Baby Nursery

The first pregnancy is too precious for both mother and father. As a parent, you need to be more prepared to learn various things for taking care of your young ones. Especially, adding essential items in the baby’s nursery. Keep in mind that instead of filling more things in the baby’s nursery, choose only a few important things. These essentials will make your child’s nursery even more overwhelming and friendly for both mother & baby. Let’s discuss our favourite top picks.

Baby Nursery

1. Sleeping Essentials

  • Crib or Bassinet

A crib or Bassinet is a leading and must-have item that parents must add to their baby’s nursery. There is a little difference between crib and bassinet. Talking about Bassinet, it is a tiny bed specially designed to provide a sleeping area for young ones.

 It is equipped with free-stand legs & a stationary stand, also have a sturdy base. On the other hand, cribs come in two different sizes include full-size and non-full sizes. But both serve a similar purpose which is a comfortable accommodation to a baby.

  • Firm Mattresses

Look at mattresses in which innerspring design has been used. Therefore, they are best & safe for young ones. It is highly recommended that using firm mattresses keep the baby supported and safe. Apart from this, they prevent the risk of SIDS.

However, babies have gentle skin, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to choose the safe, firm, waterproof, breathable, natural and skin-friendly mattress. They should be breathable and hygienic for your baby.

  • SoundBub or Bluetooth Speakers

A SoundBub can create a pleasant and atmosphere for your little one. However, some babies are fond of light and soft music. By the way, a speaker not only allows you to take the baby away from loud and heavy noise.

Bluetooth speakers are lightweight and rechargeable, thus they can run for at least three to four hours. These speakers are made with high-quality plus non-toxic safe washable silicone which is completely safe for your baby. Having a Bluetooth speaker creates a light & soothing environment, hence perfect for sleeping & bedtime stories.

2. Diapering Essentials

  • Topper & Dresser Set

Topper or Dresser Set is often known as a changing table, is another must-have nursery essential. The dresser set enables you to store your baby’s clothes & knickknacks. Apart from this, you can store your baby’s set of diapers, bibs and napkins.

  • Changing Pad

A changing pad is a dressing or diapering essential. It is designed in a manner to prevent the baby from falling off the changing table. It is equipped with a safety belt and has a 3 enclosure.

  • Diaper Storage baskets

Diaper Storage baskets are also known as diaper organizer, diaper caddy or storage baskets which is good to have for your baby nursery. Having a diaper storage basket allows you to organize various packaging of diapers and keep them within easy reach.

  • Diaper Pail

Adding a diaper Pail to a baby’s nursery is very important to store disposable and cloth diapers. A good diaper pail reduces the number of reaches you need to take out the diaper garbage. Also, keep the baby’s nursery safe and odour-free.

  • Crib Sheets

Crib Sheets are a must-have essential for the nursery. They usually come in breathable and light fabric, making it safe for the baby’s skin. Crib Sheets prevent any allergens and dust. Therefore, it helps you to create a hygienic and clean environment for your baby.

3. Feeding Essentials

Whether choosing formula feed or breastfeeding to feed your infant, you should have some feeding essentials. If your baby is newly born then choose feeding essentials like baby sippers and cups, baby food & milk storage, muslins, feeding bottles, sterilizers, feeding formula kit, so on. For toddlers, you should have a highchair, baby spoons, bowls, etc. Some other feeding essentials are as follow:

  • Nursing Chair

The nursing Chair is meant to provide comfort to the mother and baby. However, it is the most item that must add to the baby’s nursery. It is a special place where a mother and baby to be together and share their love. One significant key feature of this chair is that it ensures comfort and enough space to sit along with the baby while breastfeeding. Most of the nursing chairs come with wide padded armrests, hence you will be able to feel relaxed and feed a baby for at least 20 minutes without any hassle.

  • Nursery Lamps or Nightlights

Nightlights and nursery lamps are one of the most essential accessories for parents. According to experts, in the first few weeks of life, a newborn is awakened to feed every 2-3 hours throughout the day. This is why you need a nightlight or nursery lamps. Choose safe, warm and dimmable nursery lamps or nightlights. However, these types of lamps enable comfortable night activity for both parents and babies without disturbing sleep patterns. These lights create a conciliatory environment for the baby to sleep.

4. Storage Essentials

A baby needs a lot more things than an adult, hence it can take up a lot of space. Having a separate storage containerfor the baby’s cloth, towel, socks, sheets, burp cloths and diapers can be helpful. Look for storage essentials that take lesser space in your nursery and enough wider to store all clothes and essentials.

  • Basket for Toys

Till the time the child grows up, he will continue to get toys from his relatives and friends. And kids will never put them in their place. Believe me, you will have toys everywhere. Thus, it is good to have some toy storage containers or baskets so that they can be all stored in one place. Toys spreading on the bed or floor can cause accidents like falling.

5. Book Shelves

Babies smile cheerfully when they explore new objects and hear sounds of someone. Staying connected with your baby helps in their development, and enhances their communication skills. One more thing which helps in baby development is books. Many types of books trigger your child’s to take interest in them. Reading habit is good for baby’s knowledge and helps them start talking at a former age. But for a huge book collection, you need bookshelves in your baby’s nursery.

6. Rocking Chair

The rocking chair is an absolute nursery essential for you and your baby. One benefit of having a rocking chair is that it provides the perfect motion to keep the baby calm and lull to sleep. According to experts, a rocking chair is ideal for a baby’s snuggling period. You can also use this chair when you want some peaceful time to connect with your baby.

7. Baby Monitor

Baby Monitors are thoughtfully designed to keep eye on the baby when sitting in a separate room. It allows you to connect with the baby throughout the day and night. Some baby monitors have advanced features, while some have easy to operate. These monitors enhance connectivity with your baby.

Before going to choose a nursery essential for your child, make sure they are safe for the baby’s skin and health. Ensure all products are made of good-quality, non-toxic and consist of a breathable fabric. Products made of synthetic aren’t safe for babies and cause skin rash & allergies. Do not be in a hurry in the child’s nursery and check everything if possible.