How to Cut Baby Nails – Baby Nail Clipping Tips

Babies are one of the most delicate living beings in the world. You are always advised to handle them with love and care. A mother has to be careful about thousands of aspects. From taking care of their baby’s nutrition to hygiene, parents have the next level of work. Apart from the baby bath, breastfeeding, changing diapers, playtime, and nap time, there are many more tiny miny things that babies require. One of them is maintaining hand hygiene and safety. Babies tend to touch their face and mouth with a hand. It helps in the development of their reflexes and coordination.

However, if the nails are way too large to accommodate dirt inside, it could prove to be harmful to your little munchkin. Cleaning nails periodically and cutting them can help you prevent many unenviable conditions. Thereby, you can eliminate a risk factor for diseases that can occur due to the lodging of dirt and microbes inside baby nails. Many parents are confused about how to cut baby nails. As their skin, the nails are also too delicate in contrast to a developed adult nail.

How to Cut Baby Nails

Therefore, you have to be extremely careful while doing it. A little bit of negligence can hurt your child. Here are some essential tips and tricks for cutting baby nails:

1. Use of a baby nail clipper

Make sure to use a good baby nail clipper for it. Using an ordinary nail clipper can lead to injuries to your baby. However, baby nail clippers are specifically designed for their nails. But, one still needs to be cautious while doing it. Before cutting the nails, press the finger pad away from the nails. It will ensure that you do not hurt the skin. Next, cut the nails as you would cut your nails. However, avoid going too low as it could come in contact with the skin. You might not need to clip the toenails as frequently as the fingernails.

2. Filing is necessary for them as well

Filing the baby nails is an easy task unless you do not do it with a metal nail filer. The skin under the nail bed of babies is way too tender. If you file the nails too down, it can cause scratches and cuts in there. Use an emery board for filing baby nails. It is a perfect idea for filing your little one’s nails.

3. Use mittens for baby safety

If your baby has grown the nails too large and sharp, you can use mittens for their hands. It will prevent your little one from scratching themselves when in sleep. It is the easiest and safest way to deal with sharp nails.

4. Take advantage of your baby sleeping

One of the best times to clip baby nails is while they are sleeping. Some babies do not even wake up from sleep. However, some of them can. You need to experience what kind of sleeper is your child. Make sure to be under enough light to not hurt your little one.

5. Try to distract your baby

One of the most potent reflexes of a newborn child is fist clenching. It will interfere with the nail clipping task and make it more challenging than ever. Therefore, if your baby is not sleeping, you need to find some alternatives to distract your baby. It will make your task easier.


Hoping that you are finally all set to try your baby’s first nail clipping, we are concluding this article. We, as informers, do not know the behavioral pattern of your child. However, you as a parent, should know it better and clip accordingly. The babies have a faster-growing nail in contrast to adults. Therefore, you might need to clip it more frequently as you think. Thanks for reading. Stay happy and blessed.

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