10 Best Umbrellas For Kids 2022 [Small Umbrellas For Boys & Girls]

The rainy season is the favorite season of most of the people around the world. After all, water signifies life, and with rain, you will only notice greenery around you. Many crops only grow when it rains properly. Most people stick to using raincoats so that they do not get wet when they are outside. However, one of the most used items in the rainy season has to be umbrellas. You may already know how umbrellas have been used by people for centuries to move here and there easily when it is raining.

Is there anything special about the kid’s umbrella?

Kids umbrella and a regular umbrella are different. If compared to a regular umbrella, a kid’s umbrella is small and lighter. Compare a regular umbrella with a regular umbrella in real, you could easily find out. On the other hand, the most important thing about a kids umbrella is the design, kids umbrella comes in different shapes and designs. A grown-up might not feel proud to use one.

However, the use of an umbrella is not just limited to protecting from the rain. Many people also use them as a shading tool when the sun is out. This way, it also helps prevent sunburns as well as heatstrokes. Umbrellas for adults can be found easily. But when you are out hunting and shopping umbrellas for your kids, you won’t see many options. However, umbrellas, along with rain wear and raincoats, will allow your kids to have an extra safe experience when it is raining.

Best Buy Kids Umbrellas Reviews

After all, if your child gets wet, he/she will catch a cold very quickly. Watching your kids getting sick will indeed be painful for you as well. Therefore, preventing such things is a good thing. Other than rainwear, you must indeed think of buying umbrellas for them. But where do you find such umbrellas? Are there even options when it is about umbrellas made exclusively for kids? If you have questions like these in your mind, we are here to help you. We say this because we have created a list of 10 best rated kids umbrellas that you can buy for your child in 2022.

Let us discuss them all –

1. Totes Kids Bubble Umbrella

Totes Kids Bubble Umbrella

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We have an imported kids umbrella on the first spot for you brought to you by Totes. It is made using Vinyl material and is known to be 100% windproof as well as rainproof. With a lightweight design, your kids will be able to carry it without finding it too heavy. It also has an extended canopy so that your child’s shoulder does not get wet. Additionally, you can choose this kid’s umbrella from three different and lovely colors. These colors are – blue, pink, and white. The white version also comes in a printed variant with bubble designs.

Its shaft is made using steel, while its handle is made using plastic that comes with a smooth design. The handle is perfectly curved so that your little one can carry the umbrella safely at all times. Because of its travel-friendly design, you can choose to take it with you wherever you go so that your kids are always well equipped. This way, the umbrella will offer you immense peace of mind. When the umbrella is closed, it is only 12 inches long. What are you waiting for? Grab this fantastic kid’s umbrella right now!

What we liked:

  • The canopy of this umbrella is quite large (42-inches).
  • This umbrella comes in printed as well as plain design.
  • Its handle is perfectly curved for secure handling.
  • The umbrella won’t get inverted even when the wind is strong because of its windproof design.

What we didn’t like:

  • We do not have negative things to say about this superb kid’s umbrella.

2. Disney Umbrella and Slicker Set for Age 4-5

Disney Umbrella and Slicker Set

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Kids tend to love Disney characters. So, why not go with an umbrella that comes with Disney Princess design? In this adorable umbrella, you will find the characters from Frozen (Elsa and Anna) printed on its canopy. Besides the umbrella, you will also get rainwear, which is a fantastic fit for kids aged between 4-5 years. This rainwear comes in a purple design, which has to an all-time favorite color for many kids around the world. This way, with the help of the umbrella and the rainwear, there will be zero chances of your kid getting wet.

The umbrella is well equipped with an automatic closure so that your child does not get hurt while opening and closing it. This is one of the features that you are not going to find easily in other umbrellas made for kids. Most people buy this set for their daughters, but if your son loves Frozen’s characters, you can pick the product or him as well. The rainwear is made from 100% water repellant material and is resistant to humidity and moisture. This set will help your kid for a very long time.

What we liked:

  • Along with the umbrella, you will also get purple rainwear in this set.
  • The rainwear is made using vinyl material and is resistant to humidity and moisture.
  • The Frozen theme of the umbrella set is quite impressive and unique.
  • The umbrella comes with automatic closure for the advanced safety of your child.

What we didn’t like:

  • You cannot choose the rainwear in colors other than purple.

3. Western Chief Kids Umbrella

Western Chief Kids Umbrella

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From Disney, DC to Hello Kitty, you are going to find this fantastic kid’s umbrella in many themes. Most of the time, kids fuss about carrying an umbrella, but with their favorite cartoon and fictional characters design on it, they are going to love taking this umbrella by Western Chief. The full range of designs of this product has attracted a vast number of people towards it. You are going to find it in 12 different prints and designs with a variety of characters. This way, you can ask your child what he/she liked and make the purchase.

This umbrella has a folding closure and is made using 100% polyester, which repels water very well. Western Chief has been making footwear for more than 125 years, and they are all known to be exceptional. Therefore, you can also trust them with kids umbrellas for their quality and design. Their umbrellas will surely get your kids covered. Pun intended! With a durable inner frame made using steel and plastic, this is the umbrella that your kids need. The best thing is, with a great variety of designs you can choose this umbrella for a boy as well as a girl.

What we liked:

  • This umbrella is available in 12 different and amazing designs.
  • It is a unisex umbrella that you can select for your son as well as your daughter.
  • Many customers across the USA have rated this umbrella by Western Chief quite positively.
  • The handle of this kids’ umbrella is firm.

What we didn’t like:

  • The spokes of the umbrella need to be more strengthened.

4. RainStoppers Kids Umbrella

RainStoppers Kids Umbrella

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This umbrella by RainStoppers comes with an adorable printed design full of pink and yellow hearts. It is a print that your child will surely find cute. This umbrella is made in the USA and comes with a manual handle that is supposed to be opened like regular umbrellas. Most of the time, the ends of the spokes/ribs of umbrellas are not well secured, which is why they can hurt your child. However, in this umbrella, the ends are well secured using round plastic tips. They won’t act as something sharp with the potential to cause scratches on your child’s body.

It is a good umbrella for children age between 4-7 years. However, kids with age below that will find the product quite heavy to carry around. It has a curved handle that has a colored design that matches with the color of the canopy. This way, the tone of the umbrella does not break at all. The best thing about this umbrella is that it is also tested for its safety. This way, you can be sure that this is the product that will only help your kid and never harm him/her. Buy this umbrella by RainStoppers and stop worrying about your child getting wet when it rains.

What we liked:

  • The color of the handle of this umbrella matches well with the design on the canopy.
  • The ends of the spokes/ribs are secured with round plastic tips.
  • This umbrella is also tested well for its safety.
  • It only weighs 7 ounces.

What we didn’t like:

  • Kids below the age of 4 cannot use it.

5. DC Comics Kids Umbrella

DC Comics Kids Umbrella

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We have never met a boy that does not love superhero characters and comic books. Therefore, we had to bring this trendy umbrella manufactures using the designs from DC Comics. It is available in two designs where you are going to find different prints from the Batman Comic Books. It has a look and hook closure and will prove to be something that your boy loves. Not only can this umbrella be used when it is raining, but it can also be used when the sun is shining, and it is scorching outside. This way, this umbrella will also protect your kids from sunburns and heatstrokes.

Other than that, if your daughter loves Batman, you can pick this umbrella for her as well, and we are sure she will be the happiest. There are eight sections in this umbrella which allow the canopy to be highly stable at all times. With a clam-shell handle and plastic safety caps, this umbrella will last for years at your home. The Batman images that this umbrella is decorated with are also fascinating and unique. Additionally, the carrying cord is made using high-quality nylon for easy portability. It is the right umbrella for kids age between 3-7 years.

What we liked:

  • The Batman images on this umbrella are unique and exciting.
  • The carrying cord of this umbrella is very strong and won’t break at any time.
  • The canopy of this umbrella comes with eight significant sections.
  • It can be used in the sun as well as rain.

What we didn’t like:

  • You are not going to find DC characters other than Batman in this umbrella.

6. Stephen Joseph Kids Umbrella

Stephen Joseph Kids Umbrella

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We are going to be honest with you when we tell you that the design of this umbrella is the most unique and clear design we have seen. After all, won’t you love seeing a unicorn design on an umbrella? If you ask us, we’d say that we would want to see unicorns everywhere. Rainy days will be the days that your kids will enjoy a lot once they have this umbrella. You can also make this umbrella look like the piece of a set if you pair it with other products from Stephen Joseph. Your child will love using the accessories even more if that happens.

In this umbrella, Stephen Joseph has tried to bring 3-D designs to life. When you open the umbrella, you will see the part of it that emerges like a horn. This way, the unicorn design will get a life. The mechanism with which this umbrella opens and closes is quite smooth. You are not going to find any buttons on the design as well. Hence, you should never worry about your kid’s fingers getting pinched when opened the dimensions of the umbrella measure – 22 X 27 inches, which is quite enough to keep your child dry when it is raining.

What we liked:

  • The 3-D design of this umbrella is quite impressive as it comes with a horn that pops up when it is opened.
  • The dimensions of this umbrella are 22 X 27 inches when it is opened.
  • Your kids will be able to manage this umbrella easily.

What we didn’t like:

  • The metal loop at the top of this umbrella must be built with more durable material.

7. Hatley Boys’ Printed Umbrella

Hatley Boys Printed Umbrella

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With a rise in demand for printed umbrellas, we had to give the seventh spot to this umbrella by Hatley Boys. You will find it in three different printed designs. Out of these prints, the one that is out favorite is the shark print. But that does not mean that you should not check out the other two prints, including the dinosaur menagerie print and the red farm tractor print. After checking all the three designs out, you will be able to choose the one that you like the most.

Like other umbrellas made for kids, this umbrella also comes with a curved handle. Curved handles are easy to carry for kids when compared with straight handles. They are known for not slipping even when hands are wet. When opened, this umbrella is 28 inches wide. However, when you close it, you will find that it is only 23 inches long. With a polyester canopy and a child-safe design, this umbrella will impress many parents and guardians. Without wasting any time, you should seriously think of choosing it.

What we liked:

  • This umbrella comes in three different printed designs.
  • Its handle is quite smooth and easy to carry.
  • Its canopy is wide enough to keep your child dry during rains.
  • Its overall design is entirely child safe.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of this umbrella is a little high when compared with the others.

8. Rainbrella Kids Umbrella from Sky Collection

Rainbrella Kids Umbrella from Sky Collection

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When rain brings out rainbows, everything seems so complete. It is nature’s way of offering its beauty. After being inspired by nature’s Magic, this umbrella by Rainbrella comes with prints of adorable rainbows on its canopy. The canopy base is clear so that all the rainbows can pop even when noticed from a distance. There are many ratings of this umbrella on many e-com sites. If you have time, we will advise you to read them all. With that, you will get to know a lot many things about this umbrella well before owning it.

This umbrella is from the Sky Collection of Rainbrella, yet we find it quite affordable and durable at the same time. The hook handle is quite safe for small kids, and the umbrella is also light in weight. Your kid will never complain of pain in his/her arms after carrying this umbrella. It only weighs 3.52 ounces and has to be one of the lightest umbrellas that we ever came across. Your kid can regularly use this umbrella on rainy days, and the product will never give up or have broken spokes at any time.

What we liked:

  • The rainbow design of this umbrella is what makes this product very attractive.
  • Its hook handle is exceptionally safe, even for smaller kids.
  • This umbrella is very lightweight and can be easily ported anywhere.

What we didn’t like:

  • Because of the transparent base, this umbrella won’t be that effective if you use it to block sun rays.

9. Stephen Joseph All Over Print Kids Umbrella

Stephen Joseph All Over Print Kids Umbrella

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We have a soft spot in our heart for Stephen Joseph umbrellas. Therefore we have another addition of their kid’s umbrellas here on our list. This umbrella comes with an all-over-print design and is very fun and functional at the same time. On a wet and rainy day, this umbrella will turn out to be a great aid in keeping your kids dry in all situations. For storage, you can use its hook-and-loop closure. Opening and closing this umbrella also do not require any extra effort. Thus, your kids will never fuss about it.

Having being made from 100% polyester pongee material, it will prove to be a durable and long-lasting umbrella. Its canopy is curved quite well so that the raindrops always slide off without touching your kid’s body. When this umbrella is opened, its dimensions are 22 X 27 inches, which is the standard size of a Stephen Joseph Umbrella. As far as the prints are concerned, they have the design of beautiful mermaids. Have you ever met a child who does not like being surrounded by mermaids? We surely haven’t.

What we liked:

  • When opened, the dimensions of this printed umbrella measure 22 X 27 inches.
  • The mermaid prints on this umbrella are charming.
  • For kids, this is an umbrella with a perfect size.

What we didn’t like:

  • You can only pick this umbrella from a single printed design.

10. Melissa & Doug Kids Umbrella

Melissa & Doug Kids Umbrella

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For many parents, the safety of an umbrella remains to be the biggest concern. Therefore, the Melissa & Doug umbrella has been given a design proven to be the safest for kids. It can be opened and closed very quickly and will never pinch the fingers of your kid. For the safety provisions, this umbrella has received ratings above 4 out of 5 on many websites. It has also remained to be one of the most well-loved kids umbrellas across the United States and in other countries as well.

With a Giddy Buggy design, the manufacturers have chosen a delightful color combination for this umbrella. Like many qualitative umbrellas, this umbrella also has safety tips on its spokes so that your child never gets hurt or has scratches on his/her skin. It is a suitable umbrella for children above the age of 4. Melissa & Doug are parents of six children, so as parents, you can fully trust all of their products. This umbrella is suitable for walking in the rain. It also works well when your child wants to have shading against the hot sun rays.

What we liked:

  • This umbrella has a design that will help make your kid’s day brighter.
  • It works well against the sun as well as rain.
  • The quality of this umbrella is top-notch.

What we didn’t like:

  • The canopy of this umbrella cannot withstand fast-paced winds.

How To Choose The Best Umbrellas For Your Kids

Best Umbrellas For Kids

You must consider these five factors before you think of purchasing umbrellas for kids. We have lined them up after many hours of research, so we ask you to read them carefully. After you are done knowing everything, you will get a fair idea of everything.

Let us discuss the information now –

1. Canopy size

If the canopy of the umbrella is not large enough, your child will get slightly wet. Generally, with small umbrellas, children mostly complain about their shoulders getting wet. Therefore it is crucial to choose an umbrella with the perfect size. Additionally, the size should not be too large; otherwise, they will have a problem walking in the crown. We have seen most of the parents picking 22 X 27 inches dimensions of the umbrellas when opened. If you pick a kid’s umbrella, you can also choose an umbrella with dimensions near the one we mentioned.

2. Weight of the umbrella

Picking heavy umbrellas will make your children complain about pain in their palms and arms. The muscles in the hands of children are soft, and you should never let them experience any strain. Unwanted strain can affect their growth, and that is something that your child should never experience. Thus, you must stick to choosing umbrellas with a lightweight. The weight of the umbrella can be easily known from its product description that can be searched on many e-commercial websites.

3. Handle of the umbrella

Instead of going with straight handles, you must buy umbrellas with curved handles. We are mentioning and asking you this because straight handles can slip from your child’s hand if his/her hands are slippery and wet. This will only make holding the umbrella quite uncomfortable for them. On the other hand, curved handles will keep your child’s hand safe so that no matter what happens, the umbrella will have the least chances of falling from their tiny hands. You can find such umbrellas easily on our list.

4. Spikes/Ribs

The spikes/ribs of an umbrella form the mainframe. Therefore, one must make sure that the frame is strong so that the umbrella lasts long. Additionally, you would have also seen how umbrellas turn upwards when the wind is high if the frame is string situations that like will never be created in the first place. Additionally, the ends of these spikes/rods must also be secured with round, plastic tips so that your kid never experiences any unwanted and painful scratches on his/her skin. If you do not find such tips in the umbrella of your choice, our suggestion will be to drop it at once.

5. Canopy Material

The material of the canopy of the umbrella should be entire water repellent and waterproof. This way, it will never make your child feel wet or leak at any time. However, this material should also be thick enough for use on sunny days. After all, the use of an umbrella is not just limited to rainy days. Many umbrellas come with a transparent canopy. Umbrellas like these are not going to offer any sort of sun protection. Therefore always watch out for the material and fabric used in the making of this canopy.

Kids Umbrellas Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course, in terms of quality, size, and overall weight, a kid’s umbrella is different from a regular umbrella. If they are not different, then why do you think there are kids and regular umbrellas on the market. While the prices and brand might not be different, there are differences as mentioned above.

It is not easy to predict the lifespan of a kid’s umbrella, but, as far as we know, they could last at least 1 or 2-year. While most kids umbrellas are comparatively more durable than regular umbrellas, if it is used too harsh, then the lifespan could be less.

Yes, of course, the lifespan of an umbrella commonly decreases due to two reasons. One, people tend to fold the umbrella even after using it rain and store it without drying it. Second, exposing the umbrella to too much humidity. Remember, the umbrella could withstand water and heat but not too much humidity. While storing the umbrella, it should be stored away from humidity and also left opened at regular intervals.

As far as we know, most of the kid’s umbrellas with unique shapes and designs do not last long. To be frank, it is the truth that you must accept and understand. On the other hand, some kid umbrellas come from good brands and last long even though they have unique designs and shapes.

No, there is nothing such as that. While all the kid’s umbrellas are designed to last long, there might be a difference in the types of materials used and the quality of the materials. However, the majority of the reputed brands market kids umbrellas that last long. Apart from all these, to be frank, to simpler the kids umbrella is, it tends to survive longer. If the kid’s umbrella has a complicated shape, then the lifespan could be comparatively low.

Wrapping Up

We are hoping that you liked at least one of the umbrellas that we described for you today. All of these products that we picked are known to be loved by many Americans and even by people outside of America. Besides the factors mentioned in our buying guide, you can also think of the cost of the umbrella you want to purchase. You must go with something qualitative and affordable at the same time. With an umbrella, your kid will have a fun time even when it is raining.

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