we didn’t like:

  • This bedrail will fit all types of cribs but won’t fit well in the ones manufactured by IKEA. Its price is comparatively higher.

6. Shinnwa Toddler Bedrail Bumpers

Shinnwa Toddler Bedrail Bumpers

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Some people do not prefer bedrail bumpers with higher walls as they think it does not help their kids transition from their cribs to beds. For a smooth transition, they choose bedrail bumpers that are not that high and blend well with the bed’s design. One such bedrail bumper that resembles the design that we mentioned is this one from Shinnwa. In a single pack, you will be getting a pair of bedrails that you can install and fit on either side of the bed.

Such a pair helps immensely when your toddler’s bed is at the center of the room and does not have a wall on one of its sides. This way, you give your child protection from both sides and still do not need to shift the entire bed towards the room’s wall. The pair is available in a white design, which will suit most toddler beds these days. This is because manufacturers mostly use light color shades when they manufacture products that are supposed to be used by babies or toddlers. You must buy this pair of bedrail bumpers now!

Things we liked:

  • The bumpers have memory foam padding in them with a non-skid cover that prevents slipping.
  • The bumpers will suit all sizes of beds.
  • The bumpers gently alert your kids as they approach the proximity of the bed, courtesy the soft padding.

Things we didn’t like:

  • For those who prefer higher bumpers, these bedrail bumpers won’t help.

7. Milliard Toddler Bedrail Bumpers with Bamboo Cover

Milliard Toddler Bedrail Bumpers with Bamboo Cover

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We have another bedrail bumps now on number seven that come in a pack of two as well. These are manufactured and marketed by Milliard. They are not as high as other regular bed rails as they have foam padding in them. One of these bed rails’ striking features is the bamboo cover that they come with. This cover is washable and is known to be softer than those made using regular fabrics. Additionally, the bumpers’ bottom is also nonslip; this way, it will never slip even when the bumper gets hit.

With a bumper, you can also join your child on the bed and have some happy cuddle-time with them. Both the bumpers’ backing is also lined with a waterproof liner, which prevents the foam from getting damaged. Furthermore, the bumpers are also highly portable, and you can shift them easily from one place to another around your house. Your child will never face any entrapment issues while these bumpers are on the bed instead of bedrails. However, the child must not be too young.

Things we liked:

  • The bamboo covers on these bumpers are all-natural and exceptionally soft.
  • The bumpers also have waterproof backing for foam protection.
  • Its installation is easy, and both the bumpers will never impart any entrapment issue.
  • With a pair of these bumpers, you can place your child’s bed away from the wall and still not worry.

Things we didn’t like:

  • One won’t get any color and design options in these bumpers for toddler beds.

8. BABYSEATER Bedrail Guard Bumper for Toddler Beds

BABYSEATER Toddler Bed Rail Bumper Guard

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With a bumper that comes with a removable cover, you get to have cleanliness become more accessible for you. It is surely possible that there will be many spills on your child’s beds, all thanks to those sippy cups. In such situations, you can just remove the bumper’s cover and give it a wash to clean it. Therefore, we now have the BABYSEATER bumper for toddler beds with us. Its easily-washable cover is the reason why many people across America have put their hard-earned money on it.

The cleaning of the bumper will never give you a headache. It will never worry you whenever any accidental spills happen on your child’s bed. Additionally, this bed bumper is also backed by a warranty, which is for 30 days. During this period, if, as a customer, you face any problem, you can reach out to BABYSEATER, and their executives will assist you in the best ways. Our only complaint with this bed bumper is that you only get to have one bumper in a pack. And when one notices the price, the deal seems pretty costly.

Things we liked:

  • The washable cover of this bed bumper makes cleaning of the product highly accessible.
  • You will also get a bonus travel mug with the bed bumper in this deal.
  • The surface of the bumper is nonslip, which is why it will always stay put.
  • The bumper is 6 inches high, which is quite sufficient.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Unlike most bed bumper deals, you will only get one bumper instead of two in this deal.

9. Modvel Bumper Guard with Hypoallergenic Foam

MODVEL Toddler Bed Rail Bumper Guard

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A parent would already know how sensitive the skin of kids and toddlers is. Most kids also suffer a lot from skin allergies while they are young. Therefore, it is important to always keep them away from the things that can easily trigger such reactions. Keeping that in mind, Modvel has developed bed bumpers that are hypoallergenic. This means that the bumpers’ material does not have anything that is known to cause skin reactions and flare-ups.

Additionally, it does not feel like a cage and make your children anxious. Claustrophobia in kids has often been seen. With such kids, you have to be careful with whatever you purchase. This bed bumper is exceptionally gentle and will help your toddlers sleep peacefully every night. Furthermore, the product is also free of chemicals and toxins. It can be used on many beds with size names of king, queen, twin, double, toddler bed, etc. its foam is soft and won’t lose its shape for sure.

Things we liked:

  • The material of this bed bumper is hypoallergenic.
  • It is highly suitable for kids who feel entrapment when their beds have bedrails.
  • It has imported quality and will last easily for more than a couple of years.
  • It is also free from many harmful chemicals such as BPA and phthalates.

Things we didn’t like:

  • This bed bumper cannot be used with elevated or loft-style beds. This bed bumper is also quite expensive.

10. URBCARE Toddler Bed Bumpers with Memory Foam

URBCARE Toddler Bed Bumpers with Memory Foam

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We are ending our list with a discussion on the bed bumper by URBCARE, which comes with the best memory foam. We call this foam the best because it is truly non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals. It will fit in most of the bed sizes and give your kid the best protection. The memory foam is also one of the best because it restores its elasticity and density quite quickly and does not get compressed after repeated use over the years. On the sides of the bumper’s cover, you will also see patterns with the rhombus shape.

Such rhombuses make the foam breathable and are designed on the cover of this bed bumper. This cover is also removable, which makes its cleaning and washing easier for you. Frequent cleaning of the cover will help you inhibit the growth of germs on the bumper, which will, in turn, help your child be immune from common infectious diseases. This is one of the softest and lightest bumpers that we came across. As you keep using the bumper, you will also become aware of how amazing it is. So, make sure you try it if you prefer bed bumpers over bed rails.

Things we liked:

  • The cover of this bed bumper has rhombus patterns, which make it highly breathable.
  • It also has dense dots for being anti-skid and staying at the place.
  • You can place it on top of bedsheets as well as under them.
  • The foam is of excellent quality and retains its elasticity pretty well.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The product has a strong smell when you first open it, so you are required to leave it open at a ventilated area for at least 24 hours before installation.

How You Can Pick The Right Bedrail / Bumper

Best Bed Rails Bumpers For Kids

Here are some points you should consider while purchasing bed rails for your kids:

1. Choose Bed Rail and Bumpers with toxin-free material

One can come along many of the local rails and bumpers, which will have toxins either in their paint or their fabric. It is always advised to keep children away from such toxins. So, always try choosing bed rails or bumpers which are free from harmful chemicals that fall under the category of phthalates and BPA. If you make this selection, you will protect your kid as well as the environment as there are also many chemicals that cause a great deal of harm to nature and the natural bodies of Earth.

2. Foldability and Comfort

If you wish to pick bed rails, we will suggest you go with the ones that come with the foldable design. Such bed rails are easier to tackle when you think of changing the bed sheet of your toddler’s bed. Additionally, if you pick bed bumpers, make sure that the foam of the bumper is comfortable and soft. If you happen to come across hypoallergenic foams, that would be even better as such foams in the bed bumpers never cause any allergic reaction or flare-ups in your baby’s skin.

3. Installation of the Bedrail and Bed Bumper

The installation of the bedrails and bed bumpers is another crucial factor that should not slip from your mind. The rails and bumpers for beds must be easy to install and should not require additional tools that are not generally found in the house. Moreover, they should also secure well in place because it is a matter of your child’s security. If they fail to or do not stay in the place, you should return the rail/bumper as it will not hinder your child from falling from the bed, and that is not a good thing.

4. Cost of the Bedrail and Bumper

Bumpers and Rails for beds do not have a price that touches and reaches the skies, but when you compare different products of these categories, you will surely find a difference. In such cases, the quality of the rail and bumper must be in your mind, but that does not mean in any way that you should drain your money uselessly. If the product of your choice checks all the factors that we have mentioned above, then even a low priced rail/bumper will suit the needs. You can also read at least some reviews of that particular product if you are unsure about it.

Toddler Bed Rails and Bumpers Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course, bed rails have been used for a very long time, if they were not efficient would it have survived this long. As far as we know, every parent must consider purchasing one and using it. Remember, the safety of the baby is very important and the bed rail is one among them.

Both bed rail and bumper are good, however, in terms of overall safety and efficiency, bumpers are inferior to bed rails. While bed rails could prevent the baby from falling down no matter how hard they try, a bumper cannot do the same. Bumpers are small, if the baby makes a good effort, he/she could easily roll over them and fall down.

No, all the bed rails are not dangerous. While purchasing a bed rail for a toddler, you need to understand the product first and also the design. Most of the good brands market bed rails for toddlers as a separate product. This is why while purchasing a bed rail for a toddler, you need to look for models that are designed for toddlers. Do not consider regular bed rails for toddlers. Regular bed rails are dangerous for toddlers, they could strangle suffocate, or result in accidents. Most of the bed rails designed for toddlers come with a unique design that is entirely different from a regular bed rail, this, unique design, in turn, would prevent the toddler from falling or getting hurt.

No, there are different types of toddler bed rails available today, most of them different in terms of material, brand, design, etc. Even when it comes to the mounting method, there could be some differences. Therefore, it is important that you check the specification and make sure the bed rail is good for you.

Yes, toddler bed bumpers are good and you could purchase one and use it. However, there is something you need to understand first. Consider purchasing a toddler bed bumper based on the character of your toddler. Is he restless and naughty, could a bed bumper prevent him from falling down? To be frank, some toddlers are very naughty and they cannot be restricted using a bed bumper, if you have such a toddler, instead of purchasing a bed bumper, purchase a bed rail. On the other hand, if the toddler is calm and would spend his/her whole time on the bed without rolling too much, then a bed bumper would be the best option.

No, never, compare both the products and you would understand the difference. A toddler bed rails are comparatively very smaller than a regular bed rail.

Bottom Line:

Bed Rails and Bumpers have helped many toddlers transition safely from cribs to beds. So you must think of investing in them and help your child have a good time while sleeping. We have only chosen the best rails and bumpers today for you. As you read the description of each product, you will find how all ten of these rails and bumpers are hugely different and distinctive from one another. You should also think of reading our buying guide along with our reviews while you are thinking of buying a bedrail or a bed bumper for your child.

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