Baby Laundry Detergent Vs. Regular: What’s the Difference?

Babies are one of the most delicate blessings of god alive. As a parent, you need to be careful about various aspects when you plan for a child. Purchasing baby products before the baby comes into this world will make you prepared for them. Parents who do not pay attention to baby stuff might have the chance to buy the wrong baby products in a hurry. One of the things that parents should never forget is taking adequate care of their baby’s skin. Apart from buying the perfect baby powder, creams, rash ointment, diapers, and wiping pad, you should be careful about the type of baby detergent you use.

Baby Laundry Detergents 

Some people also ask that is it okay if we do baby laundry with regular detergent. Well, what do you think? Baby skin can react differently to what an adult skin acts habitually. Before doing laundry, make sure to determine the type of skin your baby has. If your baby’s skin is super sensitive, suffer from eczema or allergies, do not use a regular detergent.

Difference Between Baby Laundry Detergent and Regular

We do not recommend using an everyday detergent for babies anyway. Babies detergents are exclusively made for clothes worn on super sensitive and soft skin. Here are some reasons why you should use a baby detergent over a regular one. We will also cite some of the differences between them:

1. Scent-free

We always recommend getting a good baby laundry detergent instead of a regular one because it is fragrance-free. Even if the fragrance is present, it is mild. The excessive scent on clothes usually enters the nasal tract of the child. It can lead to irritation, which will progress to allergies in hypersensitive babies. The soft fragrance that baby detergent leaves on your little one’s cloth will make you love them even more! Thanks to the creators!

2. Free from chemicals

These detergents do not contain any harmful ingredients that can prove hazardous for the child. The regular detergents available in the market contain several chemicals that can be harmful to health. Continuous use can even develop an increased risk of cancer. Benzene, dioxane, phosphate, and sodium lauryl sulfate are some agents that are usually not found in baby laundry detergents. Thus, making it more organic and safer to use.

3. Exclusive baby care formulations

Do you wonder that, if these ingredients are not present in baby laundry detergent, then how does it work? These are made up of exclusive baby care formulations. Thus, it is hypoallergic to your baby’s skin. Aloe vera and other plant-based ingredients make it fit for baby skin. You can entirely trust reputed brands of baby laundry detergent that is safe for your child.

4. Works on both odor and stain

Babies are usually more prone to spill on their clothes. Therefore, apart from changing your baby’s clothes several times, you also need to wash the dirty clothes properly. Adequate washing refers to the removal of both odor and stain. Your baby will react positively to wearing freshly cleaned clothes. The nasty smell can make them even more irritable.

5. Eczematic Skin

If your baby has previously encountered any rashes, redness, and swelling on localized areas of skin, he/she might have hyperallergic skin. Therefore, the resistance of the skin of such babies is low. Even a minor deflection from their skin’s pH can disturb it. Therefore, using a baby laundry detergent for eczema-prone skin is best.

6. Not harsh on clothes

Adults wear different kinds of cloth made from various fabrics. However, babies usually wear simple cotton clothes. Washing your baby’s soft clothes with regular detergent can be harsh on clothes. You should never let your baby wear something that can harm their skin.


We hope that you can make out the difference between a baby and regular laundry detergents now. Thanks for reading!

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