3 Best Baby Crib Sheets 2022 [For Safe Sleep]

For the parents, choosing kid-friendly products is quite a challenging task as they have to pay extra attention.

When it comes to the baby comfort and restless sleep, the crib mattress wrap completes the baby bed. Crib sheets are something to cover your baby’s beds with, they’re also a delicate yet convenient way to complete the baby’s nursery. A sheet with adequate size and proper fitness enables you to create the safest sleep environment for your baby.

They can also put unique & stylish touches on nursery space with vibrant colors and cute prints & designs. But safety is a primary aspect when choosing products designed for infants and toddlers, so choose the fabric that doesn’t harm your baby’s delicate & soft skin. In addition, keep comforter, blankets, bumpers and stuffed animals out of the crib to enhance safety.

No matter which crib sheet you choose, make sure you have more options for midnight changes. For that, we have listed our picks on the markets that will fit your preferences and mentioned the factors to be considered while buying crib sheets. Not only this, maintenance, care and washing of sheets types, sizes and all about crib sheets. Let’s quickly discuss:

Different Crib Sheet Materials

If you are looking to buy some crib sheets for your baby bed, you are expected to consider the many options available out there. But before that, you need to know about the types of crib sheets. All of them are as follow:

  • Bamboo Crib Sheets

Bamboo Crib Sheets is stronger and absorbent material than others. These sheets are typically made of 100% organic bamboo viscose without any mixes of other fabrics. At first use, they may feel scratchy and slightly rough but after a wash, they become soft and breathable to help your baby sleep peacefully.

  • Cotton Crib Sheets

Cotton or Organic Crib Sheets are easy to maintain and safe for machine wash. They are usually made of pure organic cotton fabric which is soft enough for the baby’s delicate skin. It is completely hypoallergenic and has ideal breathability. These are considered to be the best type of crib sheet you can pay for.

  • Polyester Crib Sheets

For people looking for an affordable fabric, there is no good option than polyester sheets. Because they are cheaper than cotton or bamboo sheets and don’t shrink or wrinkle. Some experts say that they are neither hypoallergenic nor breathable for the baby’s gentle skin.

  • Linen Crib Sheets

If you’re looking for highly durable, hypoallergenic and organic sheets, this is going to be a great choice. Linen Crib Sheets adjust the bedding temperature and surpass their breathability. One significantly drawback is that they shrink easily.

  • Flannel Crib Sheets

Another great option if you live in colder regions. These sheets are typically produced using soft & gentle natural wool. However, these sheets will keep your baby comfortable, warm and safe inside the crib. The fabric used in sheets is quite wider than cotton and bamboo crib sheets fabric.

List of Top-three Baby Crib Sheets

1. Burt’s Bees Baby Crib Sheet

Burt's Bees Baby Crib Sheet

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Burt’s bee is a leading brand on this list that’s all products come in stunning wide of patterns and promotes safe sleep for your little ones. Burt’s bees baby’s Crib sheets are designed to keep the baby’s safety in mind. The sheet is made to keep the baby’s sensitive & gentle skin irritation and rash free. 100% organic cotton crib sheet is certified by GOTS so that parents can rest easy too. Its premium elastic with extra stretch provides a warmer and safer fit for your baby.

The brand provides a wide range of cute and colorful prints for little ones’ choice. Each design is modern and stylish that every parent looks for and can easily match to baby’s nursery. The fabric is also safe for washing and cleaning if you treat it properly.

The softness, thickness, and tight fit over a standard crib mattress keep in place and enables extra padding underneath. Sometimes some prints may have disappeared after one or two use but not with this sheet. Give a comfy and relaxing sleep to your baby with a wide range of crib sheets from Burt’s Bees.

What do we like?

  • They are available in colorful patterns and prints.
  • Certified by GOTS for top-notch quality.

What we don’t like?

  • The set of sheets isn’t safe for laundry wash.

2. American Baby Company Mini-Crib Sheet

American Baby Company Mini-Crib Sheet

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American Baby Company has been a trustworthy manufacturer since 2007 to provide baby products that offer quality and great value. Mini-Crib Sheets by American Baby Company offer a warm and tee shirt like feel for remarkable comfort. This cotton jersey knit fitted sheet provides cosiness for the next generation. The measurement of the sheet is 24″ x 38″ which can easily fit up to 3 thick mattresses. It has deep pockets with elastic all around offer a secure and snug fit for the baby’s comfort.

The sheets are softer, comfortable, and even affordable; however, they are available in a variety of colors and designs that can match any nursery style. These mini-crib sheets serve the best purposes and are available at a great price. Buyers must note that these cribs are safe for machine wash but use cold water & gently cycle and should be tumble dry low for outstanding results.

What do we like?

  • Crib sheets from American brands are available in different sizes, color prints and styles.
  • The fabric is baby-friendly.

What we don’t like?

  • The thickness size isn’t perfect as you want.

3. The Peanutshell Fitted Crib Sheet Set

The Peanutshell Fitted Crib Sheet Set

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Instead of buying one crib sheet, good to go with a set of two offered by The Peanutshell. For your female baby girls, you can consider these two crib sheets that have been carefully selected to comfortable, breathable, and soft. It is made from premium 100% microfiber that will be the perfect collection for your baby’s nursery.

They involve two fitted infant sheets sized for a standard-sized infant mattress. In addition, they have been tested for adequate fit. The dotted heart and elephant themed sheet pack in grey & white color along pink shade is perfect for the baby girl nursery.

It is ideally designed to be machine washable and fade resistant for gentle care. If you want to use it for the long-term, wash them with similar colors in cold water on a gentle cycle. Then, spill dry or line dry on low heat to the best reservation the colorful designs and brightness of this material. Now go for a risk-free purchase as they manufacturer a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users.

What do we like?

  • Fun and colorful prints in these crib sheets are available for baby’s girls.
  • The set of two is safe for machine wash and gently drying.

What we don’t like?

  • These sheets are a bit thinner as compared to others.

How to Choose the Best Crib Sheet for Your Baby?

The right crib sheet is an essential item for a baby’s nursery, but choosing the right bed sheet will ensure complete safety and comfort.There are many considerations to keep in mind when choosing crib sheets as the market is full of options such as sheets with different sizes, materials, fits, prints and designs.So, a complete buying guide will help you determine which one is best for your child.

  • Dimensions and Sizes

Size is an important factor in determining which sheet is right for the size of the mattress. For instance:

  1. Mini or Small Sheet

A small sheet usually measures 24 inches by 38 inches and may seem a bit extra comfortable than a standard crib. It is ideally for people looking for sheets for small spaces. It doesn’t have as large of a print as compared to standard crib sheets.

  1. Standard Crib Sheet

The dimension of the standard is 28 inches by 52 inches; these measurements are similar to toddler beddings. These sheets are best suited for parents who want a unified transition as the baby grows. The most common type comes in a wide array of choices and prints.

  1. Unique & Shaped Crib Sheet

Some manufacturers offer cribs in different shapes such as round or rectangular. These sheets may be attractive and appealing as well but your kid may face difficulty with that. Each model and design has different dimensions and shapes.

  • Comfort

Baby’s comfort is another important aspect that should be considered whether you choose bedding or clothing items for the baby to sleep on.Since the skin of babies is soft and delicate it tends to get affected by hard or rough clothes. Most crib sheet brand is paying attention to this and makes baby-friendly products. However, there are variations between fabrics, as some feel subtle and buttery soft while others are flexible and smooth. It is highly recommended that sheets made of cotton, bamboo, and linen are a great choice for baby’s bedding.

  • Colour, Pattern and Design

Baby’s nursery is incomplete without unique and cute designs, decorations and colours. Therefore, parents must put a lot of thought when it comes to crib sheets. Look for a crib sheet that has vibrant colours and patterns to complement the nursery space. There is some manufacturer that offers just one or two colours options, while some produce a complete set in different patterns and prints. In our opinion, pick a sheet that matches to baby nursery and at the same time safe for the baby’s skin.

  • Machine Washable

Most crib sheets are safe for machine wash but the right cleaning instructions may be different between producers. Before cleaning, check the care label. As some fabrics may get wrinkles or shrink after one use which can affect the fit of the crib. With the care and washing instructions, you can save the quality and durability of the sheet.

  • Breathability

Crib sheets that are made of breathability fabric enable air to regulate into and out of the sheets, as well as, eliminate the possibility of excessive heat development. Most parents consider a more breathable fabric as steady airflow through the crib can be essential if the baby’s face becomes obstructed or block by it in some circumstances.

  • Safety and Proper Fit

If the sheet can’t fit on the mattress, there is no point in taking it no matter how good the material is. The American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP offers safe and comfortable sleep standards for every bedding product. Therefore, choose such sheets which are fixed in the bedding, not only this, keep out the stuffed toys and extra blankets so that the safety of the child remains.

  • Durability

Some parents choose frequent laundering that can tend to soon tear and wear. So, always choose durable options that will not be affected by rigorous cleaning and will be used again. The fact is that less durable choices are cheaper but they might be ideal for a short duration.

How to Clean and Care Baby Crib Sheet?

Best Baby Crib Sheets

When it comes to your baby’s crib sheets, frequent cleaning is essential for several reasons. These sheets may get infected with dust mites like other beddings. In addition, there are many tiny moulds are found on sheets that meet bodily fluids causing skin allergies and rashes.

An unhealthy sleeping area can put the baby into a dangerous and uneven healthy stage. Like their spitting clothes and wearing clothes, their sitting or sleeping environment should be cleaned with baby-safe products to maintain a sanitary place to sleep.

For thoroughly cleaning, you must have cleaning tools including vacuum cleaner, gentle scrub brush, baby soap, clean microfiber cloths, white distilled vinegar, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, hypoallergenic laundry soap, spray bottle, water and bucket. After gathering all these cleaning tools, you have to follow given below steps:

  • Before going to start the cleaning of sheets, ensure that they are safe for machine wash. Read all instructions given on the product label.
  • A crib mattress is lying to dust and dirt so often cleaning is essential to get rid of the grown-up bacteria’s. For that, you can use a vacuum cleaner as it helps to vacuum every nook and area of the sheets. But don’t use a wider head attachment for the corners and edges and the rest of the sheet should be cleaned by soft brush attachments.
  • Vacuuming alone is not enough to clean the baby sheet because these may get in touch with stubborn stains. To remove stains on a sheet, prepare a natural stain remover using 1 cup water, ¼ cup lemon juice and 1 white vinegar. The solution should be mixed and shaken well before pouring. Once soaked, blot the stains gently with a microfiber cloth. If required, dampen the same cloth in the same solution and proceed to rub at the stains until it goes. Spot clean stains on the other side and follow the same steps.
  • To disinfect or clean the sheet, you can also add hypoallergenic laundry detergent to the cleaning solution. Fill a bucket with water and add one/fourth cup of the detergent to prepare a solution. Incline a gentle cleaning brush into the solution and shake scrub the mattress in a circular motion. Scrub the whole sides and corners of the sheet until it vanishes. Don’t try to do harsh cleaning as it may damage the stuffing. Make sure that the brush is rise on every use.
  • To remove the cleaning solution, you should have a clean damp cloth. For this use, a clean microfiber cloth is soaked and wrapped well. Wash the cloth with water and keep cleaning the sheet till the foam is transferred to the cloth. Inspect the sheet for any missed stains and treat them as needed. Once the sheet is rinsed, dash it with a clean & dry towel to soak up.
  • Only washing or cleaning doesn’t ensure the elimination of germs or bacteria. Thus, you must sterilize the sheet distinctly using rubbing alcohol. For this, you need a spray bottle and apply the disinfectant through that onto it and let it allow sitting. In this step, there is no rinsing, scrubbing or wiping required.
  • At last, allow the crib sheets to dry thoroughly before it is used again. The sheets may take extra days or duration for the moisture to dry up in case of cold weather. In such a case, leave it out in the sun. Make sure the sheet is left in an area where there is no dust and dirt.

Tips to Care Baby Sheet Crib:

  • Before washing the sheets, make sure whether it is safe to wash or not. So, check the cleaning manual instruction.
  • Only use a baby-safe or baby-friendly detergent for the beddings.
  • Always use warm or cold water for the baby’s bedding.
  • Do not rub the sheets too much; their prints may not be disabled.


A baby crib sheet is a great way to add extra safety and comfort to the baby’s bedding. But it may be hazardous if not used safely or uncleaned.Along with the recommendation of the manufacturers, you will also have to take care of its cleanliness.

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