Baby Humidifier Vs. Regular Humidifier – Which Is Better For Your Baby?

When you are about shop certain things for your baby’s nursery, you become very picky. You want them to have the best in everything and most importantly, the safer ones. Sometimes it is quite confusing for the parents to decide whether they need certain products for their babies or not. One of those confusing things is a humidifier. Yes, many parents have a question about do they need a humidifier for their baby’s room? And the answer to it is – ITS DEPENDS. But if you are leaving in a place where the climate is cold most of the time and the air is extremely dry, then it is a must-have for your baby.

A humidifier will add moisture to the air, and that makes it easy for the babies to breathe. If the baby has a cold or cough, then the cold climate can become the worst climate for them. It blocks the nose and causes congestion problem. When the humidifier adds moisture to the air, it decongests the blocked nostrils, and so the baby will be able to sleep well without any worries. So, a humidifier is a very helpful device for your baby’s nursery.

There are several benefits that you will be able to enjoy with the help of a humidifier in your baby’s nursery. It will help in protecting the baby’s skin from extremely dry air. It does not let the skin to dry out. Along with that, it will also help in reducing the congestion problem in babies. The mucus will loosen up, and that makes it easy for your baby to breathe. Congested nostrils can even cause irritation to the baby and do not allow them to suck milk from a breast or milk bottle. Compared to the over-the-counter medicines, this is a simple and very effective treatment for congested nose, cold and cough problems caused due to dry air.

Baby Humidifier

Once you have seen the benefits of humidifiers for your baby’s room, then the next question that comes to your mind is, which is the best humidifier. You have baby humidifiers and regular humidifiers in the market. There is very little difference between these two, but you need to be a bit careful while making a choice. So, if you also have the same question, then continue reading.

Regular humidifier

If you have bought a humidifier in the past, then you must have heard about both hot mist humidifier and cool mist humidifier. In regular humidifiers, you will have to fill the tank of the humidifier with tap water. Plug it in, and the water converts into hot mist and the mist is sprayed out into the room. This hot mist will add moisture to the dry air and make it comfortable for the babies to breathe. In regular humidifiers, you will also find cool mist humidifiers as well.

Baby Humidifier

When it comes to baby humidifiers, it works in the similar style. You just have to fill the humidifier tank with tap water. Once you plug in the humidifier, it is converted into the mist. But in baby humidifiers, the water is converted into cool mist before it is sprayed out of the humidifier. There will be a small fan present at the bottom of the humidifier. This fan will make sure that the hot mist is converted into cool mist before it is released.

Which is better for your baby?

If you have read about both regular humidifier and baby humidifiers, then you must have understood that both of them work in almost the similar way. It is just the fan that is present in the cool mist humidifier that makes the hot mist into a cool mist.

Regular humidifier or baby humidifiers, both are produced only when the water is heated up. In regular humidifier, the heat can be harmful to the baby.

  • The regular humidifiers are less expensive when compared to baby humidifiers.
  • With a regular humidifier, you can easily make the room warm. That is very comfortable for the baby to sleep and relax. The baby will be able to breathe easily.
  • The main problem with the regular humidifier or hot mist humidifier is they can cause burns. If the humidifier falls or spills water outside, then that can cause burns.
  • If you have a baby who just started walking may put their hands or face close to the humidifier and that heat coming out of the humidifier can be harmful.

When you look at the safety concerns for your baby, good quality baby humidifiers are the best choice. They are specially designed for the baby’s nursery while keeping all the safety precautions in mind.

So, considering all these points, it is now your call. You will have to consider both pros and cons of regular humidifier and baby humidifier and make a choice.

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