Baby Rompers, Onesies & Bodysuits – What’s The Difference?

One of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to newborns is their clothing. Newborn babies have very delicate and sensitive skin. Merely touching them with little pressure can hurt their skin. While doing baby shopping, one must look for the following vital points; firstly, the fabric of whatever cloth you wish to buy must be soft and comfortable. Secondly, it should not be complex; this makes it more hospitable for parents to change the clothing even while traveling. Parents are usually confused about baby clothing as there is availability of vast variety in baby cloth these days.

One of the most frequently asked questions by parents is the difference between baby rompers, onesies, and bodysuits. There is no doubt to it that all these clothes look fantastic on your little munchkin. We are bringing this topic today as it is essential for a parent to know everything about their baby’s wardrobe-essentials. This question frequently comes from new parents or parents to be. They want to be all prepared with a new set of clothes and accessories.

Parents are always so excited about the arrival of the new baby. Now, all the shopaholic parents got a new reason to shop. Baby’s comfort should be the topmost priority of every parent. Many people are embarrassed to ask these questions to the shopkeeper. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of not knowing about these clothing. Though they might look similar, but there lies a basic difference in all three of them. Want to know what are they? Read the article till the end.

We are listing down a few points that will help you in better understanding of these 3 basic newborn wardrobe essentials:

Let us begin with the definition

What is a Romper?

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Rompers

A romper is a baby garment that comes in a single piece. These baby garments are made for infants, newborns, and toddlers. This comfortable piece of clothing was the first baby garment to be featured in America. It usually has full sleeves and long legs along with some zippers and fasteners to facilitate diaper changing.

What is an Onesie?


Onesies are the most widely used baby clothes all over the world. It looks amazing on babies; you might have seen cute baby pictographs in baby magazines wearing these items of clothing. Onesies are the tee shirts extending below the crotch along with buttons and snaps to allow easy diaper changing. The onesies make enough room for a diaper; therefore, they are often used as replacement of tee shirts in young infants.

What is a Bodysuit?


Bodysuits are often defined as one piece of clothing that is usually more comfortable than the other two. A bodysuit is a one-piece along with snaps and buttons that helps to allow easy diaper changing. It can also be worn during the night as baby sleepwear. It is also extended below the crotch to cover the diaper and keep it in place.

Which one among these is most comfortable?

Comfort is something that no one wants to compromise with their babies. Whether it is a piece of cloth, a diaper, or baby accessories; we want all of it to provide paramount comfort to our baby. Babies sensitive and delicate skin make them more prone to rash. The onesies are the most comfortable when it comes to baby clothing. These are usually made from cotton fabric that makes it more breathable and less allergic to baby. Onesies are ready to go options for comfortable daily wear.

Which one allows effortless diaper changing?

All three of these clothing items are made for facilitating easy diaper changing. For aiding diaper changing the rompers, bodysuits, and onesies have snaps, buttons, zippers, and fasteners in them. If we talk of safety snaps and buttons are more secure for infants and toddlers. Zippers can sometimes cause accidental injury if not zipped properly. However, tying the fastener too tight can make the baby irritable and uncomfortable. Most people prefer clothing of crotch length over full length for diaper changing.

Which one is travel friendly?

There are various aspects to consider when it comes to traveling. Babies tend to be more unfriendly during traveling. It takes some time for babies to adapt to surrounding and make themselves familiar with it. No one wants to make their baby look messy and tired while visiting a new place. You always want your baby to look like a celebrity face receiving dozens of compliments. A comfortable fabric and ease of changing diaper adds to it. When your baby feels happier, he/she radiate positivity from their smile.  Therefore, a romper would be the best option to consider while traveling. It provides comfort, easy diaper change, and fashionable looks. You can also take a bodysuit in consideration, if traveling to a chiller place.

Which can be used as multipurpose clothing?

Multipurpose clothing implies to a cloth that works for playtime, naptime, travel, and also during a good night sleep. We recommend bodysuits for this purpose. Bodysuits are made from soft and warm fabrics that can keep your baby active all day long. Not only it provides your baby more action-filled day, but instead, it also serves during night time. You can comfortably replace a baby’s night suit with a bodysuit. It does not interfere with baby sleep, and your little munchkin wakes up fresh the next day.

Which offers more designs and prints?

Who does not want their baby to look fashionable and adorable? Nowadays, there is a lot of advancement in this field. Mothers and babies are getting twin clothes to complement their relationship. If you have a baby girl, you would surely want her to look like a stylish diva. Rompers are available in customized styles and designs. These offer various designs such as embroidery, cute prints, cozy, and chic designs. Rompers are suitable not only for baby girls but, it has several adorable designs and exciting colors for baby boys too. Some rompers also offer extra matching accessories like hair band, rubber band, belts, and scrunchies with it. Bodysuits and onesies also have various designs but, most of them are simple and basic.

Which offers more resistance to changing weather?

If you live in a chillier place, we would recommend you to go for onesies and bodysuits. They have fully covered legs and full sleeves, which provides more warmth to the baby. It relaxes the baby by dissipating even heat to their body through the soft fabric. If you live in a tropical region, go for an onesie or a romper. These are usually up to the crotch, and the thin breathable fabric keeps the baby cooler. It helps to maintain the temperature of their bodies. Babies are more prone to be affected by changing temperatures. Therefore, it is a must to pick the right kind of cloth.

Which one of these is the most affordable?

Shopping and searching go hand in hand. If you are a shopaholic, you will get the sense of the before mentioned line. All these clothing are affordable for the little ones. It takes some time to search and get a perfect piece of cloth for your baby. Most of these start from $6 and range up to $60. Also, many people like to shop from a particular brand. Therefore, this question becomes quite complex for us to answer. If you want a regular piece of clothing in an affordable range, go for onesies. If you are looking for pretty colors and designs at a low expense, go for rompers and bodysuits.

Baby clothing shopping is an essential part of life for all new mothers. There is no chance of confusion after a detailed explanation like this. We hope you are ready for your baby shopping now!

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