10 Best Diaper Pails 2022 [To Reduce Odor of Soiled Diapers]

As new parents, the biggest problem that you will have to deal with is diapers! We have seen and witnessed that newborn babies spoil their diapers more than you expect them to. Therefore they will need a diaper change again and again throughout the day. Don’t forget that you will also have to change their diapers if they wet it multiple times. Changing a baby’s diaper is undoubtedly something you need to learn beforehand.

However, learning such things is never tricky, and you will surely get a hand of it. You won’t get the hang of a suitable container where you can discard those dirty diapers as soon as possible. You must never go with any random bin because they won’t contain the stench of smelly diapers for long. For that, you will need to invest in a special type of bin that is made explicitly for diaper disposal.

These bins are known as diaper pails. The thing that makes them different from other bins is that they have a lid that seals diapers’ smell very well. Sometimes you can also fit a carbon filter in it, and the odor-locking will be even better in that case. If you want to grab one of these diaper pails, we have ten options for you below.

Are Diaper Pails Absolutely Necessary?

Diaper Pail

If you are a person who has space and good options to dispose of the used diapers, then a diaper pail is not necessary. Diaper pails become an absolute necessity only if you have no option to dispose of the used diaper. Remember, the role of a diaper pail is that it could hold the used diaper without allowing the stench to escape. Once, the diaper pail is full, you could empty the pail somewhere.

Best Buy Diaper Pails Reviews

We have described them all so let’s get ready to take a vivid look at each of them –

1. Ubbi Odor Locking Diaper Pail

Ubbi Odor Locking Diaper Pail

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This superb diaper pail by Ubbi is made from stainless steel. Therefore, it is much more effective in locking the odor of used diapers when compared with other diaper pails in the market. For the disposal of diapers, you will never require any extra disposal bags. You can instead discard the diapers directly in this pair. This way, this pail will help you in minimizing the waste that you create when you dispose of your baby’s diapers. There are rubber seals around the rim of this pail; therefore, the foul smell will always be locked inside.

For easy and quick diaper disposal, a small part of the lid can also be used by sliding the slider. This way, you won’t have to open the lid repeatedly when you have dirty diapers in your hands. Additionally, this pail can hold up to 55 diapers to its fullest extent. This is the reason why many people in America trust this product more than anything. You will also love that the design of this pail has also won awards, and from that, you can know how functional it is.

What we liked:

  • This diaper pail can be chosen from a wide array of color options.
  • You can store it in the corner of your baby’s room, and it will blend with the interiors very well.
  • It can contain 55 diapers very easily.

What we didn’t like

  • Fortunately, there is nothing that we don’t like about this diaper pail by Ubbi.

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2. Dekor Hands-free Economical Diaper Pail

Dekor Hands-free Economical Diaper Pail

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You can purchase this economical diaper pail from various colors, including grey, soft blue, soft mint, white, and soft pink. However, the soft blue pail will cost you a little more money out of all these colors. What we like the most about this diaper pail is that you don’t even have to touch it to open its lid. Yes, that’s right. To open it, you just have to step on the pedal at the base, and it will quickly open the lid smoothly. After that, you can easily throw the dirty diapers and go on to directly wash your hands.

Additionally, its front portion opens like a door. This way, when the pail is full, you will be able to empty it in a hassle-free way. However, make sure you line the pail with a proper garbage bag; otherwise, when you open it, all the dirty diapers will fall on the floor. Besides disposing of diapers, you can also use this product to discard any type of pet waste. Hence, the use of this diaper pail is not just limited to the disposal of your baby’s diapers. If you wish, you can also use the liners from the same brand Dekor as they are amazing and go very well with this pail.

What we liked:

  • The entire hands-free nature of this diaper pail is what sets it apart from other products.
  • You won’t have to bend every time you want to discard your baby’s diapers.
  • You can also discard your pet’s waste off in it.

What we didn’t like:

3. Playtex Genie Complete Diaper Pail

Playtex Genie Complete Diaper Pail

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Out of all the diaper pails that we have ever come across, we appreciate the minimalist design of this Diaper Pail by Playtex the most. It is available in many solid colors, namely, blue, white, green, grey, and pink. You will also get a refill with this pail, and that truly makes the deal more amazing than it already is. Like the previously mentioned diaper pail, this product also has a foot pedal, which helps open its lid. Therefore, you won’t have to bend every time you are supposed to throw your baby’s diapers.

It can hold many diapers easily. This is why you won’t have to empty it, again and again, courtesy its large capacity. You can also change the liner very quickly as the pail’s front portion can be lead forward to do so. Playtex is a lovely brand, and it has been helping parents a lot in taking better care of their babies. You can place this diaper pail anywhere in the room, and it will still never disturb the tone of the interior designs. This diaper pail only weighs 8 pounds, and you can move it around any time you want to.

What we liked:

  • The price of this diaper pail is very cost-effective.
  • The dimensions of the product are such that the pail can hold almost 50 diapers at a time.
  • Many customers have rated this diaper pail above 4/5 stars on Amazon.

What we didn’t like:

The size of the pail won’t be sufficient if you have more than one baby.

4. Safety 1st Diaper Pail

Safety 1st Diaper Pail

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Trust us when we say that this has been the cheapest diaper pail until now, yet it is highly functional. The economical price is the reason why thousands of people have tried it. If you don’t believe us, you can look at this product’s ratings on the internet. The sheer happiness of people who have used it is wholly reflected by their reviews. Therefore, we tried to bring this diaper pail by Safety 1st on our list. The only thing wrong with this pail is that you can only buy it from a single color option, which is white.

But even after that, the design of the pail is not dull. Yes, that’s right. And that is because of the top lid of the product, which has a robust grey design. Safety 1st made its advent in the market over 30 years ago, and since then, they have tirelessly served a lot of customers in America. They also have a good customer base outside the United States, and you can fully trust them. They serve innovative products so that parenting never becomes a job full of hassle, especially for new parents. Don’t go by the low price of this diaper pail as it is still highly qualitative.

What we liked:

  • The price of this diaper pail is such that many new parents can afford it easily.
  • You can also use it as a regular dustbin after you have stopped using diapers for your baby.
  • Its lid can be opened with a single hand.

What we didn’t like:

  • Sometimes opening the lid can be a bit difficult, especially when you have your hands full.

5. Munchkin Diaper Pail

Munchkin Diaper Pail

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Munchkin is one of the few brands that have received constant support from parents all across America. All their products are amazing, but today we are bringing their diaper pail to you. For helping with offset gas emissions, Munchkin has also promised that with every diaper pail that is sold, they will plant a tree. Isn’t that amazing? Such things should always be appreciated, especially when global warming is increasing day by day. The greener our planer, the better. Choosing Munchkin will only bring good things for you.

If we speak about the pail, we won’t stop talking about its design. The entire thing is very smooth in operation, so it is effortless to open and close it. You will also get a refill system that is lavender scented. Such scent will surely help in reducing the bad smell of the diapers. Also, don’t worry about any smell escaping the pail as it seals everything very well. You also won’t have to touch the lid every time to open it as you can do the opening just by pressing the pedal at the base with your foot. Nonetheless, you will love using it regularly.

What we liked:

  • The design of this diaper pail is such that you will never witness any sharp edges or defects in it.
  • Its lid opens very smoothly and does not create any unwanted and intolerable noise when that is done.
  • The attachment process of toss bags in this pail is very easy.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of this diaper pail is a little high.

6. Playtex Diaper Pail with Refills and Carbon Filters

Playtex Diaper Pail

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Our love for Playtex Diaper Pails is immense, which is why this is the second diaper by them that we will discuss here. This deal is a set in which you will get – a diaper pail, eight carbon filters, and eight diaper refills. What more can a parent wish for? And even after that, this set’s price is still reasonable. After all, you are getting carbon filters, right? The purpose of carbon filters is to lock the odor and control it in every possible way. Therefore, if you ever forget to empty the pail, it will still not let any smell of dirty diapers escape in the room.

This ultimate set can also be used as a gift. Imagine how much your near and dear ones will love it. For people who have just had a baby, this set will be like a blessing. As far as newborn diapers are concerned, this diaper pail can easily hold as many as 270 diapers. Isn’t that crazy? Additionally, many people complain about the stench that they feel even after the pails that they purchase are claimed to lock the odor. Don’t worry about such things with this diaper pail; the carbon filter will excellently do its job.

What we liked:

  • This diaper pail is perfect in eliminating all sorts of microbes after the diaper disposal.
  • For substantial diaper smell elimination, the carbon filters work exceptionally well.
  • As you already know, this is a set, so it will be less costly for you when you compare the price with individual products.

What we didn’t like:

  • For people who do not like sets, this diaper pail is not the one.

7. Munchkin Portable Diaper Pale

Munchkin Portable Diaper Pale

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Since everyone seems to love diaper pails from Munchkin here, we have another version of a fantastic diaper pail. Additionally, it is cheaper than the one that we described before. However, we will have to inform you that it is not supposed for rough uses, and you should only buy it so that it could serve as a pail when you are outdoors with your baby. Additionally, when it is full, you are supposed to discard it along with the diaper it holds. So watch out for that before you seal the deal on this one.

As per the size of the packs of this pail are concerned, you can go with buying it in a pack of 1, 2, or 5 as per your needs. It stands upright, but it can also be folded so that it fits in your bags. People who have bought this, claim that – it can hold a baby’s diapers for three days. After that period, you will be bound to discard it as it won’t contain the stench in it. One thing that we appreciate the most about it is its resealable lid. It helps in trapping huge amounts of bad odor inside the pail very easily. You can also learn how to close it very quickly.

What we liked:

  • This diaper pail is ideal for people who often take their baby’s on a day out.
  • When you are on a picnic, you won’t have to keep looking for a dustbin if you have this diaper pail.
  • It is very easy to use and won’t take a lot of space in your bags.

What we didn’t like:

  • You will have to dispose of this diaper pail after it is full.

8. Bubula Diaper Pail

Bubula Diaper Pail

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Steel diaper pails are much more reliable and robust when compared to those made from hard plastics. Therefore we have for you the superb diaper pail by Bubula. However, you will have to pay a lot of money to get your hands on it. Its price is on the high end, so only a few hundreds of people have bought it. The best thing about this pail is that it is completely airtight. This way, it does not let the odor escape it at all. It is also larger in dimensions when compared to other pails from other companies.

After you are done using it as a diaper pail, you can switch to using it as a trash can or a regular dustbin. Additionally, it also has safety locks. Therefore, if your child or pets hit it, they still won’t be able to open it. This helps a lot because no one wants to clean that diaper mess. You also do not have to purchase any expensive liners to line it regular ones would be sufficient. You can open it even while you are holding your baby. Its capacity will never be a problem for you at all. You will like this diaper pail a lot.

What we liked:

  • All the colors that this diaper pail can be brought from are light and lovely.
  • It can be opened very quickly at all times.
  • It has steel construction, and you can also use it as a trash can or dustbin as it is huge.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of this diaper pail is very high.

9. Busch Systems Diaper Pail

Busch Systems Diaper Pail

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This handy diaper pail looks like a regular trash bin. You can toss in dirty diapers for one to two days in it. After that, it will need to be emptied. Additionally, you should never forget to line it because if you don’t, the diapers’ bad smell will not leave it even after you are done emptying it. It is available in one color and design. Also, its capacity is 7 gallons.

It is also specially designed for cloth diapers; therefore, if you use those, this is the pail that you must choose without overthinking. There is also a teddy bear cage in it, which helps in holding a carbon filter. This way, the pail tries to contain as much bad odor as it can. Its dimensions are – 17 X 13 X 13 inches. You can use it regularly to throw your baby’s diapers, and it will work just fine.

What we liked:

  • It only weighs 3 pounds and is hence easy to move.
  • Other than a good capacity, this diaper pail also has a carbon filter fitting section.
  • Its lid is very durable, and it also has two side handles.

What we didn’t like:

  • This diaper pail is designed for the disposal of cloth diapers.

10. Creative Baby Diaper Pail

Creative Baby Diaper Pail

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Many people love creative Baby Diaper Pails. This time, we have their Tidy diaper pail. This pail is available in four colors, which are pearl, blue, white, and gray. You can pick anything you wish to, and the pail will still suit all the things you might have in your baby’s room. It has a very modern design and is also easy to use at the same time. It is made from a hard plastic material that won’t crack or break at all.

Additionally, the width of its opening is 5.5 inches. This width is enough to through even big diapers with ease. We have seen many parents who have to fold the diaper one to two times to toss it. That is not what you will have to do if you go with this diaper pail. It is very easy to open, and you won’t feel any type of trouble tossing and discarding your baby’s diaper in it.

What we liked:

  • Many customers across America have rated this diaper pail very well.
  • It has a very easy going and functional design.
  • You can choose this diaper pail from four color options.

What we didn’t like:

  • Since it is made from plastic, you will have to line it every time.

How To Choose The Best Diaper Pail

Best Diaper Pails

You can try reading the five factors that we have mentioned below. All these factors are carefully chosen and described. They will help you in selecting the right diaper pail –

1. Odor Locking Feature

The worst thing that can happen if you invest in a diaper pail is when it does not lock the odor. A foul stench will hence spread in the room from the dirty diapers, and let us tell you that it is challenging to eliminate. Thus, always stick to buying diaper pails that have lids that lock and seal well. You can also go with the purchasing diaper pails that have filters in them. Most of the filters are carbon filters. If the diaper pail comes with such filters, it will be beneficial for you. However, most of the time, you will have to buy them separately.

2. Size

The size of a diaper pail matters a lot as you never know how many diapers your baby is going to spoil. We have also seen many new parents struggling a lot as newborns poop a lot! Therefore, stick to the standard-sized diaper pails. They can carry almost 50 diapers and hence won’t require emptying again and again throughout the day. Additionally, if you have twins, the diaper pail’s size must be large enough to hold the dirty diapers of both the babies. And if you still struggle, buy an extra diaper pail for emergencies.

3. Lid

The lid of the diaper pail is very important to take a look at. When you are holding a dirty diaper, you will want to dispose of it as soon as possible. However, with diaper pails that need to open using your hands, you will face a lot of hassle. Many lids have a slider that can be easily slid to toss the diaper inside the pail; however, many of the pails also require you to open the whole lid every time. Stick to buying pails that have easy-to-open lids. If you are struggling a lot, you must choose pails that have lids that can be opened as you step on the foot pedal at the base. Foot pedals will also never require you to bend every time you use the diaper pail.

4. Color and Design

With the advent of minimalism, many people now wish to have minimal designs in the diaper pail that they choose. They also do not like bright colors and instead stick to buying the ones that are colored using solid colors only. Such colors must be mild enough to blend effortlessly with the interiors. No one likes a diaper pail to stand out. Everyone want such products to just sit in the corner and never really come in the view. We have also seen customers that choose their pail’s colors according to the gender of their baby. If you are also someone like that you can do it too. However, gender-neutral colors are better.

5. Price Range

Let’s be honest; you are only going to use diaper pails for a few years only. As soon as your child is potty trained, you will not have any needs of using a diaper pail. Therefore, we advise you not to go buying the most expensive and high-end diaper pails. Instead, try picking the economical options. But before you look for the price, try understanding the quality of the product as well. Additionally, keep the other factors as given above in your mind as well. You will then be able to choose a good diaper pail that will serve you very well.

How To Clean Diaper Pails?

Even though a diaper pail helps in getting rid of the unwanted smell from the used diapers, there are still some issues that you will conquer during the journey of raising a baby. A diaper pail start smelling, when you are dumping the plenty of diapers every day and require you to find an alternative to eradicate this problem. Here are two easy solutions that you can take into consideration.

Solution 1 – Using Vinegar or Baking Soda

One of the common methods used by most people is vinegar or baking soda. Some people like to choose different mixtures, this one will work fine in most cases –

  • To implement this solution, you have to properly clean the diaper pail with water. You pour warm water inside the pail and clean it thoroughly.
  • After getting rid of all the solid waste or stains, spray a little vinegar or baking soda inside the diaper pail.
  • Take a spray bottle and add two tablespoons of borax to it. Put warm water inside and to be precise, using two cups will be enough.
  • Dissolve the mixture by swishing around for less than a minute. Now take ½ cup of vinegar and put 10 to 20 drops of tea tree oil inside.
  • Now spray the content inside the diaper pails and let it sit around for ten minutes. Once you have done all the steps, take a paper towel and clean it properly.
  • Keep the diaper pail closed during those ten minutes and after cleaning, you should the smell fade by keeping the lid open.

It will take less than a half-hour to fade the smell of vinegar and the other mixture. Putting the diaper pail in a ventilated area will remove all the smell out of it.

Solution 2 – Cleaning Agent

You can choose a strong cleaning agent with a good fragrance. Liquid Dishwashing detergents are common and they can also come in handy.

  • Take a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent and mix it with lukewarm water inside a spray bottle.
  • Mix it properly and let the foam explode. After a few minutes, spray the liquid solution inside the diaper pail and then clean it off with some lukewarm water.
  • After that, keep the diaper pail in a ventilated area for a few minutes and you are done with the job.

This method is effective, but some people find it less reliable because the fragrance of dishwashing detergent doesn’t fade effectively in many cases.

Diaper Pails Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, diaper pails are a good investment if the model and design are good. There are more than 1 or 2 dozens of different diaper pail models on the market. If you succeed in selecting the best and purchasing it, then it would be a good investment. Apart from this, purchase a diaper pail only if you really need one. Not all parents or guardians need a diaper pail. If you need it, then it is a good investment.

You need to empty the diaper pail based on its capacity. The capacity of different models of a diaper pail is different. If your diaper pail is full, then you need to empty it. Apart from this, no rule says when to empty the diaper pail. It all depends on the model and how many diapers you have dumped in the diaper pail.

No, a diaper pail is entirely different from a standard dustbin. Remember, standard dustbins could hold used diapers, but, they cannot conceal the odour. When it comes to a diaper pail, it is designed in such a way that it could hold the used diapers for at least a week without allowing the stench from spreading. While both standard dustbins and diaper pail are dustbins, the design and purpose are different.

Yes, of course, even though a diaper pail holds used diapers, it needs to be cleaned. Remember, if the diaper pail is too dirty, then it could trigger mold and bacteria growth. This could transfer to the user's hand and it, in turn, could transfer to the baby. Which, eventually could result in health issues. Therefore, if possible clean the diaper pail every time you empty it. Use sprinkle some baking soda leave it for 5-minutes and then wash away it. That’s it, the cleaning is done.

Yes, of course, a diaper pail could hold both pee and poop diapers without giving off any stench. In fact, pee diapers do not usually give off any stench, instead, it is the poop diaper that gives off a stench. A diaper pail could hold both pee and poop diapers.

Bottom Line

We wish that you liked at least one of the diaper pails out of the ten options that we brought here for you today. Our experts handpick all the pails after a lot of research. As you read their details, you will surely realize the one pail that you will like the most.

If you don’t wish to go out looking for them, you can shop for them online, and the diaper pail of your choice will soon reach your doorstep.

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