10 Best Baby Play Mats 2022 [For Baby Development and Safe Movement]

Babies are adorable as they grow. It is an enchanting moment as we see them smile and laugh around as they do anything. Baby play mats are a worthy investment for healthily grooming the kid. It is, in fact, the first baby toys that you can gift them for vibrant living. It not only provides entertainment for the kid but also improves progressive development in the babies. A baby starts crawling from 3 months. Giving them a safe environment to crawl and move is essential. A high-quality play mat for the kids makes it possible. There are numerous play mats available in the market. Choosing the right one becomes tricky. You must understand the benefits and decide on the requirements to get the right product. We have ten excellent play mats for the babies. Before getting on to that, it is good that we know the benefits of the play mats.

Advantages of Play Mats for Babies

The play mats offer various developmental benefits to babies. These developmental benefits are of two kinds. One is on the body, and the other is on the baby’s overall development. Let us see what benefits have a play mat got for your baby’s body. The play mats come with many designs and pictures. Those pictures and designs come in vibrant colors. It shall improve your kid’s eyesight to a good level. Their differentiation of colors starts happening from the kids’ age. The sharper colors are the ones they will recognize first. These sharper colors invoke their muscles in the eye, which in turn makes their eyesight powerful.Keeping a play mat allows the baby to crawl and roll. It shall help them to stabilize their trunk.

A kid must grow with progressive actions. The activities that they do must always give them appropriate support to the body. The play mat tends to bring the change in a consistent fashion. When the kid crawls and rolls, there are possibilities that they may respond to what happens externally. They tend to move their head, and this brings good neck strength. It is vital for a kid’s growth. As we see, there are many other benefits to the mind too. The kid shall start perceiving things properly. Also, a play mat can support the baby from getting hurt too. The extra-large padded mats can serve the best for you. Moreover, the environment being safe, the kids are left alone with the pictures.

Best Buy Play Mats For Baby Reviews

Now, let us see some of the high-class baby play mats that can suit your requirement.

1. Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam ABC Playmat

Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam ABC Playmat

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If you are planning to gift your kid the best product, Tadpoles 36 Piece ABC Playmat Set will be the one. The super-soft material with ultra-sturdy exteriors makes the playmat versatile and useful. The durability of the playmat is highly commendable. The soft pieces in the mat are removable. The best part is, every block is a letter in the English alphabet. You can allow the kid to roll and crawl all over. The 36 square feet mat gives a vast space for the baby to play too.

The dynamic color of the mat is so pleasant for the eyes too. The perception of your baby starts increasing day by day. And that too with the letters inscribed on it allows the child to learn at a younger age. The EVA foam, which is useful to make the playmat, is non-toxic. It makes the playmat safe for your kid. The lead-free material makes it highly appreciated effort by the makers of the playmat.

The maintenance also becomes very easy. You just have to wipe the mat clean, and that’s it, you are good to go. You must use a damp cloth, and it serves your cleaning purpose too. Each square measures afoot, and it is big for the kid to be safe enough to rest on it.

What is that we liked

  • The material in which the playmat is made
  • The cushion pieces that are very good for your baby to learn
  • The color of the playmat is commendable
  • The super-soft foam that gives utmost comfort
  • Vast space of 36 feet that the kid can roll and crawl.

What is that we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

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2. BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat

BalanceFrom Kid's Puzzle Exercise Play Mat

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This playmat comes in two varieties. One is a 16 tile playmat, while the other is the 36 tile playmat. Both are made of the same material, just that the size is different. The material in which the playmat is made makes it comfortable for the kid to crawl. Also, the safety measures taken by the makers is highly appreciated. The product is made out of lead-free material that comes with many safety factors. Also, the EVA foam is highly durable that can make this playmat available at your house for a very long time. Moreover, the detachable tiles are very good, and it will never lose its texture. This playmat could be of great help in your baby’s organic growth.

The high-density EVA foam with a 0.4-inch thickness makes it the best in the industry. The comfortable cushion spikes make it convenient for the kid to doze off without any disturbance. Your baby can roll and crawl so easily that it develops their back and trunk’s stability. The slip-resistant technology used in making the playmat makes it more conducive for kids. It shall immensely reduce your baby from getting injured. You can clean this playmat easily. You have to use a wet cloth and wipe it. The human effort is less, too; this product is famous for its portability. You can dismantle it completely and carry it too. The product also comes with a 2-year warranty.

What is that we liked

  • The highly durable material used to make this playmat
  • The detachable tiles are helpful in portability
  • Because of the non-stick material of this playmat, it is highly safe to use for babies.
  • 2-year warranty

What is that we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

3. Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

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It is a superb playmat that you can gift your kid. An ultra-soft mat that comes with versatile features that makes you buy this instantly. The padded material gives the utmost comfort to the baby. The best part of the playmat is the design. The super cute vibrant color shall make your kid energetic. At the same time, the softness and durability of the cushion make them sleep peacefully too. There are a few accessories that are attached to the playmat. It brings the baby’s attention. Also, the cushion imbibed mirror can help them recognize their face too. This padded playmat is designed the fabulous way that has increased potential towards kids’ mental and physical development. Also, the product is made with highly durable and safe material. It shall allow the babies to stay safe inside the carpet.

The vast crawling space that your baby can get is never seen before. Right from the material until the non-slip technology usage makes this the best product in the industry. This playmat can be easily folded and can be carried too. The carrot teether that the mat has allows the kid to soothe its mouth too. It is a complete package for your baby to enjoy as well as rest. The material and the padded cushion makes the playmat more comfortable. It is a machine washable material, and that makes it highly convenient for you too.

What is that we liked

  • Fabulously soft cushion material in the playmat
  • The vibrant color of the playmat
  • The portability feature of the playmat
  • The machine washing convenience too

What is that we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

4. Baby Care Play Mat


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As the name implies, this is a complete baby care play mat. With its vast size, this can create a mini-world to your baby. You can easily compare the size of this playmat with a typical queen-size bed. The highly durable material in which it is made makes the product top class. Also, the water-resistant surface makes this material a good one to use as well. The safety factors are always kept in mind while making this product. Firstly, the mat is vast, and it is a one-piece material. It has no inundations that make it uncomfortable for the kids. Secondly, the cushion is sturdy and soft. It is the one that makes your baby feel so comfortable being on this. Thirdly, the material is highly non-toxic. It is EVA free and also leads free. The makers claim to say even if you drop an egg from 10 feet height, it shall not break.

It is a fully safe and tested product for European standards, and it tests perfectly. Also, the playmat is reversible. There are different inscriptions on either side of the playmat. What must be understood is, this playmat is easy to clean. Also, this is waterproof, and that saves you from putting a lot of effort to clean the surface. The Babycare Playmat comes with a 2-year warranty, and that speaks about the durability too. It is a perfect investment for your kid’s future.

What is that we liked

  • A complete one-piece playmat
  • The material is so soft that it offers immense comfort
  • The product is the best when it comes to durability
  • The 2-year warranty on the product
  • The product is reversible, and you can use it side by side, either.

What is that we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

5. Baby Care Play Mat – Haute Collection

Baby Care Play Mat - Haute Collection

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The Haute collection of Baby Care Playmat is all the same when it comes to safety. The play mat is made out of the finest of the materials that shall help you stay in peace. There is no chance of your baby getting hurt at all. Firstly, the playmat is so huge that it is compared with the queen size of a bed. This vast area allows your kid to crawl as much as it wants. Also, the material in which the playmat is made is highly comfortable too. Secondly, the design and color of the playmat make it even more amazing. The pleasant color of the mat adds aesthetic sense to your house, and also, this mat can be used either of the sides. Thirdly, the playmat is very durable. It is also water-resistant. That means to say; you can have a happy time cleaning this mat too. It hardly takes 300 seconds to clean this.

The mat can be reversed as we saw, and it has different designs on either side. Each of the designs is made with a good sense of pleasantness. Moreover, the durability of the material and the product is commendable. The product can easily last long, and you can use it for other household purposes too. A complete package of happiness and safety awaits you to buy.

What is that we liked

  • Manufacturers have used an excellent quality of material to make this playmat
  • It is reversible and durable too
  • The maintenance becomes very easy too
  • The playmat is water-resistant

What is that we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

6. XDEMODA Baby Play Mat

XDEMODA Baby Play Mat

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If you are planning to offer ultimate care and comfort to your kid, opt for XDEMODA Reversible Baby Play Mat. It is one of the versatile playmats that your kid can enjoy and grow. This playmat comes with different designs on either side of the mat. One is the contemporary mat design with an elegant color mix, and the other is the modern outlook with vibrant colors. An ultimate playmat with different features that your kid shall relish. Also, the material being highly safe, this must be the first choice to gift your kid with. The vast size of the mat is commendable. It allows your baby to crawl as much as it can. The best part is the thickness; it is optimum and makes the comfort level the best.

The foldable playmat is easy for you to carry as well. It is made of highly durable material that shall last very long. With all these features, XDEMODA Reversible Baby Play Mat makes a perfect match to your kid’s safety and playfulness. All the care that you offer to the kid must come from the accessories that you offer the baby. The playmat is the best one, and that, too, with this product, you are offering the baby with extra comfort. The safe environment that it offers does not hurt your child too. The playmat is famous for its non-toxic material usage, and the soft cushion and anti-slip technology make it the best in the industry.

What is that we liked

  • Fabulous colors on either side of the mat
  • The product is made of high-quality material
  • Easy to lift and carry too
  • The cushion effect the playmat offers is commendable
  • Maintenance is very easy

What is that we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

7. Infinno Baby Water Play Mat

Infinno Baby Water Play Mat

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The Perfect sensory development of your baby can be developed using Infinno Tummy Time Mat. The one that you are looking at now is different from all the other playmats. It is inflated by air and water. All you have to do is fill water in the middle and air at the edges. It inflates the playmat in such a way that it is conducive for the kid to play. You can carry this one anywhere, you can drain the water and air. Fold it and put it in your backpack, and It is a convenient way for your kid to grow with proper senses. The colors displayed in the playmat are so vibrant that it can improve your kid’s vision.

The material in which the product is made is of superior quality. 100% leak-proof, and it is sturdy too. Also, the safety factors are kept in mind while making this playmat. This material is devoid of formaldehyde and any other toxic materials. It is tested for safety as well as waterproof technology. The size of the playmat is amazing too. The 26-inch playmat has got enough space for your kid to explore a lot in its life. A vibrant smile of your kid shall bring lots of happiness at home. It is the prime product for the same.

What is that we liked

  • Completely toxin-free material used
  • The water inflated playmat brings a new change in your kid’s movements
  • The vibrant colors in the playmat
  • The 100% durable and leak-proof setup

What are we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

8. Childlike Behavior Baby Play Mat

Childlike Behavior Baby Play Mat

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It is an excellent piece of accessory that a kid needs. The fantastic material in which the playmat is made is highly commendable. The product is trendy for its size, and yes, the 6 feet to 4 feet; playmat gives the whole world to the kid to crawl, roll, and have wonderful tummy time. The elegant color that the playmat comes with makes your house look beautiful too. You can be assured of the fact that you shall never get hurt being in this mat. The material in which the playmat is used is commendable too. The non-toxic material makes it the safest playmat ever. The highly durable material can be dismantled and carried too. The lightweight feature makes the product the best when it comes to portability.

The material is top-notch; it gives you a lot of benefits. The cleaning becomes very easy. The water-resistant feature makes it a high-quality playmat too.

What is that we liked

  • The extra-large size of the playmat
  • The excellent material used to make the playmat
  • The durability of the material too

What is that we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

9. Toddleroo by North States Playmat

Toddleroo by North States Playmat

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The perfectly sized playmat with amazing features makes this product the best in the market. The product is made for your kid to make use of it as a play area too. Yes, the vast 71″ X71″ makes it a mammoth playmat. The size of the playmat being big, the material in which it is made, is also commendable. It is made of a baby play material, and that means to say, you can be assured of safety. The cushion effect that the playmat offers makes it highly convenient for the baby to roll and crawl. Also, this gives them a very sound sleep too.

The playmat is water-resistant and comes with a high range of durability too. It made from PE foam, and that makes it more sturdy too.

What is that we liked

  • The vast size of the playmat
  • The lightweight feature of the playmat
  • The foldable feature makes it easy for you to carry as well
  • The product is highly durable too

What is that we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

10. Baby Play Mat, Extra Large Baby Piece

Baby Play Mat, Extra Large Baby Piece

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The high-quality playmat is made from XPE foam. That means to say, this is not only safe but also highly durable. This material makes this playmat weightless too. On the other hand, this playmat is named for its size. When expanded, this foldable beauty spreads up to 77 inches in length and 70 inches in the breadth. With the width being 0.4 inches, this offers optimum conditions for the kid to grow.

The 100% waterproof material makes this highly qualified to be used in any condition too. The product comes with elegant colors, and that shall excite the baby as well. The foldable and lightweight product offers it to become a portable product too.

What is that we liked

  • The vast size of the playmat
  • The XPE foam makes it highly durable too
  • The elegant colors on the playmat make it vibrant too

What is that we did not like

  • Nothing as of now

How To Choose The Best Baby Play Mats

Best Baby Play Mats

You must be sure of certain factors before purchasing the play mat for your baby. It may range from safety to comfort. Without these factors, do not even think of purchasing a play mat for your kid. Let us see some of the crucial ones that must be analyzed.

1. Types of Playmats

There are indeed many types of playmats available for the babies. What is that you are looking for matters a lot. There are activity mats, Gym time mats, and also tummy time mats. Of course, the requirement of play mats is also there. But if you are looking for a plain and high qualified playmat required for the baby to crawl, then look for the ones that match the below-mentioned factors.

2. Comfort

This must be the first thing that you must notice while buying the playmat. Ensure that the mat is well padded and also evenly spread. It must make your baby feel comfortable. Also, this allows your kid to sleep conveniently. See for any bumps and negate the ones that come with that too.

3. Thickness

This is vital. The thickness must be optimal and must not be more too. If it is more, there is a possibility of the baby slipping from the bed. Also, the thickness shall determine the durability of the mat too. The thickness of the playmat shall also play a vital role in protecting the baby from getting hurt.

4. Safety

Of course, the above two factors can easily help you get safe playmats. But there are other factors that you must be aware of too. The material in which the mat is made must be the prime requirement. Please do not get any artificial and toxic material made playmats. It shall affect the baby’s health. Also, the cushion must be optimal, and it must be supportive and not slipping.

5. Portability

Being a parent, you will have to look for this factor. You must be able to carry this wherever you want. Also, if the mat has the folding capacity, it would be the best choice too. Also, the weight of the playmat shall determine this. Think if you will often be traveling and buy the playmat accordingly.

6. Accessories

Yes, some playmats come with extra accessories. Check for them if they are qualified enough to be used by the kids. Also, check if the toys can disassemble. Get the solid one.

7. Material

Get the playmat that is made from materials that do not cause any health hazards to your baby. Get the ones that are non-slipping. Also, buy the one that is sturdy enough to withstand for a long time.

8. Size

Lastly, this must be the one you must check. Most of the time, this is unnecessary, but get the playmat which is of optimum size. You must think and see if the baby can roll and crawl without any limitations inside the playmat area.

Baby Play Mats Frequently Asked Questions

No, baby play mats are not a necessary accessory. A baby can play on the bed or on the naked floor. There are no consequences for it, however, if you want your baby to be comfortable and to prevent the floor from getting damaged, a baby play mat could help with it.

As far as we know, most of the experts do not recommend any specific age. However, some doctor we talked to mentioned that the baby should not be allowed to play on the play mat once he/she reaches 8-months old. Some other recommend 4-5 months should be the maximum age limit. Now, there are still debate going on, but, as a parent or guardian, it should be your decision.

Yes, if the baby play mat that you purchased has good designs and art work on it. It could help in the development of visual sensory, hand eye coordination, and also in the development of fine motor skills. While there are some experts who do not agree to this fact, it is the truth.

All the baby play mats made of foam is not good. However, there are food-grade and low density polyethylene foams that is certified to safe and good for use. If you baby play mat is made of such material, then your baby play mat is the good. But, in India, finding such foam baby play mat is not easy. If you need such baby play mat, you need to consider imported baby play mats.

If you are a DIY enthusiast you could consider making a baby play mat at home. In fact, it is simple to make if you have the necessary skills and the materials. All you need is a 2 cotton bed sheets with designs or art, sewing machine, cotton batting. You need to cut the bedsheets in such a way that both these bedsheets could enclose the cotton batting in between. Once they are cut, you need to spread the bed sheet, place the cotton batting on top, and then spread the second bed sheet on the top. Now, you need to stitch the sides on the bedsheet to hold the cotton batting firmly. Voila, your baby play mat is ready.

Wrapping Up

Finally, using a baby play mat helps in improving visual perception, helps in the development of cognitive skills, stimulates the self-awareness, teaches the baby to be self dependent, helps in boosting gross motor development. The Playmats are of ultimate necessity to your kid if you plan to offer a safe environment to the kids. The playmats shall be the best for any kid from 3 months of age. The factors that we have shown earlier are the ones you shall be checking while buying the playmat too. The ones that we have displayed are of top-class quality. Match with your requirements and get the best one for your kid. All the Best!!!

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