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Giving presents to your friend’s or relative’s baby means sharing happiness for a newborn at home. Nowadays, children’s toys have also diversified, so you may be forced to think about what to give and what not. The biggest problem is when there are twins in a house, how to choose toys can put you in a dilemma. It is normal to get confused between the different gift options. A baby gifts list has been prepared to help you choose the right gift. Let’s take a deep dive into them:

1. Start with Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is organized before the birth of the child of the mother to be born. This is the precious time to create lots of memories for becoming a parent. A mother-to-be should be given such gifts in the baby shower, which can be useful in the development of the child. You do not know whether it will be a boy or a girl, there should be similar items which can be used later. Some of the baby shower gifts are as follow:

For baby

  • Printed Pyjama’s or other clothes

Buying clothes like printed pyjamas and t-shirts is the perfect gift that can be given at a baby shower. If a theme is set for a baby shower then you can consider a variety of cute and theme clothes.  Some of them include animals, princesses, stars or moons.

  • Soft Toys

You can gift toys made of soft material that becomes a part of the motherhood journey. Soft toys include ballerinas, cute animals or princesses.

  • Pillows

When it comes to a baby’s head safety, a soft pillow comes in handy. You can get pillows in fancy shapes and themed colours.

Best Baby Gifts

For Mother

  • Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is one of the most useful baby shower gifts for a mother to be. It enables the mother to stay comfortable and hand-free after the baby is born. They are available in different types such as wrap, ring sling, pouch, soft-structured carrier and backpack.

  • Books especially for parenting

Various books teach newly mothers what their main concerns and priority are throughout the pregnancy journey. Some of the popular books include Nurture Shock, Brain Rules for Baby and Fun on the Run.

2. Gifts According to Baby’s age

For New Born

The birth of a newborn is a cheerful time for the family member, friends and relatives. Those who do not have any experience buying a gift for a newborn baby should check the mentioned options.

  • Musical Toys

Baby’s musical toys make for a great gift. When it comes to musical toys for new-born, there is a wide range of options available in the market that you can check. Musical toys are being offered with charming designs and soothing sounds. That will be surely an entertaining item for the baby.

  • Baby Sheets & Baby Wrapping Clothes

You can pick baby wrapping clothes or baby sheets as a gift item. It is a beneficial gift for both parents and mothers. Using a baby sheet or wrapping clothes is the safest option to keep the baby safe from being ill.

  • Baby Skin Care Products

New parents are loved to see baby skincare products, as a skincare kit is a must-have item that every parent required for the baby. You can gift skincare products like baby body lotion, foam shampoo, baby soap, baby wipes, rash cream, massage oil and so on.

  • Nursery Décor

A new parent may appreciate having a baby’s nursery décor. You can choose décor items like stickers, room lighting, picture frames, carpets, drapes, charts and rugs.

  • Baby Teethers

The teething period can be frustrated for the baby. To keep the baby’s comfort in mind, you can gift a set of teethers. Teethers or baby pacifiers come in a wide range of characters and shapes. Baby teethers should be made of non-toxic material.

Gifts for 6- 9month old baby (for both baby boy & Girl)

At the age of six, a baby can’t sit without support. During this age, he/she may be curious to watch colourful objects, games and toys with lights and noise. Some of the popular gift options are as follow:

  • Baby Blocks

The baby blocks often come in bright colours and different shapes. The set of blocks offer a better grip on your baby’s hand. Look for blocks that are made of chewable and squeezable materials. The set of baby blocks can be helpful to provide knowledge of different colours, animal and number identification. Just make sure they are BPA free.

  • Sweet Pea Baby Doll

These types of dolls help the baby to sleep well. They are enough soft and perfect for snuggling at bedtime. Make sure they meet the Health Canada Safety Standards, CPSC, ASTM and EN71.

  • Jumping Toys

Jumping toys encourage the baby to laugh, move and jump when operating them. These types of toys are equipped with flashlights and music systems. Look for a jumping toy that rotates at 360 degrees and is machine-washable.

  • Bubble Bath Toys

Some babies love baths and enjoy bathing time. With bubble bath toys, you can make the baby’s bath time enjoyable. Bath toys include balls, bang and spin balls. One benefit of giving bath toys is that they can be used inside or outside the water.

  • Musical Toys

Any musical toys make your baby’s favorite toy. This gift can help baby to make their music. Also, they teach the baby to play different instruments. These types of gifts have flashlights, colorful buttons that catch the baby’s attention. Such musical gifts help develop listing skills and understanding ability.

Gifts for 1-year-old baby (Baby Girl & Baby Boy)

A one-year-old baby tries to learn new things, as he/she may learn sitting and walking. This is the right age when you put a good habit of learning into your child. Gifts like books and personalized wood name puzzle help the baby to read and write. Apart from this, you can choose gifts like Mega blocks, Wheels toys (Car, Truck, Bikes), Busy Buggy, Pound & Tap Bench with Slide-Out Xylophone, Musical Tea Set, Wooden Puzzles, Rhymes Books, Learning Walker and others.

Gifts for 2-year-old baby (Baby Girl & Baby Boy)

For a two-year-old baby, toys should be educational. Consider the baby’s interest, location, and size. These aspects help you decide which gift will be appropriate for a baby. If you’re looking for the right gift for a baby girl, then choose headband trios, a two-piece bodysuit set, a colorful bootie set, and other clothing items. For a baby boy, you can consider Mini Sports Bag, rhyming books, firefly, and so on. For both baby boy and baby girl, you can choose rattle and squeaker, animal baby toy plush, play gym, baby carrier, skincare bundle, etc.

Gifts for 3-year-old baby (Baby Girl & Baby Boy)

At age 3, many kids have their interests, opinions and ways to express their feelings. At this age, a baby creates its imaginative world. Choosing gifts like the color kit, books and poems books can be very helpful in the development of communication and social skills. Gifts like cooperative counting games, Puzzles, Cupcakes plastic makers, pattern play, buggy blocks, magnetic letters, musical books, creative crafts and many others would make your child smart & active.

Gifts for 4-year-old baby (Baby Girl & Baby Boy)

The gift should be appropriate for this age group that boosts communication skills, creative innovation, critical thinking ability, collaboration and confidence of the baby. There are so many educational and creative gifts that you can buy. Some of them are Wooden Educational toys, Clay animals, Board Games, Racing Car toys, assorted fruits vegetable toys, Doctor Set, Doll House, Play Calculator, Beads Jewellery kit, Memory Matching Games and various others.

Gifts for 5-year-old baby (Baby Girl & Baby Boy)

Kids are started going to school at this age. They start learning new things; explore emotional & social development with classmates. Moreover, they are learning how to properly hold colors and pencils. Whether it is a baby girl or a baby boy, choose such gifts that enhance their ideas and help them to grow. Gifts for a 5-year-old baby include puzzles & board games, a journal, a hair accessories craft kit, musical instruments, clay set, a bedroom makeover, a magic set, remote-controlled cars, a karaoke machine, kindles, etc.

3. Occasional Gifts

For Christmas

Christmas is such a festival of the winter season where not only dancing, singing but also parties take place. If it is your child’s first Christmas Eve, then the gift should also be something different and fun.This is the right time where you can gift some blankets or socks. Apart from that, you can consider a Rhyme book set, fun blocks set, Baby Santa Costume, Wooden toys with wheels, Christmas Ornaments, Toy Drum, and various others.

For birthday

Babies feel special on their birthday. They love to dress up and want attention from their friends and family member. You can buy rainbow sprinkle cakes, colorful balls, personalized gifts, cars or trucks with wheels, etc.

These are some gifts ideas that you can check from beginning to end.

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