3 Best Toddler Alarm Clocks 2022 [Sleep Training Clock]

Probably, there is nothing sweeter than watching your baby yawn and fall asleep. Making your baby sleep is tedious, but it is also necessary for growth. Babies can fall asleep at intended times and wake up in the middle of the night. It might be due to the bad sleep cycle that makes your baby get enough sleep in the daytime.

On the other hand, if your baby sleeps more than usual, then it is also bad for their sleep cycle. Babies won’t feel the need to sleep even for a longer period. To eradicate this problem, ensuring an adequate sleep cycle is essential. The sleep of 10 hours is enough for your baby and waking him/her is your responsibility.

Taking care of all these things can be challenging and here comes the role of a toddler alarm clock. Regular alarm clocks are helpful for all age groups except for babies. Thus, the need of a special alarm clock is necessary for such conditions. On the market, you can find these types of clocks for babies. The primary benefit of choosing a specifically made alarm clock is the sweet alarm sound.

A Toddler’s alarm clock is designed with a mild sound, is easy to use, and friendly look. You can choose between a wide range of options, but the intense variety and many poor-quality options can make your purchase tedious. So, here is a list of the best rated toddler alarm clocks that you can buy –

Advantages of Using Toddler Alarm Clock

It is challenging for young children to understand the value of spending time on a specific task. The different grasping power of the brain and the different way of learning things make it difficult for the child to calculate what is the right time to sleep, when is the right time to go to bed, play and how much time to spend on eating, and many other things. Most of the time, you have noticed your child’s behavior change and he has refused to move from one activity to another.

Let us understand this with an example: Ask your child to turn off the TV and go to bed, you will see that your child is kind of frustrated. This is because of a lack of knowledge of time. That’s why you should have a sleep training clock, although it plays an important role in improving self-operating in many children. Sleep Training Clock is a fascinating tool that will show your child how much time is left until the next activity or task, making them one of the essential items to be independent. Here are some other benefits of using a toddler alarm clock.

  • Helps to teach good habit

Parents can choose a toddler alarm to minimize the stress of dealing with the kid’s waking and sleeping habits. It enables them to regulate their habits on their own.

  • Understand time

Having a clock is a good way to introduce your baby to mathematical numbers as a quick start. These include how many hours to go, time left, hours, etc. If your baby learns this thing without any clock, then they will have many difficulties. It will be complicated and even more challenging for your baby the first time they learn it.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Fine Motor Skills

The coordination between the hand and eye movements of the baby has to be worked well. For that, you can prefer a clock that features movable activities so that your baby can move. This is a good activity for hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Some educational clocks come with a removable piece of blocks that can be easily re-arranged. Few manufacturers focus on bright colors, which help parents make babies familiar with them.

  • Shapes & Animal Recognition

From toys to a baby clock everything has a specific shape and color. It makes sense that with the help of each object, you can introduce the baby to shapes, structures and colors at an early age. Training clocks come in a wide variety of styles, features, designs, animal sounds with soothing music that is sure to grab your baby’s attention. The ability of identification will also help to learn things even faster.

Recognition of colors and shape also helps children develop their ability to recognize details in visual discrimination or visual images. It will also improve their communication skills and facial expressions using phrases and descriptive words. For instance: an apple is just a word but a red apple is a complete description that comprises knowledge of both colors and words.

  • Discipline and Punctuality

Today more and more parents are concerned about the fact that their children sleep late at night, which has a bad effect on their mental and physical development.What would be better if your child is punctual about time?A toddler clock will offer time management for your kids, as well as parents. Therefore, it teaches discipline and punctuality whether your baby sleep, play in the yard or is awake.

  • Help your baby manage his/her time

Getting good sleep is very important for the children but sleeping too much can make them lazy. When it comes to sleeping, waking up or playing, a clock will help the child plan his or her time accordingly.

Top Three Toddler Training Clocks

1. LittleHippoMella Children’s Alarm Clock

LittleHippoMella Children's Alarm Clock

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LittleHippo is constantly manufacturing a beautiful Mella alarm clock that strikes a perfect balance between usability and features. This versatile gadget work as a sleep sounds machine, alarm clock, nap time, sleep trainer, and night light. The company designed Mella in such a way so that your kid understands what/s the right time to wake up or time for bed. The reason behind this concept, facial expressions and colours are used to teach kids.

This easy-to-use gadget is packed with lots of advanced features, which is a perfect gift for baby showers, holidays, and birthdays. Along with kids, their parents will have a relaxing sleep. The clock turns red, yellow and green which indicates sleep, play and wake. Teach your child good sleeping and early waking habits with this beautiful alarm clock.However, this type of watch is thoughtfully designed to help your baby sleep peacefully.

Parents concerning for kid safety need not worry about clock built-quality since it includes child-safe Silicone and ABS. It is RoHS, CA65, FCC, CPSIA and REACH approved. The feature you’ll like the most, three-alarm sounds, which include silent and an alarm countdown for activities for elder children. It also features five night light colours and mild sound options to soothe your baby to sleep. This includes white noise, lullaby and ocean. A semi-circle clock with a blush pink colour is a perfect match for your kid sleeping area.

In the box, you’ll get one Mella Night light, Sound Machine and Ready to rising Children’s Sleep Trainer, A A/C Power Adapter, USB Cable, Battery and instruction manual. Furthermore, the brand offers the best customer service after selling.

What we like:

  • It is easy enough to operate.
  • From colour to noise choice, everything is simply perfect.
  • The design is super cute.

What we don’t like:

  • It does not have advanced features like a parent controlling application.
  • It is quite expensive.

2. Windflyer Toddlers Alarm Clock

Windflyer Toddlers Alarm Clock

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LITTLE TEDDI clock presented by Windflyer, which helps them stay in bed in the morning for a reasonable hour, and provides a gently reassuring night light to keep babies in bed during the night so they can fall asleep faster.

There is no better way to teach a child with bright colours and cute expressions. This beautiful product has numerous features such as 4 sleep sounds and 5 night light options. These include music box, lullaby, ocean wave, white noise and loop, red, blue, purple, and yellow respectively.

The combination of lights and sleep sounds create a soothing environment for the baby to sleep. It is a great idea to gift this type of alarm clock on baby showers, birthdays, occasions or events. One significant benefit of having LITTLE TEDDI is that it will promote enthusiasm and a sense of freedom in your baby.

Another notable factor, it has battery protected memory setting and a child lock feature which helps in preventing kids from inadvertently changing the clock setting. The clock also consists of five levels of brightness which can be set any level from bright to dim. The lights turn bright in the day and dim down at night with just a single press.

All the setting options & features are worth the time to set and settings are user-friendly. Please note this clock is ideally designed for children above 3 years. Parents can enjoy hassle-free waking up and sleeping off time with their children just because of this fully advanced clock.

What we like:

  • It features multiple colours for sleep, wake, nap and play.
  • It helps parents to teach child sleep and wake up early.
  • It helps parents to teach child sleep and wake up early.

What we don’t like:

  • In terms of built quality, LITTLE TEDI is slightly lesser.

3. I.CODE Sun & Moon Rise Kids Alarm Clock

I.CODE Sun & Moon Rise Kids Alarm Clock

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The I.CODE Sun and Moon Rise watches are designed to help your kids feel safe while sleeping at night and help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.This sleep sound machine cum kids sleep trainer adds soothing noises to your baby’s sleep routine.It teaches your child when it is time to get up and when it is time to sleep due to two separate alarms.

What you’ll love the most is it turns green in the morning and displays the sun sign to signal your kids to get out of bed, and it displays the moon at night or nap time. The clock has a light for alarm. From lights to warm and dimmable, you can set it according to your preference. This sound sleep includes Rain, summer, Ocean, Thunder, Frog, Cat, Sheep, Cow, Duck, Night, etc. In addition, it also features snooze, auto-off timer and timer setting to adjust the timing.

It also features 17 soothing sounds designed to provide a natural environment to calm kids in nighttime and nap time. This is the best gift for baby girls & boys, children, light sleepers or heavy sleepers.

I.CODE clock has been approved with FCC, CE, CPC, and RoHS, comes with a type-c cord and USB charger. Another feature you’ll like is its child lock, which prevents the child from locking. Please note, it is recommended for 1 year and above. The dimension of the clock is 4.7″ long x 4.7 “High x 4.7” wide.

What we like:

  • The clock itself is visually pleasing; the lights are bright and easy to adjust.
  • This gadget reduces the need for a sound machine.
  • It features 10 different lights for sleep, wake, etc.

What we don’t like:

  • The clock made a continuous vibrating and irritating sound.

How to Choose the Best Toddler Alarm Clock?

Best Toddler Alarm Clocks

As we already discussed, a toddler alarm clock is a fantastic gadget for teaching babies to sleep & wake up using soothing music and visual signs. They can enhance their fine-motor skills, help them learn numbers, how to see exact time, etc. Creating a schedule for each activity of the child will make them punctual and understand the value of time.

However, the market is full of a variety of sleep training clocks with advanced features. Choosing a specific from all is very challenging. Some brands claim that they are the best in terms of quality, service and price but the reality is there is a strategy to convince the buyers. So, you need to know the aspects before buying a toddler alarm clock.  These aspects include Material, Style, Features, Price, Battery Backup, Safety, etc.

  • Construction

The first and foremost aspect to keep in mind is the construction of the clock. Make sure, the product you’re going to choose is made up of robust material. This is because; only a strong frame can tolerate rough handling. Avoid using clocks constructed of toxic materials such as Phthalates, PVC and BPA.

  • Appearance

The clock should be attractive. A perfect clock with visual appealing complements the room décor. Along with a sleek and fashionable design, it should be suitable for baby use.

  • Features

The clock you’re going to buy must have advanced features like multiple nightlights, smart home connectivity, and soothing noise. Some brand offer color-changing feature that indicates sleep and wake-up times.

  • Safety lock

The safety lock is another essential aspect that prevents enthusiast babies from changing the time setting by chance. Some toddler clocks have a parental control application and come with batteries to save the clock’s memory setting.

  • Price

These types of clocks are neither too expensive nor cheap also keep in mind, clocks with advanced features are out of budget. Know your budget then pay for it.

How can I get my child to wake up to an alarm?

The use of a toddler alarm clock seems simple and requires the need for acknowledgements to toddlers.  If you have bought a toddler alarm clock, but struggling with the process, then here are some easy methods that might help throughout the process –

  1. Teach at an early stage 

Before even using an alarm clock for toddlers, ensuring a positive attitude toward waking early is critical to teach. Few tips to help your toddler learn about early waking –

This tip is for parents. Many people wake up after sunrise or 09:00 AM and it is not a good habit. If you want to teach your kid about early waking, then you should start waking at least before 07:00 AM.

Take your toddlers outside and have some fun in the ground or backyard. This style is an easy way, and it will help your toddler wake up without the alarm clock. The games you play will help your toddler in overall growth.

Rewarding your toddler with the food they like is the best way. You can wake up early and make your toddler do the same and offer them their favorite fruits.

  1. Reward after turning of alarm 

If your toddler wakes up early and turns off the alarm clock after listening to its sound, they will get a reward. This method always works, and it is helpful in many ways. You can start by telling them or mimicking turning off the alarm clock and setting the alarm for a few minutes later. As the alarm rings, it will be your toddler turn to knock it down and get the reward.

Final Words:

There are lots of sleep training clocks to choose from. Some of the models have advanced applications to operate the watch remotely while some have cute shapes, feature a different colour for sleep, wake, play, snooze, nape or other activities. Just make sure, the clock you’ll choose is easy to use and serves its best purpose. These qualities you’ll find in our mentioned top rated clocks.

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